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Description of AstroVizor

AstroVizor is the application for astrologers. It can create natal or transit chart, display tables of planets and aspects, search for interpretations in the Internet.

Time and location of the chart can be easily varied at any moment: click the time bar, after that vertical movements along the screen will alter the date or place, horizontal movements will select the element (year, month, coordinates, etc) to vary. Double click on time bar will display a menu, which allows to save and to open charts, to show keyboard to enter the time and coordinates, to search a city coordinates in the Internet, to select the time zone and current database.

The chart can be stretched by the movement along its radius. Touch the planet, house sign or aspect line to see the information about it (time of exact aspect, ingressions of planets, aspects to the house cusps). Double click allows to go to the time of ingression/exact, and to search the interpretation in the Internet.

The program description is available in the application menu.

The free version can display only a single chart. It includes:

- Single charts (natal or transit). To create a natal chart, input the time and location, and then save the chart.

- Charts and tables can be scaled (with 2-finger gesture);

- It is possible to save and to open charts. Databases in the format of QuickChart and ZET are supported. Create a folder named "astrodata" on SD-card, and put there the database files (*.qck and *.zbs).

- Tropical and sidereal zodiac;

- Asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron;

- Lunar nodes and Lilith (Dark Moon), mean and true;

- Ingressions of planets, time of exact aspects (touch the planet sign or aspect line);

- Search for interpretations in the Internet (on the double click on the planet sign or aspect line).

- Lunar days and planetary hours;

Full version is activated by subscription with automatic monthly paiment (until you cancel it in Play Store; 7 days free trial period), or by a single payment for one year (no automatic payment). It can work with two charts, the core chart (Chart 1) which is a natal chart or an arbitrary time, and background chart (Chart 2) which could be natal (synastry), transit, return, direction/progression chart.

Full version has the following capacities:

- Single and dual (bewheel) charts;

- 17 centaurs (asteroids between Saturn and Neptune), 23 transneptunian asteroids;

- 16 house systems;

- 19 aspects, orbs can be set for single and dual charts independently;

- Table of the planets can be customized to display astronomical data and the rulers of the zodiac sign and its subdivisions (decan, term, degree);

- Midpoints, uranian wheel;

- Fixed stars: conjunctions and aspects to planets, parans, directions to angles;

- Antiscia, parallels of declination;

- Firdaria, vimshottari dasha;

- Synastry analysis;

- Arabic points: Fortune, others can be defined by a user;

- Directions (zodiacal and equatorial), progressions. Set the natal data in Chart 1, then go to Chart 2 and double click on the time bar. Choose Derived chart in the menu;

- Solar and Lunar returns;

- Planetary returns, partial returns to another planet of to house cusp;

- Heliocentric, planetocentric charts;

- Harmonic charts with any coefficient;

- Composite charts, Davison charts for groups of people. Double click on time box to modify the list of persons. It is possible to copy this chart into Chart 1 and study it's compatibility with other natal or transit chart.

- Calendar of aspects and ingressions for the period of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. It works also for directions and progressions.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:3.5.3 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Andrei Semenov

User Reviews


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Michael Joseph 2019-04-25

I am redacting my last review. I have been using this app since 2015, and it is amazing, it is a bit complicated, however, as an avid astrologer student, it has everything, from progression to solar returns, the synastry function is amazing and very accurate, when you want to know about one to one relationship with anyone. boss, lover, sybling, etc. I just wish it could add more than just one other person, so one can compare two, or four important people in your life. Apart from this it a great.
Yeska 2016-12-08

Great astrology app! Didn\'t give it 5 stars, because I\'m not using the pro version yet and don\'t know what else the app has to offer. So far I am impressed with the app: the accuracy, ease of use (for me at least), and nondistracting screens. I don\'t want to be bombarded with colors and useless fluff when I\'m working on a chart, as in many other apps. Just the results, in a useful and easy to understand layout, is what I need. This app does that in a perfect way and there is nothing 70s about it. Also, the author doesn\'t have to \"learn American culture\", as someone suggested earlier, he did fine creating this app the way it is. This app is not a flashy game, or meant to be entertaining, it is a well created tool.
A Google user 2019-03-08

this app is only for transit, I can\'t find the birth chart and transit together
Angelica B. 2017-07-10

Very useful app, the full version does basically everything. The only drawback is that it\'s not possible to export the chart in pdf (actually in any format) so if I want to print a natal chart I need to make a screenshot first and print it as an image. Which is a bit annoying. It would be perfect if it could have this option.
Andrei Georgescu 2020-07-27

Most complete program from my side. It convinced me it is worth the subscription. Congratulations! There is also a question: Is there an option to apply a certain precession correction? Thanks P.S. The sky map is wonderfull!
Vickram Sahai, Ph.D 2016-12-30

Must have app for astrologers! This app is simply fantastic! Has dual chart mapping, sun and moon return charts. I found the icing on the cake to be functionally alternating between Western and Indian (Lahiri) astrology. The Dasha and calendar aspects add value to the app. Love the pro!
Zheni Stefanova 2016-09-16

Use it every day It\'s a wonderful application has everything what you need, I just couldn\'t find whether it calculates the Vertex. Other than that I think it\'s perfect. Edit:Thank you for the answer , I did it, now this is the best application ever.
Pedro Almeida 2020-07-12

I don\'t give it 5 stars only because of the dates formats: in some parts of the app, Month/Day is used; in other parts, Day/Month. This confuses the user in dates in which the days and months have numbers equal or below 12, like 10/11 or 7/3 or 2/9. Please, correct this. Or simply give months name format, so dates appear like 3-sep or 5-apr or 8-nov; or sep-3 or apr-5 or nov-8.
Creatively Organizing 2017-04-16

I purchased this app not realizing that it was for the experience astrologer. Wrote to them and did not get any response or refund. Waste of money for a good program that is unuseable.
Saiprasad Murthy 2016-08-04

Please add some more aspects The app is very nice one but the declination & latitude differs from the actuals. Please add some more planetary aspects which could be manually input by the user like if i want to use 72 degrees aspect, i should have d facility to manually input d same& exact date & time of the aspect gets flashed would b like cherry on d cake.. overall a nice app..