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Description of Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy Meditation

Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy offers a wide variety of binaural beats for any type of problem. It also includes a binaural beat generator.

Inmerse yourself with our beats or create your own alpha, beta, tetha, gamma or delta brainwaves!

What does Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy includes:

It includes a considerable amount of frecuency presets for every part of your life.

STUDY: Boost your memory, concentration and get help with studies

SPIRIT: Open your 3rd eye, enter in trance or cross the universe with astral travels

SLEEP: Improve your sleeping habits with lucid dreams or deep sleep

BODY: heal your DNA, overcome your addictions or energize yourself

BRAIN: Brain Booster, be smarter, more creative or get relaxed.

Now you can perform easy guided breathing exercises during your meditations to focus on your goals

Keep track of your exercises performed in the application, as well as the time of use.

Create your own meditation sessions formed by binaural waves.

Four incredible and relaxing songs to use in your meditation sessions. You also have Pink, Brown and White noises available.

Try those therapy notes on your own. you can also create your own ones.

Create your own presets and save them in the library with the binaural beat generator. You just need to swipe to the left to erase them.

You can also set the timer and use it on your meditation, relax or sleep sessions.

How to use it:

Binaural Beats are meant to be played with headphones, use them for a better experience.

You can also select a background song from the menu to improve your experience.

Change the volumes as you please to achieve the best result for your meditation


Binaural Waves are just entertainment and should not replace your medicine treatments.

If you have any disease you should visit a doctor.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.3 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Peak Pocket Studios

User Reviews


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Anderwriter 2020-04-18

The only thing I don\'t like about it is the creepy animations (woman floating up and down while meditating, etc.). Please include the option to turn them off. You obviously think they\'re cute—but when we\'re sleep-deprived and trying to do anything to relax, the last thing we want to have to see are things pointlessly moving around. Thanks!
Christine 2019-05-27

Absolutely love this app. Decided to try it out to resolve my deep sleep issue.. And when I checked my sleep tracker, I had the most deep sleep I\'ve had in a while, I literally feel like a new person! ✨ I think what I love about this app is how you can personalise the sound itself with sliders that adjust the background music to the volume of the wave itself. Thank God for this app ❤️
SlumPup 2019-03-19

lol this app is confusing half of these are just terrifying I feel like listening to just frequencies are going to make me go insane alot of them are headache inducing, feel like this app is a scam
Colton Ritchie 2020-05-22

I use this app consistent for 30 - 60 minutes of meditation daily. I have created many of my own frequencies and sessions. I have the premium version because I believe in the potential of this app. However, I emailed the developer to share some insights, bugs that I was experiencing and some features I would like to see in the app. I never heard back. Not even an acknowledgement of the email. Thanks for ignoring me. Being able to delete the countless sessions and frequencies is a small request.
Emrys Hiraeth 2019-12-13

well it was working fine at first but now a couple of the options aren\'t working at all. the sleep tone just make absolutely no sound no matter how many times I adjust the sound setting. Kind of disappointing. Hope it gets fixed soon. Edit: New update rolled out and everything is working out great! Awesome app!!
Samuel Zins 2020-04-22

I just wanna talk to a dev. I really like the setup and how you can create sessions, but the beats themselves are not the correct frequency. The lucid dream setting is in the delta range, but it should be theta because theta leads to rem sleep and delta leads to dreamless sleep. If they got the beats correct, I would change my rating to 5 stars because I would be able to customize my sleep by stage at what time I want it to be. I want to talk to a dev about it, but they don\'t reply to my email..
Aditya Raj 2019-02-11

See these are actually the same beats as u find in the ultimate brain booster(UBB).Its on you wheather you want a app with some add or can be made addless with lesser fee than UBB or if you have money to spend than its on you. may be helpfull thanks! yes one more thing that is nothing☺️☺️😊 just joking .This aap is aousome.
Victoria 2019-03-21

cool! I needed some non distracting background noise to drown out shrill screeches of my incredibly loud family members and this was it! I like that there\'s a timer as well, useful for falling asleep
Mark Coates 2018-12-19

Great app! I especially like the ability to create my own library of binaural tones. Highly recommended for meditation, as it drowns or background noises, provides auditory focus, and helps time breaths in an analog fashion, similar to the ticking of a clock, but not as annoying. And you can\'t beat free! Download it now and start creating your own library of binaural beats.
Rod Warrix 2019-04-26

Great relaxation and really does work if you allow IT too! I\'ve used it for 2 years With headphones and other external devices around the house while sleeping resting and taking breaks during the day I even use it sometimes outside the house like Hospital park, store visits to block out other noises and to concentrate or relax with. This is a second app from them. There is a first one & its great too and I also use that one all the time.