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ATHYLPS - Poker Outs, Poker Odds, Poker Trainer APK

ATHYLPS - Poker Outs, Poker Odds, Poker Trainer



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Description of ATHYLPS - Poker Outs, Poker Odds, Poker Trainer

ATHYLPS - Poker Outs and Odds Trainer. With it, you can learn the basics of poker, improve your game with the help of specially selected exercises and track your results. 🎯

🎓Master poker

In our app you can find poker rules, the description of all combinations and stages of the game. Examples of typical situations will help you quickly learn game principles and start playing poker with your friends tonight.


ATHYLPS randomly generates game situations, which makes it possible to practice without losing money in a real game.

Our exercises will help you hone the fundamental skills needed at the poker table. You will learn:

- Quickly spot poker hands

- Count outs

- Count the pot odds

- Use rule "4 and 2"

- From a probabilistic point of view, understand whether you need to accept a bet

🏆Test your knowledge

- Take exercises in Practice mode to improve your skills

- Find out how many correct decisions you can make under the pressure of a timer in Competitive mode

Get bonus points and time for the correct answers. Set personal records🏅

📈Track results

Exercise every day and track your improvements with our informative statistics for each exercise.

In the Statistics you'll see:

- Average time you give an answer in exercise

- Correct/Incorrect answers ratio

- Time you spend in exercises

👉Join to community:

Telegram: https://t.me/athylps

Download ATHYLPS today and become a better poker player!

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More Information Of ATHYLPS - Poker Outs, Poker Odds, Poker Trainer

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.1.5 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Sergey Opivalov

User Reviews


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mehran manesh 2020-02-01

I would pay four times more than they asking for if the app shows the correct answer and why when you are wrong.
J.R. 2020-04-08

This app is exactly what I was looking for. I\'ve tried many of the poker trainer apps, and they all suffer from 2 problems: confusing interfaces, and overpriced monthly subscriptions. This trainer has a nice and clean UI, and is reasonably priced. Very excited for the next update 👍
Atharva P 2020-04-25

I am reviewing this based on the non payed version. Its a great app and will help any new player. It fulfils its purpose to an outstanding degree and is built perfectly.
An Old Bot 2019-10-22

Удобный покорный тренажер
Nathaniel Schmitt 2020-10-29

Should you call gives you wrong answers at times. Also you never know what your opponent has, for example counting 9 flush outs with K◇2♡ on a turn that is K♡ Q♡ 2♤ 8♡ when the other dude had QQ. Another example is 773 flop. Opp has 73. We have A7. Call 200 to win 1300. They say no because you have 3 outs. But in reality your outs double on the turn. That is a 16% chance to win with 15% equity needed. It also doesn\'t take into consideration implied pot odds. (We don\'t know them).
Frank Brown 2019-10-12

Крутое приложение скачал научился поднимаю миллионы(на самом деле мыло в душевой но приложение тут не причём)
James Ryan 2020-06-25

I started with the free version but paid as I wanted to use the app for training pot odds etc. Price wise it\'s very good. Even if your playing at micro stakes youll recoup your investment in no time. A stand out feature I like is in the \'Should You Call?\' Training, where if you are unsure of the answer or why you got it wrong, there is a full explanation of the maths involved and why it is or is not the correct call. I\'d love to see an Implied Odds section to carry on the study further.
Yogi Valani 2020-10-25

Paid for pro version. And its not working.
Ash Round 2020-05-10

I tried the outs exercise and answers dont make sense....answers are wrong.
Moha Sharifi 2020-10-14

Its bulshet