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Atlantis Odyssey

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Description of Atlantis Odyssey

Welcome to the island adventure of the Atlantis Odyssey game! Here you can not only dip into the exciting world of mysteries but upgrade your traveller skills: this lost civilization needs your knowledge. All you need to join this journey island is just your backpack - the adventure is already waiting for you!

So, what’s now? Let’s start our travel island odyssey! Congrats, you’ve just reached an unexplored spot on the world map! Your ‘fantasy vs. reality’ adventure in Atlantis is about to begin! Is it going to be a village life simulation, or some thrilling adventure roadtrip instead? You’ll never know until you check it!

🎒 Follow Atlantis trails and explore Atlantean civilization with aspiring adventurers Robert and Nicole! Will they meet some tribe life of Atlantean people? Will they build & restore an ancient magic town by themselves? Come and help them!

🌱 On any farm & adventure game, camp, food, and tools matter the most. Set up your farm, build factories and start to craft resources! Adventures in odyssey style are more exciting and complex than you could ever imagine! Farming, growing crops, gathering your own harvest are just a small part of this lost island adventure!

⚒ This area is packed with mysterious ruins! Restore Atlanteans’ magic workshops with the help of powerful crystals - be engaged in mythic & prehistoric adventures! Find all the hidden treasures and secret places of Atlantis Odyssey!

🔎 Want to explore Atlantis and the local culture even better? Complete all the trip adventure goals and work on farm produce orders! Complete challenging quests, breed animals, harvest crops, and have fun!

Nicole and Robert just started pitching a tent! Go help them with the rest of their farm & expedition adventures!

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.41 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:VIZOR APPS LTD.

User Reviews


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Amicia007 2020-11-02

I love this game and it pains me to have to give it 2 stars, just as much as it does to have to delete this game. The graphics, story line, game play are awesome! The problem lies in the amount of power you have vs what it takes to get anything done. The amount we have would be fine if it cost 1 or 2 power to cut something down but it costs between 6 and 50 usually. Even if you play the mini game and open barrels/pottery and get your power up to 200, that doesn\'t take you far! It\'s frustrating!
Lester Moe 2020-11-06

Updated to 5 stars after my issues have been resolved. It\'s a great little game. The pacing might be an issue if you want to progress fast just for the story, but it isn\'t that abysmal. There are plenty of ways to \"stock up\" on energy for later use and the events (one so far) are manageable without paying, which would be the real paywall.
DreamsinBlanks 2020-10-29

Its hard to progress in the game. Its not a game you can play for long periods without paying for extra. You never have enough energy to complete quests or resources, no resources to craft materials, no materials fill orders for gold, and no gold to grow crops for energy. Most the time you\'re just waiting for the hourly mini game to open up to get a meager energy boost. But if you have enough energy and gold, its a nice questing game with nice graphics.
Jamie Jagla 2020-11-10

I want to give this game a better rating, but I can\'t. It looks great. it\'s fun to play when you \"can\". Everything takes forever to make, energy goes way too fast and, it\'s outrageously expensive to feed animals, you get a max of 10 crops to plant. You get $ but can only by decorations with it. You can\'t go back to explore things to get treasures. I\'ve spent an embarrassing amount of $ on this game it makes me sick. I have to uninstall it, it is literally infuriating. It\'s a greedy game.
Jennifer Floyd 2020-10-26

The balance between how much energy you can accumulated compared to how much it takes to make any kind of progress is way off. In the beginning you do get energy for completeing quests, but not so much after you complete the tutorial phase, then its mostly just coins and experience points. It wouldnt be too bad if it didnt take so much to do stuff, but you clear 2 bushes and you\'re out.
Joanne Hunter 2020-12-12

I really enjoy the concept, the storyline and the challenges. Graphics are great and the landscapes are beautiful and interesting. The game however, is too slow the ratio between energy you receive/ earn and utilise is too variant, you can\'t travel freely between levels - this is important to get supplies required. I have stalled again for the third time in a week, not as enjoyable as Junes Journey or Township. You need to be able to progress, I get bored if I stop/ start the game.
Ginny Fortin 2021-01-19

This game is well thought-out and the artwork is nice. I really, really want to like it. But the energy is a problem. I\'ve done the orders, the chests, everything. I\'ve even purchased packs more than once to get energy, thinking hopefully energy will be less of an issue when I level up. It\'s not. I can only clear 4-5 obstacles before I\'m out and the time it takes to get the items to fill orders overall results in a total loss in interest. I\'m uninstalling and swallowing the waste of money.
John McCartney 2020-12-19

The amount of energy you get is pitifully small (34), most of the things you need to clear a path through cost 16 energy or more, so you only get 2 cut-down move then wait for an age to refill. Potential to be a great game but unfortunately lack of energy makes it frustrating and annoying. Update: Thanks for your bog standard reply that you have issued to everyone else with the same issue. It\'s still an inadequate amount of energy. I would suggest increasing the energy or decrease the flora cost
airwalkpup W. 2020-11-06

Fun and great graphics. However the amount of money needed and the amount of supplies needed is too much. I know you can get bonuses and gems and whatnot. But its way too time consuming. Maybe cut back on the prices, or the amount of supplies needed. Its not dun to just farm materials all day. The energy you get is nothing compared to what you need to progress. Good concept just not a good execution
Chris 2020-10-31

Really fun...until right after you finish building the 3 production buildings right next to camp, then you hit an extremely solid paywall. Sure, you CAN progress....at an INSANELY slow pace (when full, you have enough energy to remove about 3-4 objects), but the story just isn\'t engaging enough for any sane person to care enough to stick with it for the 27 years required to complete it without paying. To be fair, there are ways to get slightly more energy, but not enough to make any difference