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Description of Awakened Mind: Mindfulness app

Awakened Mind is an app designed and developed by mindfulness leader Michael Bunting.

As a professional with experience working with some of the most recognised corporate leaders in the fields of mindfulness and leadership, his insight and experience have been funnelled into the Awakened Mind app. Today, it’s designed to equip you with authentic, scientifically proven, and fully-guided resources no matter what stage of the mindfulness journey you’re in.

The Awakened Mind app caters to the needs of three distinct audiences:

• Mindfulness beginners. You belong to this group if you are looking to develop a sustainable mindfulness practice and need guidance to begin.

• Intermediate to advanced mindfulness practitioners. Our app is useful if you want to develop your growth mindset and master the four foundations of mindfulness.

• You are detached from the technical side of mindfulness and are looking for more practical support in the form of guided meditation, and tips to sleep better, improve your focus, and develop mindful communication. Our Neurosync™ feature is especially useful if you belong to this group.

The app itself is suitable for both individuals and businesses in need of a corporate wellness program. We know that a huge amount of time is spent in the workplace and that it’s a setting where you need to harness your full potential and perform your best work. We can help you achieve that.

As a mindfulness app, Awakened Mind is easy to use and implement. All you need to do is download the application, sign up, and then begin at your leisure.

Whether you’re struggling with stress, leadership, communication or anything else that is taking a toll on you, mindfulness practices can help you overcome these challenges and maintain your mental, emotional, and physical health.

The Awakened Mind mindfulness app houses a range of programs designed to guide you through your mindfulness journey and help you develop a personal practice that works for you, at your own pace.

The app includes:

• A Learning Center.

• A library of 300+ guided meditation tracks for sleep, managing thoughts, and even kids’ meditations.

• Neurosync™ technology with 300+ tracks for sleep, focus and performance, stress and pain management, addiction support, and so much more.

Our app also includes a range of programs:

• Sleep suite

• Mindfulness essentials

• Mental wellbeing essentials

• Pain and mindfulness

• Illness and mindfulness

• Kindness and compassion

• Mindful stretching

Our programs are designed to address what you may want to achieve through mindfulness from leadership development to pain management.

It also features a quick start program to introduce you to the basics of mindfulness.

To achieve our goal of helping you reach your goals, our app makes it easy for you to chart your progress, pick up where you left off, and get bite-sized sessions of mindfulness without taking too much time out of your schedule.

Our guiding belief is that mindfulness goes beyond meditation or relaxation. It can help you transform your life and potential.

Our mindfulness app’s subscription terms and pricing:

• Monthly automatic renewal subscription plan priced at $4.99 per month.

• Yearly subscription option. Automatic renewal priced at $4.16 per month.

The prices listed above are applicable to our customers based in the United States. Pricing may differ according to your region.

Your subscription to the Awakened Mind mindfulness app will renew itself at the end of your chosen term. Your credit card will be charged the subscription fee through your iTunes account at least twenty four hours before the end of your current period. Automatic renewal can be taken off at any time through your iTunes account settings. Please note, however, that refunds will not be administered for any unused portion of the term.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.42 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Awakened Mind: meditation & mindfulness for growth

User Reviews


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Dayna Lott 2021-02-03

Was really enjoying the app, and got very excited to start my journey, however now that the tutorial is over (approximately 30 mins of short videos) I know the why of mindfulness and very basic of meditation, but now you\'re asking for a subscription to progress any farther. It wouldn\'t be so bad, but $12.99/month or $95 for a year is extreme! Couldn\'t you charge $1-5 per module or a lump price for the whole thing? Paying monthly or yearly vs per module or course is a definite deal breaker for me
paul groves 2020-10-28

Have found a lot of the subjects covered very interesting and very helpful to help myself improve on focus with my mind and having a clearer path with living in the here and now and regaining self confidence. The app is very comprehensive and well organised.
Raymond 2020-12-23

I\'ve used this app for over a year. What I found most useful was the audio series, which goes into some of the principles and concepts in a deeper level.
Ruejean Kotze 2021-01-10

For someone who gets paralyzed by her own mind with overthinking, the Nerosync in particular had deemd helpful the past two weeks ♡ ty
Bill Pearson 2020-09-28

This begins as an awesome intro into mindfulness and teacher of meditation, then becomes the ultimate tool for ongoing growth and change of life practice.
Michaela Murphy 2020-12-05

Everybody and their mothers, fathers, children and children to come need to be reminded of SELF. This app is a definite yes in my book.
Fabienne H 2021-02-16

I love the concept of this app. But it keeps crashing nearly every time I use it in my Samsung s20. I\'ll adjust my rating to five stars once that\'s fixed because the actual content is great when it works
ziggy rin 2020-05-04

Underwhelming overall I felt Particularly the noises and sound effects I find quite jarring and not relaxing at all. Also the neuro meditations the music is awful, like 1989 meditation cds, really not current, peaceful nor nice music. The overall app has way too many options a lot of paid locked content, and I feel not offering anything new that other better and nicer apps give for free.
Alexandra Benoist 2021-01-26

I\'m so happy they offer some brain waves retrainment exercises in the free version!!!!
Klaus Alaribe 2021-02-03

Its telling me to update meanwhile there is no Update. And it wont launch unless i update its none existing update.