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Description of AttaPoll - Paid Surveys

Download AttaPoll and start getting paid for answering surveys. Make money online with us and receive your payout instantly: free PayPal cash, Revolut, even Amazon gift cards or any other gift card that is available.

AttaPoll is a money making app for you. It connects you with a wide range of companies and organisations that are looking for your views and opinions. By taking part in these surveys you will be helping these companies to develop new products and services or improve existing ones. In exchange you will be rewarded with real cash or free gift cards. Keep your earnings for yourself or donate to a charity, it’s up to you.

We are working hard to be the most trustworthy cash app by providing interesting and high paying surveys to you. Paid surveys will be available on your smartphone on the go. It can be your side hustle or surveys for cash gig that will help you earn extra money one survey at a time

How does this work?

1. Download this paid survey app and create an account

2. Answer the first profiling questions

3. Start making money on your smartphone by completing surveys

4. Get cash instantly to your PayPal account or choose different options such as a free Amazon gift card or a gift card from one of our other brands.

5. Increase your earnings by inviting your friends to join AttaPoll

We give you control over what type of surveys you wish to complete. We show you how long each survey is and how much it pays before you start it. Only want short surveys? No problem. Only want to do high paying surveys? Go for it. There is also a star rating on each survey that shows the chance of completing it, so choose the ones with the most stars first.

Our payment thresholds are really low. That means you can cash out using PayPal quickly. It’s like payouts in real-time.

AttaPoll is probably one of the most reliable money making apps that you can find online. Fast money, free PayPal cash, free gift cards - we are happy to offer you that in exchange for your opinion.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:3.6.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:AttaPoll

User Reviews


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Sam Burchett 2020-06-29

It\'s a good app with (seemingly) generous rewards. However, I find it very annoying that you cannot exit a survey and continue it later. I also found that, pressing the back button on my device just took me back to the app and the survey was deleted. I am also disqualified from most surveys. This is particularly irritating when you\'ve spent the past 10 minutes answering questions already. Either these are faults, or the people behind the app are trying to pay out as little money as possible.
Simona Mauro 2021-02-10

Such a good way to make some extra cash! I\'ve been using this for years. Cashing out to PayPal is SO easy. I\'ve stopped doing long surveys (15-20 minutes+) unless they are really well paid, but there\'s so many short surveys that I\'m not missing out! I\'ve started tracking my earnings from apps/websites such as AttaPoll and even though they may not pay as much as some other companies, this is still one of my favourites!
Victoria Palmer 2020-06-24

A decent survey app, though I do end up alot disqualified or with surveys that aren\'t right or relevant to me. The payouts are mostly small but you can cash out to PayPal from as little as $3.00 instantly. Installed less than a week and have already cashed out. It is my go to app for surveys next to Qmee. Thanks, AttaPoll.
Vera MB 2020-07-31

I liked this app at the start but now every survey that I go it say \"sorry , you\'ve been disqualified\" and I haven\'t even started how am I supposed to earn money if it keeps telling me that. Also I have done a survey that was for 30 minutes and then it tells me that I\'m disqualified.
Charan Kumar M J 2019-07-31

It is just another fake app.But it takes our polls and doesn\'t pay any rewards . Every time you receive survey you will be able go till the last step but you can\'t submit your survey and it tells either survey broken or survey screen timeout this happens after you complete your survey so that you give your survey but u don\'t get any rewards.
Cindery Alrm 2020-07-09

Really good app. Lots of surveys and you can take out the cash at 3 dollars. BUT I\'m not able to take it out because I don\'t use PayPal. It would be really good if you can redeem the surveys for gift cards. Because of right now I can\'t really get anything from this app.
Somik Nag 2021-03-07

I used this application for few weeks and earned money and then uninstalled, as their was no hope, to see light, in the end of the tunnel. After few months, I re- installed it, with an appetite to receive more surveys than before, to increase my frequency of earning. For last couple weeks, I have been upset for not getting sufficient numbers of it. Could management of Atta Poll reply to me with a valid reason(s)? Finally earned some last week.
Soraya Hancox 2020-06-08

Pretty good though if something goes wrong you don\'t receive any credit at all and it can be abit of a waste of time. Can also spend a lot of time getting screened out of surveys (god knows what the criteria is for some of them) but all in all is a good way of making abit of extra cash if your willing to put in the time

I received a majority of survey\'s based on profile and for a few of the surveys filled in credits are not offered as promissed most of them ends up with a pop up sahing the survey wasnt useful. This all happens after collecting the data😐
Anup Suvarna 2020-06-17

Not reliable at all. They gave me a couple of 20 minute long surveys. I had spent a good 15 minutes on each of them honestly filling in responses when they suddenly declare (without assigning any reason whatsoever) that I had been disqualified. A big waste of valuable time while they scoot away with an almost completed survey. Not to be trusted... not at least till they amend their ways.