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Description of Avatar Maker: Birds

A huge, boundless sky, a whole unknown world that calls and attracts special people! But how can one conquer this blue sky without wings?

It's easy - just call a winged pet with the help of our maker...

Create your own personal bird! You can easily choose its size, wingspan, plumage and much more. And to better match the surroundings, you can adjust its emotions or even add a little magic!

🌈 Full color palette - the sky doesn't have to be blue...

🐥 Cuteness in every feather!

✨ Easy fantasy details - who says a bird can't have cat ears?

Who do you like better? A sparrow, a furry owl, a proud eagle or a magic phoenix? We will help you choose) Or... Why choose when you can combine!

🐦 Maximum adjustments for your bird's appearance

💮 Cute accessories and clothes for every occasion, even for cosplay

🏮 Lots of magic references and secrets

Well, of course, it would be great if you could come up with a story for your feathered friend. It doesn't like pigs? Or its purpose in life is to deliver magic letters to children? Or is it an air fighter in a pet competition? All this can turn into a funny fanfic or even a real story! Well, you already have an illustration for that 😉

🍁 A huge variety of backgrounds

💨 Ease to create - freedom for your creativity

💟 You can quickly save a picture or send it to your friends

Do you want new items? Write to us - we will try to add them. Even this maker was created after numerous requests on social media 💬

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:3.6.2 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Avatars Makers Factory

User Reviews


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pawz_ full 2019-11-18

Amazing!! Im glad you used one of my ideas! I love the art and backgrounds, and the options, there is sooo many! I can now make some of my ocs here, I cant draw birds:/ I have an update suggestion, more domestic bird options, like macaws, lorikeets, and maybe parakeets/budgerigars. Overall love this app!
Sally Chaos Aura 2019-09-23

It literally won\'t let me download it. There\'s plenty of space in my memory, but I still can\'t download it.
Speedpaint X 2020-01-19

This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! And I really like it but not the ads for more bird wings and all! :)))
Niharika -Love_Melody 2019-12-08

This is a really good app to dress up different birds! :D Yet, I would like want to suggest on what could make the game better. Could you add different head crests, e.g major mitchell\'s cockatoo, umbrella cockatoo, cockatiel ect. That would be great!
Megatron Yeets 2020-06-02

The recent updates to all the avatar makers have made it where I can\'t save or share images. Please fix! I love your avatar makers!
Babi Hotline 2019-10-26

Its really good, and art style is little better then the other :D but other ones are still beautiful! Also can you do mice or oxalato animal? I would prefer Oxalato, but its your call, tysm if you do, I love yall games :D
Asiya Haswarey 2020-12-08

People are saying it doesn\'t install AND THEY HAVE PLENTY OF MEMORY. The developers respond with the same thing every time, an automatic \"not enough memory response.\" Besides this not working, they don\'t respond to your reviews correctly! It just shows reviews aren\'t taken very seriously
Hamster Pile 2019-11-09

There is a dog, cat, fox, and rabbit version of this game. Overall I\'d say the bird one is my least favorite and I will probably delete it. There are not many options for designs and I think it is rather boring. The cat and dog versions are my favorite and the fox and rabbit ones are in second. I reccomend those but I do not like this bird one.
FluffyStarshine 2019-12-20

Amazing! Really helped me take my characters design to the next level. I love that there isnt really any items that are pay locked, as you can watch an ad. The fact this is free is awesome. You deserve all the love, get that artist a raise.
Abbie Seigrist 2019-11-16

This is the best game from you yet!!! It\'s so awesome!💖 There are so many choices and the birds are so cute! There is one thing and that is, could you add design patterns for the wings? If so then ten stars!😄