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Hi! So your parents won't let you get a dog? I grew up without a pet, and I know it sucks 😣

I'm glad to present to you our new avatar constructor! In this app you can make whatever kind of dog you want! (And if not, just write in the reviews and tell us what's missing)

Your very own dog is waiting for you, a cute game pup who won't upset your parents by howling and barking...

🐶 A unique maker with masses of breeds: German shepherd, husky, akita-inu, rottweiler, Dalmatian, doberman, and more... More than 10,000 fantasy characters, with no need to be able to draw!

🐕 Set up your dog's body just how you want: from ears to tail.

🐺 Really a lot of personalization! You can create not just dogs, but wild wolves as well... And we haven't forgotten about fairytale creatures either: there are wings for flying wolves (simurans) 👍

🐾 Just pick your own background from your gallery, and then your friend will always be with you on your adventures 😉

Make up your own stories about animals; make comic books and manga starring them, and play! And share them on your social networks, of course. Happy creating!

P.S. Sometimes people write to me and say they can't find their avatar in the gallery. Sometimes it's easier just to mail it to yourself and download it for free 😜

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:3.6.2 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Avatars Makers Factory

User Reviews


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Alex Pickens 2019-03-06

I really like this app. Provides many different choices to create the avatar you want. I would like to point out a small problem with the add save slot function though. Every time I watch an ad to add more slots, my game crashes, and when I log back in, I don\'t get the new save slots. Please fix that, because I only have room for one more avatar and I would really like to continue making more avatars. Other than that, the app runs well.
Nikki Worthington 2019-12-31

Love this game. Only one complaint,when I had this a long time ago there was no mini games to unlock things but now there are mini games and I don\'t like it.it is very annoying. No adds. Really fun, even if you are on the toilet. Awesome game.
• S n o w u • 2019-08-07

so, i have my rating, the coller does not let my paint it and when i go to save my wolf, it just restarts the app, im very disapointed and would like an update for bug fixes and more stuff to be added edit: you really need to fix your app
D.D. Dunlap 2019-06-10

I used to play a lot enjoyed it very much too but now there are too many ads and you guys are making me watch ads for things that are basic. Starting to dislike it. will uninstall if not fixed or reduced ads.
Joyce & Mike Lewis 2019-08-25

This game is so good! It\'s a good entertainer on road trips and a lazy Saturday. I can literally just pore out all of my creativity! It\'s such a good game that I must give it 5 Stars, and if I could I would give it 10000000!!!!! I also unlocked everything in the game so it is sooooo much more entertaining. Over all its a great, amazing, awesome, and good game. I 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 it.
Rey Dragonclaw 2019-06-15

Incredible. I love it. It\'s simply awesome. I\'m an author, a fantasy author specifically, and I\'m writing a story about a Fox in a Wolf pack... and this helps me get good Avatar ideas for the characters within the pages! It helps me so much. I support this developer. ( I use every Avatar App and gave each 5 stars... ) So... FIVE STARS!!!
Ravenn Flightt 2020-08-24

I have never been so happy with a dog/animal creator! This is a beautifully made game and I love how you\'ve updated it so you can reuse colors! Just what the game needed! I also love the little \"pets\" and leaves and how you keep adding more! Can\'t wait to see what you come up with next! (Suggestion: maybe more hats? More \"pets\"? More wings?) And I have been noticing (even on your other games) that it wont save to gallery, but I found that if you email or text it to yourself it\'s pretty easy
Kiba Inuzuka 2019-11-10

I hate it i still have it but say goodbye to it I absolutely HATE the mini games and ads why did you do this!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😾💔👎👎👎
A Google user 2019-03-25

will not install that good and I like to make avatars but it took an hour to install and I had to go to bed by the time it installed so I never got to play it
Glitch Cat Apprentice 2020-06-23

This game is great! I love dogs and there is so much to choose from to make a demon, or friendly loving puppy!! There\'s a good amount of ads, not to much, and so far only one glitch that was easy to fix, I was designing a Denis the YouTuber dog when all the sudden all of the items disappeared, but I easily escaped it my refreshing the app! Love this game so much!!!