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Description of Avatar Maker: Dragons

This character builder lets you create an original dragon image. You're bound to love it: it'll be unique, and ever so cute. Hundreds of different details will help you create your dragon and then train it. You can dress it up, spend holidays with it, and make it sad—or cunning and happy. Your dragon will be able to breathe fire, become a knight, or grow flowers from its body. And much more!

Download the maker, create your pet dragon, and don't forget to share your comments with us and let us know whether you've managed to train it. Happy creating!

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:3.6.2 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Avatars Makers Factory

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-03-26

this is AMAZING!!! I love how u can just make it water dragon, fire dragon and whatever! But i think there should be more backgrounds. But that was a small mistake so i let slide.
Ari Clover 2019-10-05

I love this app, it allows me to make alot of my characters and such, only thing i want is different poses, that would make everything even better.
prep maloon 2019-08-29

I dont like the new update where we need to watch adds to unlock the things that didnt need the adds please take the new update off
Rey Dragonclaw 2019-06-15

This is incredible. I love this so much. I\'ve had all these cool character ideas for dragons (my favorite animal), but I couldn\'t draw them as well as I wished them to be... But with this, I can dump it all out. It\'s amazing! I have a request, however: Make the scars so they don\'t show through clothing... It\'s kind of annoying... ( But add more scars please ) I Reccomend this app! IT\'S GREAT!
Galaxy queen of Monsters 2020-03-11

Ok I need to say first, I use this add a lot, it helps me to get ideas for my dragon drawings and I love this add! Its sooo fun to use with friends and see what avatar dragons we all make. My first oc was done using this app, anyway this app is great! Plz keep adding items to it ( thanks ) I\'m hopeing a number 2 will be coming soon, oh last point... there need to be more patterns... owu
A Google user 2019-01-17

I give this a 3 star because: the dragons r nice but only sitting. theres no sound to anything, the eyes for the dragons are ok but none really fit for the shape of its head. my game did crash after an ad and lost my dragon. and agan this game needs sound, some music or somthing its really boring without sound. also the backrounds are nice but dont go at all with the dragons no matter what color they are i just cant match it. im kinda disapointed in this game dont download its a waste. :(
A Google user 2019-03-26

worst game ever I go to pick a different thing and it just takes me to the beginning.
Unicorn flowering 2019-05-22

Great app! but... can you please update it to have it\'s own pose? like flying, Standing, etc. I\'d love this app more if you gave poses to the dragons
Regina Draconaquist 2020-06-16

I love dragons and customizable character apps and this is the best one I have used. 10/10 would recommend. Things to work on: proportion customization.
꧁༺ Lonely Spoon ༻꧂ 2020-01-12

Amazing game i live the game a lot and its my favorite game out of all the other games you made, but i still like the other games you made aswell! ❤