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Atomic Super Lander

The doomsday is upon us. The Earth is about to be bombarded by an asteroid supercluster! It’s time to cram all able-bodied persons to rockets and fire them blindly into space in a desperate fight for mankind’s survival!

Become a cosmic demolition man! Master the tricks of space flight, fight strange alien life and plant your nukes in the asteroid cores. Escape to safety and detonate those rocks to stardust!

Key Features:

- Unique combination of classic lander and platformer gameplay

- A balance of skillful gameplay and intense action in an increasingly hostile environment

- Explore endless amounts of different asteroids

- Navigate your spaceship through debris and danger

- Brawl with dangerous alien creatures

- Stylistic cartoon graphics and animations

- Multiple spaceships to help on your mission

- Collect achievement cards for an interactive cardhouse

- Compete against other players on global highscore boards

- Controller support

- Customizable touch controls

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.1.84 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Crescent Moon Games

User Reviews


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Daniel Rodriguez 2019-09-24

Super awesome, maybe add some more features, like a better landing system and more time, or like survival were you are onna large planet and you are trying to escape it with stuff like upgrading your base with 3 levels and the only way to get out of the planet is to find a very rare escape pod. Seems like a good idea, plz add, i beg of you. Its a very cool game.
ninesix 2017-12-17

The pictures are really overwhelming. The controls while flying the ship is so wonky it\'s like trying to play an fps with the lowest possible sensitivity. But what really bugs me is that thing that releases the ship. It\'s really dumb that it follows you afterwards. Apart from the fact that it doesn\'t even need to be there because it doesn\'t even respawn your ship after it gets busted, all it\'s good for is for you to crash into it because of the really poor physics. Causing you to almost immediately die. But other than that I kinda enjoyed it. The concept is fun and simple, and I like the wacky humor.
Somebody Used2know 2017-10-30

Great game, it\'s difficult while not being a \'rage game\' I only have one problem with it. You know those pod things which can only be killed by burning them with your ship, that can also one shot you from a distance? Yeah the game keeps spawning them on both sides of the weak point with a shield over it underground so you literally cannot plant the bomb. Makes the game unplayable. Literally my only problem.
Citrine Legend 2020-09-26

The game is great,food gameplay and easy controls but I have one complaint once you get to level 11 the game swarms you with enemies and I have a request can there be multiplayer? Other then that the game is fun and would give 10 stars if could
Michelle Trujillo 2017-05-01

This may be the best game I\'ve ever played on my phone. Excellent graphics and controls. The storyline is really fun and funny.
John Mordecai 2019-09-22

Annoying. Poor controls and panning / zooming. Disappointing app from an otherwise stellar publisher.
Luke Pietrowski 2019-12-02

It\'s a good a funny game, however the controls make it obnoxiously hard and once your ship flips its game over and an automatic loss of a life if there is no escape pod....not that the pod matters because a mot of asteroids are surrounded by an energy barrier (update: after almost always landing upside down I demoted to two stars)
DonutGuy640 2020-04-13

AAAHahaha, the intro alone is worth 5 stars, and the game itself is fun and challenging, too! I LOVE the tributes to other games, too! For instance, the Street Fighter II death animation, and how a couple of the arming codes displayed Doom II cheats for the word I guess I was \"typing\"... Imma go find something to buy in it now :D
Mukesh 2020-09-18

A single game that made me love mobile games. It has a lot of depth and learning curve. But it\'s one of the great games on mobile
James Hendrix 2020-12-28

This is the only game I come back to, again and again for over a decade, despite there being no greater difficulty past level 20. The game play is just perfect and fun. I wish someone would take this game and build it out further. So much time was spent creating the intro story and tutorials and not enough in replay value. So much potential...