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Description of AWS Console

The AWS Console Mobile Application, provided by Amazon Web Services, lets customers view and manage a select set of resources to support incident response while on-the-go.

Customers can use the Console Mobile Application to monitor resources through a dedicated dashboard and view configuration details, metrics, and alarms for select AWS services. The Dashboard provides permitted users with an overview of the account status, with real-time data on Amazon CloudWatch, Personal Health Dashboard, and AWS Billing and Cost Management. Customers can view ongoing issues and follow through to the relevant CloudWatch alarm screen for a detailed view with graphs and configuration options. In addition, customers can check on the status of specific AWS services, view detailed resource screens, and perform select actions.

Upon sign-in with an Identity, the Console Mobile Application will store your credentials to easily switch between identities using device biometrics. The Console Mobile Application supports several authentication methods, including owner/root credentials, IAM user credentials, and AWS access keys and federated login via AWS Single Sign-On, Microsoft Active Directory and third-party identity providers. In addition, the Console mobile app supports IAM roles.

The Console Mobile Application supports AWS Billing and Cost Management, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Elastic Load Balancing, AWS OpsWorks, AWS Personal Health Dashboard, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Route 53, Amazon Simple Queue Service features, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

The Console Mobile Application is available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Canada (Central), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), EU (London), EU (Paris), EU (Stockholm), South America (Sao Paulo), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Middle East (Bahrain), Europe (Milan), and Africa (Cape Town).

We regularly release updates with new features. Tell us what features you need and how you would use them with the Feedback feature of the Console Mobile Application. We're listening!

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.4.8 Publish Date:2022-05-18 Developer:AWS Mobile LLC

User Reviews


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Abhimanyu Aryan 2019-01-20

plz remove terminate button from main screen. its just below stop instance button. someone will by mistake click it. what is wrong with you guys....this is basic UX
Justin Yancey 2017-07-31

The only reason I want this app is so that I can investigate the root cause of CloudWatch alarms on the go, wherever I am. However, there\'s no CloudWatch support! No dashboards and no logs! Only the alarms themselves, which is useless since I already have that info in the SMS.
Benjamin McAllen Covet 2019-01-25

looking forward for aws to android tutorial, really appreciate cron email encouraging me to learn their service, thank you AWS
Xavier 2017-06-11

This is a brilliant app for the functionality it provides however it is a tad limited given the number of services already existing but not included when the app was launched and when you add in all the new services released the app becomes quite dated. Adding just the ability to run Lambda functions would allow for users to extend this app with their own functionality.
Indranil Mandal 2018-01-17

Very limited services are visible in this app, that to services are not manageable from here. If you are outside and cannot open laptop, don\'t use this app, go for the browser based console from your mobile device. This kind of ridiculous release is not at all expected from AWS. Moreover, it is takes too much time to load even in very high speed network.
Michael Goodman 2019-12-02

Terrible app. Incredibly limited functionality, basically only useful for starting and stopping existing instances which were set up manually (forget cloudformation). Really no point at all. Better to just bookmark the website and toss that on your home screen.
UnbrandedTech 2018-11-21

I have no idea why or how this app has 4 stars. It looks like it was made in 2009 and hasn\'t been touched since. I know amazon views design like a child views veggies but this is ridiculous. Missing huge features making it almost unusable for anything more complicated then finding an IP address for an EC2 box. Come on Amazon! WORLD LEADER IN CLOUD SERVICES and this is your best foot forward? Disappointed.
Pranav Sharma 2019-10-25

Useless app. Only useful for basic monitoring, that too is a pain. Asks you to login every second day, doesn\'t offer any remember password, or login via fingerprint option. There is no detailed view for anything! Not even the billing! Developers, please take note!!
Cristian Costache 2018-01-11

not happy to have to login each time i open the app. no fingerprint login, not even lastpass which cannot autofill the login info...also app doesnt keep up with the features...too bad. would have been a geeat tool to manage your aws on the go but its not.
Denis Semenenko 2018-12-22

It\'s not possible to change IAM roles. Useless