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Description of ASUS Router

The ASUS Router app unlocks the power to manage your network in just a few taps whenever you want, wherever you go. We are aiming to provide the best Wi-Fi and Internet-surfing experiences you have ever had with these comprehensive features.

Key Features:

1. Router Monitoring and Remote Management

2. AiMesh 2.0 Network Topology

3. Client Device Management

-Bandwidth limiter

-Block Internet access

-Customizable device icon and nickname

4. More Features

- Firmware Update

- QoS

- Parental Controls

- Network security scan

- Router setting backup

- IP Binding

- WOL (Wake-on-LAN)

- Port forwarding (RT models)/ OpenNAT (ROG Models)

- Schedule Reboot

- USB Ejection

- ASUS Notice

ASUS Router app supports the following routers.

- All ZenWiFi line up

- All 802.11ax line up

- All ROG Rapture line up

- All TUF Gaming line up

- Selected DSL routers

- Lyra/Lyra mini/Lyra Trio/Lyra Voice (needs to be at least version)

- Blue Cave

- RT-AC5300

- RT-AC3100

- RT-AC88U

- RT-AC3200

- RT-AC2900

- RT-AC2600

- RT-AC2400

- RT-AC2200

- RT-AC87U/R

- RT-AC86U

- RT-AC85U

- RT-AC85P

- RT-AC65P

- RT-AC57U


- RT-AC65U

- RT-AC1900

- RT-AC1900P/U

- RT-AC1750

- RT-AC1750 B1

- RT-AC66U/R/W

- RT-AC66U B1

- RT-AC66U+

- RT-AC1300UHP/ G+

- RT-AC1200

- RT-AC1200G/HP/G+/ E/ GU

- RT-AC58U

- RT-AC56U/R/S

- RT-AC55U


- RT-AC53

- RT-AC52U B1

- RT-AC51U/ U+



- RT-N66U/R/W/C1

- RT-N18U

- RT-N19


- RT-N12E B1/C1

- RT-N12HP B1

- RT-N12VP B1

- RT-N12+ B1

- RT-N12D1

- 4G-AC53U

- 4G-AC68U

*ASUS Router App does not support the following models:


New features are consistently being added.

Get excited for the ASUS Router App!

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More Information Of ASUS Router

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:ASUSTeK Computer inc.

User Reviews


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Allan Paul Obenza 2019-10-02

Whatever update that made it look nicer must have made it work worse than before. Now, despite being connected to the wifi router and having access to the internet, when using this app it fails to get a connection no matter how close to or far from the target router. I\'d rather have an app that looks simple but works (like the older version) than a beautiful looking app that doesn\'t work(current version)
Sam Morgan 2019-12-14

Since latest firmware and modem reset this APP is useless, can\'t access the list of connected devices to be able to limit connections which is basically all I used it for before. Many of the other \"features\" simply don\'t work and never did. Terrible app. UPDATE v1. Now just crashes when you open it and try and connect to the router
M Y 2019-04-29

New version fails to connect. Previous version was OK on DSL;AC68U. On the previous version, firmware update was requested but I did not update the firmware because I am geographically away from the router and in case manual interaction is required during firmware update, the process would have made the system inoperable. I either need the previous version of the app or the developerrs need to publish a new update to make it work with older and newer firmware.
A Google user 2020-11-06

Had this app installed for over a year now, I find it very useful for controlling my Asus routers. Please to see that they have sorted out the issue of the router crashing after switching VPN. One feature which would be good to have is a broadband speed checker as Netgear now have. If speed is being measured at the router, my ISP can\'t say that it is a WiFi issue. Remote access, for when I am away from home, would also be nice.
Brutaeus Maximus 2020-10-10

Worked fine until i updated and it stopped working. Now I\'m only connected on wifi, THROUGH THAT ROUTER, and it can\'t find it. Just spins, searching. Would be nice if they let me skip the auto detect and enter the IP. Then at least i\'d give them a 3, because they broke it with the update... 10/9/20 Updated again, still not working. Still trash.
T N 2021-01-26

It shows as Blocked on the app but device can still have internet access.so stupid! Latest update failed to block Content such as YouTube. Geezz. Can I just add a site to block on a certain device? Is it so hard? Wish I could see device history in real time. It\'s annoying not to see the site a device is visiting in real time. Why is it so hard? Not sure if other routers have this function. Maybe it\'s time to upgrade to a better brand!
Jason M. 2020-12-28

$300+ router and since April this app gives the connection error time out. The only way to fix is to manually reboot the router. If you set router to reboot on a schedule it cause a conflict connection issue with devices. This problem has been consistent since April!!!! Fix the dam app to connect properly 12 26 still not working!!!
Geoffrey Bennett Jr 2019-05-27

The only things I would add to this app is the ability to manage VPN client/server options to include start and stop of the OpenVPN client. I would also add the option to see the traffic analyzer charts from the web interface.
Chris Maxwell 2020-07-11

After rebooting the phone twice (!) and changing nothing else, the app has finally recognised my RT-AC68U router, which it was already connected to! it\'s now possible to manage the router. It\'s still very clunky though. Enabling VPN clients fails with a \'connection timeout error\'. It\'s not possible to cancel operations that result in a spinning ball until they time out, which is annoying and time-consuming. I\'m using a OnePlus phone with Android 10 and a very fast fibernet internet modem. Latest firmware - updated today. I will stick with doing this on a PC, not with the app, as it works a lot better.
Ricochet Rhaynes 2019-02-27

Awesome App! I was about to tear my hair out, setting up a new Asus RT-AC68U. I wasted 2 hours, and ended up with a major headache, before I found this app. It made the set up super easy. I recommend using this app over the web based setup, \"Hands Down!\" 👍