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Description of Avenger Legends

Avenger Legends is a unique mobile strategy game that covers rich and variable features, including hero collecting, camp selecting, strategic deployment, and equipment upgrade. It is simple yet it incorporates deep strategy and therefore offers an exciting gaming experience. Download the game and join us now!

Join the world of Avenger Legends, select heroes, deploy formation, work out strategies, build powerful teams, and lead your team in the epic war! Compete for the top rank of the kingdom and earn your honor and glory!

★Unique hero gameplay and various combat experiences★

All heroes have their unique combat skills and attack styles, which leads to totally different gaming experience with different heroes. No matter using AOE in instances, or high ATK in duels, you will be invincible only if you make good use of the hero's advantages and disadvantages.

★Offline combat and easy access to legendary treasures★

You can dispatch team of heroes for auto battle, who will be return periodically to get the trophy. Even when you are offline, your heroes may continue fighting upon your order. A sea of loots is a few taps away!

★Team work and fair duel★

Join guild, team up with friends, work out strategies, and defeat evil guild boss. You can also upgrade guild technology, train heroes, and develop your team. Meanwhile, you can have a fair duel, compete with players from all over the world, enjoy real-time combat, defeat all enemies, and climb up the leaderboard!

★Various instances make your gaming experience exciting★

On the magical continent of Avenger Legends, you will take the secret mission to save a chaotic continent, discover mysterious crystals hiding deep in volcanoes, and obtain rich rewards in endless dungeons. In the meantime, mysterious oriental bounty missions require a good use of all your heroes. Embark on the fight now!

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You can also contact our customer services: abhsfeedback@gmail.com

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More Information Of Avenger Legends

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.13.299 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:DHGAMES

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Bani R 2017-09-02

9/1/17 Update- they haven\'t responded to my multiple emails. When they do, it\'s a canned response like how I am seeing when I read through the reviews. I like the game and have resorted to another server. I wish they would fix the original server i was one since i have better toons on there. 8/21/17- I liked this game a lot. I haven\'t tried idle heroes since I thought this looked cool. But for some reason I have been getting errors with just getting into the guild and receiving messages from the guild. I have had this issue for a couple of days now. I had someone contact me back, telling me that they will fix the issue soon.. I sure hope so. I will def. Rate this higher if they manage to fix it within a day or two.
MaJoRbIg81 2017-09-23

I really like this game. Everything about it is really good. HOWEVER....there is a bug that is messing with my friends list/friend points. I can no longer add friends or send/receive points ever since after the very first day I played this game. I tried reinstalling, didn\'t work. PLEASE fix this issue an I will gladly rate 5*. I am in Server a5, ID is MaJoRbIg81
Devin Kronyak 2018-11-28

Was a great game. But the devs abandoned this game last year. They also are the same people who run idle heroes. This game is newer but does not recieve support or updates. What makes this worse is that the devs have gone silent with this game and provide no details about the future of the game. This is very bad business practices and I cannot support a company like this. The game itself has been plagued with bugs and because of no updates or special events the game will become stale quickly.
Adam Walts 2017-09-26

For almost a month now we\'ve been screwed by dhgames. They don\'t care about this game. They abandoned it. This game is fun, but doesn\'t work properly. I\'ve sent multiple emails and many reports, just to not hear anything back. Don\'t download
Daniel Hedberg 2017-07-15

I like it and I enjoy playing it. But I still think Idle Heroes are the better of the two. I enjoy not having to deal with this 1/2 and 1/3 waves as most games have. So the static 6vs6 that Idle Heroes have is more to my liking rather then having wave-stages. BUT.... as of now, since last updates Avenger Heroes is broken. Everytime you login you always get this arrow pointing to either dungeons or you get the \"you unlocked guild\" message directly on login. And the screen is frozen. Can\'t swipe left or right. So all islands on your right or left side you have no way of accessing and alot of progress is lost. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn\'t fix it either. And this is still not fixed. Been three days and three days I have been sending ingame feedback on this error/bug.
A Google user 2019-02-12

It\'s a nice and entertaining game ,but be prepared to grind or sweep same lvl\'s over and over again to get strong enough to progress further.
Zizzie ab 2019-12-03

I quite at level 80. Not a fun game, its super near impossible to get S heroes, at lvl 80 the best I got was 3 A heroes, lol.
Mez Merizer 2017-05-14

You have to grind to get stuff for free but I have enjoyed it so far. *update* I spent time and money in game but found it to have mediocre rewards and a terrible pvp system. The new 3 v 3 is a joke. If you don\'t play 24 hrs a day you can be rank 1 then come back after some hours and be rank 65 and lose all the benefits. From 1 battle? Come on. I will miss my guild it\'s but I\'m gone....Gizmo out.
Ananda D. Putri 2018-10-23

The dev has abandoned this game. No update more than a year. No improvements no events. The game has died. R.I.P😢
Wulf Rajek 2017-09-10

Server error code -1 for 5 days now in the guild interface. We can\'t complete daily tasks or progress the guild and are losing out on diamonds. No response to multiple error reports and no announcement from devs. In the meantime their other game Idle Heroes has received a feature update, so someone is still there.... Sad, but it looks like they abandoned the game.