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ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine)



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Description of ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine)

Life is precious, and so is your time. And keeping that in mind, ATracker is here to help you achieve more of your goals, build a sustainable habit and boost your productivity to a new height.

ATracker is a simple yet very powerful time tracking app and productivity tool that allows you to use it with minimal setup. Having a track of your precious time has never been easier with our one-tap to start/stop time tracking. As the leading time tracking app, ATracker offers bar or pie charts showcasing where your time went. ATracker also support daily and weekly goals that allows you to monitor the progress.

Lots of features for self-development

The fully customizable user interface allows you to turn this habit tracker into your own. The tracking app also comes with the option of categorizing tasks with tags; data export; sync data between multiple devices for the shortest path towards self-improvement and the perfect boost of productivity.

Sync across all device

The ability to sync across all of your devices allows you to start tracking your day anywhere, anytime, regardless of the device you are using. As a result, you can use the ATracker Time tracker as a Pomodoro, keep track of time and improve your time management skills in no time.

It's a fresh way to organize your day and make the most out of it … with just a few taps.


ATracker is a clean and minimalistic approach to,

• Track time of different tasks and projects at work

• Track time of School studies and projects

• Track time of Exercises

• Track time of Socializing

• Track time of Homemaking tasks

• Track time of Baby or child daily activities

• Hobby projects

• Or any activity people want to track and control

We believe that time tracking should be effortless.

And that is why our time and habit tracking app offers a wide range of features in a minimalistic approach. This allows you to take a control of your time and use it wisely. As the go-to productivity tool, ATracker is striving to help you reach your goal and quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Here are some of the key features ATracker offers

• Start and stop tracking a task with just one tap.

• Overview of today's time spending on the Today tab.

• Interactive goal system for self-improvement.

• Advanced tag system to group tasks and allow user to set value (Sum / Average / Hourly) or code for reporting.

• Complete activity log. Add missed or modify existing activity.

• Customization of activities with hundreds of unique icons to choose from. You can also color code the activities for a personalized time tracking experience.

• Ability to keep notes for each task entry.

• Statistics showed in bar charts and pie charts.

• Group tasks by tags and allow users to filter tasks by tag on the Today tab, as well as aggregate the data by tag in reporting.

• Set alarm for activities. The alarm will sound even when the app is not running.

• Widget to see your data on-screen at all times.

• Gesture support

• Full customization of UI with more skins and allow the user to use their own image as background.


With an only one-time investment, you will get to enjoy,

• No Ads.

• Unlimited tasks.

• Extensive Data export.

Web Subscription

With a web subscription, ATracker supports sync across multiple devices. So, you can now enjoy web access to ATracker services besides the app. This add-on is optional. With a subscription, users can add unlimited numeric and drop-down tags unlimited goals as well.

As the leading time tracking app, we strive to give you the best experience using ATracker. You can always contact us at support@wonderapps.se.

Terms of Service: https://atracker.pro/atracker_TOS.html

Privacy Policy: https://atracker.pro/atracker_policy.html

Life is precious, and so is your Time. So, stop wasting your time and organize your life the right way NOW.

If you enjoy using our productivity tool, please leave us a rating and review to show your support for us!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:3.0.21 Publish Date:2022-03-23 Developer:Wonderapps AB

User Reviews


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Pascal Brokmeier 2017-08-02

Loved it on iOS and switching to droid now. Don\'t mind paying again although transferring my purchase across platforms would be nice. Is there Dropbox Sync here too? Its nice to continually export the reports to a bash script on my server. Also I cannot transfer my backup from iOS and Android. Are the file formations the same? App gives me a successful import completed but nothing shows up.
Ruth Nissly 2019-10-16

I really enjoy this app for keeping a log of how my time is used. The new updates make it even better - easier than ever to start/stop a task with one touch. My favorite feature is the ability to do 2 tasks at once...not multitasking exactly, but I can track work vs. not-work time AND what specific task I am doing for work or at home. Only additional ask is a widget - I was a long-time user of Toggl before Atracker, and the widget on my home screen was so helpful. Note: I use Pro version.
Gary Krueger 2018-08-31

There is no app out there that does time tracking so well! However, it would be nice if the time spinners had more pronounced detents. It would also be nice if it would track (separately, but in the history) when I arrive at or leave from a location. And that can be determined from GPS and augmented (or alternatively) from commonly seen, but unique (stationary) wireless (wifi, bluetooth, etc.) signals. That can help in truing up the time records when I have failed to note the time for an event.
nathan jordan 2020-07-22

Please stop updating this app!!! I love the app, but every time you update I have to move all the tasks back to where I had them, and this last update has made it almost impossible (they keep jumping up and down in the list). It is driving me crazy! If only updates could leave all my preferences as I had them, and all the order of tasks as I had them
Antony Vo 2019-05-09

Great app for keeping track of activities. Lots of features and good look and feel. Additionally, the app developer was responsive to a bug I reported and had the issue resolved in the next release.
Franciscan Punk 2019-02-15

Best fit for me so far, but quirky for my uses and requires a learning curve. It wins out over Smarter Time for me, because of the note taking feature and the many icons to chose from. There are reasons though that I miss Smarter Time though, like its ability to guess what I am up to. I wish ATracker could learn my habits like Smarter Time can, and help me guess what I am up to. When it does, it will be on its way to having a clear upper hand.
ThatOne Hippie-Chick 2017-07-30

This is great for what I need, tracking my babies daily stuff, which doesn\'t require more than the 5 limited tasks in the free version. However, if this app had a widget, I would buy the full version. Every extra second I can get, to myself is important to a single parent! Tracking from a widget would make this app even more useful than it already is.
Kaelyn Petra 2020-03-31

Miss the most important feature. I was so exciting to find a time tracker app that suit my need and able to sync between my pc, ipad, and my mainly use android phone. I was plannig to subscribe for web portal service until I notice that this app DOESN\'T HAVE WIDGET. NOT EVEN an ongoing task notification. So there is no easy way to log the time in android ver. which is such a big con.
Mo Might 2017-08-29

Love it. love the interface. Please keep up the good work! I will be suggesting ideas after I use it for longer. Edit: After purchasing the upgraded version I would like to say the skins look bad. Please make it so the dimensions fit well because it just looks stretched out at the moment. Will not be using a skin for now. More skins would also be nice Edit 2: The add button is kinda annoying when wanting to use the swipe right options on the bottom task, would be great if it was moved lower. Or placed in the task bar?
Kam Y 2019-04-21

i use this app to ensure that i dont waste my non-work hours. Amazing app. Only downside is that it doesnt have a widget.