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Description of Aware: Meditation & Mindfulness

With the life-changing skills of meditation & mindfulness, train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life. Meditation has been proven to help relieve stress & anxiety, sleep better, focus more easily, have a calm mind, be patient and increase self-esteem & happiness.

Aware makes meditation simpler and gradually teaches you skills to significantly improve your quality of life. All you have to do is download our free app and sit back, relax and breathe.

It has been rated as the best meditation app for beginners by TheDailyMeditation.com

How our app works:

The Aware app teaches you the basics of mindfulness & meditation with the 21-day Foundation Course, of which, the first 7 days are for free. Once you complete the Foundation Course, the world of Aware unlocks various meditation courses on stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, happiness, depression, focus, creativity and many more. Each course is accompanied with short sessions called Energizers crafted to calm you at the stressful times of the day. Once you complete a course, Aware provides you daily guides to help you practice the exercises learned in the respective course.

- Guided meditation sessions in Aware are crafted by experts with decades of experience.

- Aware helps you meditate for different topics like stress, focus and happiness.

- Calm yourself quickly from panic attacks with our Breathing tool designed to teach you breathing exercises.

- Add mindfulness to your day with our Single sessions on day-to-day activities and situations like Waking Up, Sleeping, Walking and more.

- We provide 24*7*365 personal support and assistance to help you meditate effectively.

What courses we offer:

Courses: 21-day curated programs to help you develop specific skills. We offer courses on-

- Stress

- Anxiety

- Sleep

- Depression

- Happiness

- Relationship

- Patience

- Focus

- Creativity

- Anger

- Self-Esteem

- Motivation

- Acceptance

- Pregnancy

- Pain Management

- Change

- Kindness

- Recovery

- Competition

- Concentration

and more.

Singles: One-off meditation sessions designed to bring mindfulness in your daily activities. We have singles on:

- Waking Up

- Sleeping

- Travelling

- Panic Attack

- Quit Smoking

- Waiting

- Cooking

- Walking

- Emotions

- Focus

- Fear

- Work Break

- Pain

- Sports

- Prenatal Meditation

- Interview

- Exam

and more.

We also have Masterclasses which are courses & singles that are created by reputed meditation teachers from across the globe and cover the following topics:

- Calm mind

- Relieve stress

- Improve relationships

- Build resilience

- Increase patience

- Enhance focus

- Sleep better

- Improve Productivity

Subscription Pricing:

Aware offers two auto-renewing subscription options:

$3.99 per month

$29.99 per year

*These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your Aware subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your Google Play account. You can cancel your subscription anytime from your Google Play account but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Aware also offers a Lifetime subscription which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment of $74.99 with unlimited access to Aware for lifetime.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.0.52 Publish Date:2021-07-19 Developer:zoojoo.be

User Reviews


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Adhitya Sharma 2017-09-14

This is the best app for meditation, I have tried a couple of other apps based on their ratings and some of them being EDITORS CHOICE. But nothing comes close to the kind of app \"Aware\" is. I have anxiety issues and so far this app seems to help a lot. From technical point view this app has a crisp and simple interface and doesn\'t consume much space. No lags, no hanging issues, no errors(so far) Thanks again for helping so many others like me via this app
Joseph Sepulveda 2017-08-02

After many attempts at keeping on track with a meditation app ive finally settled on this one. It has everything I was looking for. Meditation singles with varying categories and times. Quality courses starting with fundamentals and reaching out into other categories. The courses are cumulative and unlike the other apps I have used I feel I am finally really learning how to meditate. Ive been using it for 3 months and don\'t see me ever needing to move to another app. Thank you zoojoo.be this app is worth every penny!!!
Louise Massie 2017-09-21

When Headspace SUDDENLY FAILED on my Samsung Galaxy tab, I went looking for an alternative. Happily, I discovered AWARE. I appreciate the Voice and Mindy too. Yes, I LOVE THIS APP, and have much love and appreciation for it :) Thank You Dev! I believe the discipline of a Foundation Course will be instrumental in developing my personal mindfulness habit. Forever Grateful and humbled by the generosity of AWARE.
Reverend Opalgala wajiragnana 2017-06-09

Very good idea, good app, good interface. As a buddhist monk i\'m really happy and this program is more effective one for people. Breathing excercise is a one of buddhism meditations but most advanced. Please make tutorials pre-downloaded.
Ruth Stastny 2020-01-10

I have really enjoyed this app in the past, however as other users report, there are serious issues at the moment. Meditations freeze up a few minutes in, which is obviously very disruptive to the targeted state of mind! I have attempted all of the solutions posted to other reviews without success, and I do not receive any error message that could be shared with Support. Two stars because when it works it\'s great, but it\'s basically non-functional at this time.
JJ Garlitos 2019-06-12

Great app so far! Headspace and Calm have a lot of stuff and looks prettier but I can\'t justify the cost yet as I\'m still trying to get into it. Aware so far has been great with keeping me present and relaxed. So far there doesn\'t seem to be any push to pay for anything. Very happy with it and will continue to stay with Aware until I either get more serious or they start to lock content. Tho I will happily support them if my progression continues.
A Google user 2017-06-28

I\'ve tried other meditation apps, this one is very soothing. The speaker isn\'t irritating which is a plus. I deleted it though because you only get 1 week worth of meditation before it wanted $. I would have liked to use other features or a sample of some of the other topics before I paid. So I tossed it and found another one. But if you don\'t mind paying then this one is cool (based off the 1 free week).
Iveta Sviráková 2017-06-23

The app is not bad and the customer service is exceptional - I had a problem finding information about the contents of the free version (which is only in the description of the app in the Playstore, not on the website or in the app itself) and they contacted me personally providing a great help.
Ghislain Fontaine 2017-07-01

Best meditation app so far. I\'ve been using it for last 2 months. I was having anxiety and sleeping issues and this app helped me clear out my head. Had a few issues with the app but support quickly resolved them. I like the calm voice of the guide. So, I took a lifetime subscription since I will be needing it my whole life. Just to be sure my mind stays sharp! Great app!
Neil Morrison 2020-09-07

Used to really enjoy this app. In fact, it was the very best app at teaching meditation in a systematic way. But now it is essentially useless as it randomly freezes mid meditation which makes it difficult to sink into a meditation session because you are always wondering if this is an extended quiet section or if it has frozen. You are pulled out to check and then the only way to resume is to shut it down and restart the app. Terribly disappointing.