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Description of AW Touchpoint

Enabling healthcare providers to perform telemedicine consults anywhere, safely and conveniently – from any mobile device.

For Patients:

No more driving to the doctor or sitting in waiting rooms. With Amwell Touchpoint, you can connect with your medical providers to help you feel better faster.

Your provider will send a request to connect with you for a video consultation. You simply tap your invitation link to go straight into your video call with the Touchpoint app. No login is required for users accessing this video call functionality.

For Providers:

For providers with a health system login, Amwell Touchpoint app provides the ability to:

* Launch secure, HIPAA-compliant video consultations using Amwell Connect

* Receive automated notifications when new cases are assigned

* Review case details and the patient’s medical history

The Amwell Touchpoint mobile app is a component of our comprehensive telehealth suite that enables:

* Video calling, including both simple SMS/email guest invites to patients at home as well as controlling video endpoints within the hospital.

* Coordination across multiple point-of-care locations and service lines with secure messaging and case workflow

* Automation of alerts and escalations

* Integration with EHR and IT systems to minimize disruptions to workflow

* Act as a video and phone dialer with Epic Haiku/Canto.

* Active monitoring of point-of-care devices

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More Information Of AW Touchpoint

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:21.10.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:American Well

User Reviews


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Anthony Ptak 2020-07-25

On in background always? One doctor visit and the app has been running in background ever since. What is the purpose of this? Should disconnect without having to disengage the aoovor removing it from the phone. Otherwise the ux is pleasant. But nothing can compensate for the running in background bs. Doctor insisted on reinstall and this app is definitely spyware. I don\'t know of any reason why it\'s running 24 hours a day. Remove this. How did it get into the app store? Killed Battery!
Warp9pnt9 2020-05-21

The app would not send audio to the doctor. The doctor sent a second SMS with a link to a website version, which worked fine. This app has also made many other apps crash, phone has become very unstable, and some suspicious boot up messages have appeared that are new. \"Android is Updating ... Optimizing app 1 of 1.\" Hmm ...
Anne Rominski 2020-04-04

I haven\'t used it for an actual video call yet, but the fact that force stopping the app is the only way to get it to not run all the time in the background is obnoxious.
Shirley Smith 2020-04-13

Try it on your smart phone. Download the AW Touchpoint app then copy & paste link you get from your doctor text message, then open app> copy &paste on the link to join in. I had a video conferee with my doctor this morning, everything went well just like I was in physically in her office. Love It
Scott Kantrowitz 2020-10-20

I downloaded it to my older droid... It installed fine, however wouldn\'t load. After five minutes of no loading, i tried again. I then uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. Goodbye EDIT: seems to work fine on my new Droid... Giving it another shot as this is how I connect with my doctor
Philip Reiter 2020-04-30

I installed the app and I couldn\'t hear my doctor but we could see each other. He had to phone me. I needed this for a 10-minute doctor visit once a month but the app doesn\'t run on-demand only so it runs the entire time it\'s installed on my phone. I\'m uninstalling it and hope my doctor has another app by next month.
Devan Radtke 2020-05-18

This is the worst app ever! Unfortunately, it is the only app that my whole hospital uses. That leaves me little choice but to use it. It runs in the background constantly, so, I uninstall it when I\'m not using it. Even then, it only works half the time to actually hear the doctor
Jeannette M 2020-04-02

It won\'t stop running in the background. There is no way for me to shut it off!
psyclicstudios 2020-04-07

No settings. Always running in background unless forced to stop. Two thirds of a way to being a virus program.
Michael Landy 2020-07-08

Worked very well until google would block using it. Had to download the avizia app. Downloaded didn\'t work at all. Google just leave the apps alone that work and don\'t force someone to use a different app that doesn\'t. Had to have a phone conference instead of a virtual doctors appointment. Thanks google for nothing.