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AVR Tutorial Pro

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Description of AVR Tutorial Pro

This app is a AVR tutorial based on ATMEGA16 C language. It is suitable for hobbyist or engineering students.

Learning AVR mcu is difficult. The learning curve is steep. The process including reading datasheet, writing code, building prototypes and troubleshooting. The most possible errors are the setting wrong value of registers.

Now, AVR tutorial Pro is the solution. The code wizard allow you to set the timer, UART, ADC, interrupt and peripherals by just a few clicks in setting. The proven C source code is generated automatically.

Though the code wizard is based on ATMEGA16 mcu, it is easy to port to other ATMEGA mcu since the source code generated is highly structured


• AVR architecture review

• AVR asm mnemonics & C lanugage

• 26 demo projects including 16x2 LCM, i2c eeprom, spi eeprom, ADC, ultrasonic etc

• Code wizard for UART, timer, interrupt, ADC and external peripherals including LED, buzzer, key switch, external interrupt, 7-segment display, 8x8 led matrix, 4x4 keypad, segment lcd, 16x2 LCM, i2c eeprom, spi eeprom, RTC etc

• Optional projects : OLED, TFT 220x176, MPU6050, 18B20, DHT11, BMP180, DFPlayer mp3 module, SP flash, Wifi home automation (ESP8266), stepper motor, servo motor, DC motor (PWM) etc

Optional Demo

* OLED 128x64 (SPI)

* OLED 128x64 (I2c)

* TFT 220x176

* MPU6050 (accel + gyro) sensor

* 18B20 temperature sensor

* DFPlayer mp3 module

* SPI flash

* Stepper motor

* Servo motor

* Home automation using bluetooth

* Robotic arm

* Bluetooth robotic arm

* Bluetooth LE robotic arm

Note :

1. For those who need support please email to the designated email.

Do NOT use either the feedback area to write questions, it is not appropriate and that is not guaranteed that can read them.

Atmel® and AVR® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Atmel Corporation or its subsidiaries, in the US and/or other countries. This application is not related or affiliated in any way Atmel Corporation.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Peter Ho

User Reviews


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Matt Rainey 2019-02-28

still uses micro transactions even after purchasing, and it always runs in the background. seems sketchy
Earl Holder 2019-05-12

great app, it would be great if the developers could add more features, and microcontrollers such as the atmega328p. It is super useful, and worth the money.
Obed Mogaka 2018-06-20

The best of its kind
Dirk Straathof 2020-11-01

Pro version is not worth the money.
Mustafa Aljshamee 2019-05-16

limit access
Amit Chautmal 2019-07-22

in project a brief introduction of code or short video explaining the written code will enhance the usability of app. app is good. but sometimes it\'s hard to understand code.
Umer Farooq 2019-02-20

Useful app for designer
VaWa Synclair 2017-01-17

really well made app thanks for this useful learning resource.
Michal 2019-12-02

After bought Pro version the app want other microtransaction for each \"premium\" source code....
Jonathan Jaeger 2019-12-21

Love it