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Description of AxleHire Drive: Drive for Pay

AxleHire Drive is made for drivers to ease their delivery process! This app makes it simple for AxleHire providers to access their manifests, take delivery photos, and obtain signatures.

*Make sure to apply through our website www.axlehire.com/driver first to start driving and earning!*

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.8.0 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:AxleHire

User Reviews


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James Hsiung 2020-07-13

Total garbage! Should never have been publicly released. Missing important features such as jumping to a stop (without having to finish one first), map view of all stops, dark mode, etc. Navigation passes incorrect addresses to Google Maps. And by basically forcing drivers to follow their planned routes without the ability to choose how to make the deliveries, this makes drivers more like employees instead of being independent contractors. Update: some improvements but still missing features.
Jonathan Myers 2020-05-16

Same ol, same ol. Don\'t know if it\'s the app or if other drivers have figured out how to use bots to score all of the assignments when they\'re released, but I haven\'t been able to book an assignment in months, despite repeatedly pressing the \"Book Now\" at the very second assignments are released. I\'ve complained many, many, many times to Axelhire staff, and nothing has changed, which leads me to believe they have their favorite drivers and that\'s it, that\'s all. Don\'t waste your time.
Count Down 2020-11-15

This business wants you to deliver 22 packages weighing 10-45 lbs. up stairs to apartment buildings for minimum wage no gas reimbursement, they will cancel your route prior to your pick up time, giving your job to someone else. This will happen up to the point of arriving to a location and they will not help you. They\'ll blame it on an app issue when all they have to do is reassign you. Google is failing the public by allowing this operation.
Gracielo Oglimen 2020-03-15

this apps is not fair i always denied any assignment whenever longer time waiting for bboking i always touch the button book any one assignment i cannot get, its not fair.
Caitlin Murray 2021-01-06

One step closer to a dystopia where packages are never delivered correctly and we are forced to tip everyone for doing their job. AxleHire wants to eliminate real delivery companies by giving unskilled people paltry wages to take packages and deliver them out of their own cars. The pay for drivers is terrible, so AxleHire tries to shake down the people receiving deliveries for tips for the drivers instead of paying proper salaries. It\'s a predatory business model and I hope it fails.
Luke Rogers 2020-08-24

Mapping system sucks wrong address no gate codes guard shacks wont let you in cause your not on list ect. Its turning into uber eats😭
Tim 2020-07-20

You shouldn\'t have me submit all my sensitive data & at the end tell me you\'re not hiring in my area. How about we figure that out at the beginning of the process?
Nelly Aguilar 2020-10-12

This is the reason why proposition 22 should not pass. Not even paying you the mileage minimum amount required by law.
Akomaning BOAFO ISAAC 2020-11-18

This app never opens. Loads of work needs to be done on it.
RJ P 2020-09-19

The supply of jobs doesn\'t meet the demand of drivers. 30 routes open, all are gone in 30 seconds. Never got a chance to use the app to find any issues. They need to stop recruiting new drivers if they can\'t support all the drivers they already have.