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Description of ASUS Extender

ASUS Extender app is a revolutionary app for Android, to manage, setup your Wi-Fi Range Extender (Repeater), and Wi-Fi Powerline Extender (PLC).

We are aiming to provide best Wi-Fi, and internet surfing experience and solution to your life, and help you find the best place for your ASUS Wi-Fi Range Extender (Repeater) in your home.

*Before using this app, please download the latest firmware (firmware version should be later than from our official site and manually update for your ASUS Extender.


1. Manage your ASUS Extender in your current home network

2. Setup a new ASUS Extender into your current home network

3. Guide to find the best place for your ASUS Extender

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More Information Of ASUS Extender

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:ASUSTeK Computer inc.

User Reviews


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Piotr Karnas 2016-10-31

Can\'t log in Says my login info is incorrect even though it\'s the same as my router login info. The Asus router app lets me log in fine but not this extender one.
Victor Passapera 2017-01-03

Cannot log in. Can\'t login. Suspect login issues due to https settings. Using port 8443 user/pw does not work. Model RP-AC86U. Using advanced settings > login mode https
Tobbe Wilson 2017-03-14

I have one 2,4 Ghz WiFi and one 5 Ghz. Both my extenders should support these, but from my phone I can only see the 5 Ghz, no matter which WiFi my phone is connected to. Please contact me for support
ForagingGourmet 2019-02-11

How to use this app..... First, install app. Press \"set up extender\" button on main paid of app. It tells you to do 2 things then doesn\'t let you do them because the app overlay is hiding android settings. Go back to main screen. Marvel at how there is no way to set up a network map of an existing network. Try button 2. Still no way to set up map. Try button 3 for FAQ. Notice how the app doesn\'t take you to an FAQ. Rate app 1 star while wishing zero stars was an option and uninstall.
Air Assault Deville 2020-08-13

APP is unstable and reads \"Offline\" frequently. Customer service is a waste of time as I was rushed and hang-up on three times. I has to figure it out. Their lost says my older RT-AC1750 is compatible with my newer RP-AC1900. But, the AiMesh node never appears in my AC1750 even after latest firmware. I\'m sending it back for a refund because it works as an overpriced extender. I\'ll purchase another $50 plug-in Netgear extender that\'s given me zero problems and providems more internet speed.
Ut My 2019-06-20

IT SUCKED BECAUSE ALL BUTTONS ARE BROKEN AND THE APP DOES NOTHING BUT TROLLING YOU please Asus fix this I would be proud if I give you 5 Stars but no so if it\'s been a improvement then 3,4,5 stars so please fix this glitch and stop messing with my time ASUS and thanks for the developers who is going to fix this Thank you Asus (In Search Of Incredible)
Gary Elston 2018-10-24

Unable to communicate with app. Sent question To developer. Will see.
Tomislav Simić 2020-06-23

This app is here just so that ASUS can say their router can be configured with phone. Good luck with that! Workflow is jumbled, app does not support all the features (expressway for one) and labeling is misguiding and confusing. At the end, it boils down to using the web UI that is designed for desktop/laptop on my tiny phone screen.
Tomislav Simic 2020-07-15

It is incredible how useless this app is. It is bringing more confusion to the setup process just by it\'s existance. You need to know how to use web-ui if you really want to configure your device. And the web config is not phone-friendly. Horrible experience, money wasted, someone at ASUS should loose their job for doing this to the company.
Richard Osis 2018-12-17

Not fool proof and instructions to be understood only by its developer.