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Description of Axos Bank for Nationwide

Within the Axos Bank for Nationwide mobile banking app, you can check your available balances, view transaction history, transfer funds between accounts, pay your bills and view and activate your cash back offers.

Application features:

● Intuitive, flexible, and easy to use

● See your running balance

● Account access 24/7 in the palm of your hand with Axos Bank

● Quick and secure access to your banking online

● Manage your accounts and view insights

● Easy access to alerts and messages

● Fingerprint ID

● Agile customer support

● Quickly deposit checks using your mobile device

● Set custom alerts to stay up-to-date on your account

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More Information Of Axos Bank for Nationwide

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.3.14 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Axos Bank

User Reviews


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Christopher Bethel 2019-01-05

This app, like Axos Bank itself, is garbage. If you\'re a former Nationwide Bank customer, do yourself a favor and move your business to a real bank with local branches and ATMs that will actually allow you to deposit checks.
Michael M 2021-02-03

Jan 2021, another update, another release full of bugs. I have to wonder if they even test this before they deploy. They \"fixed\" the dashboard update issue by not allowing you to change the date.
Stephen Outram 2020-07-10

Be very cautious with opening an account with this bank. They participate in very shady business practices including those that may prevent you from receiving interest that had accumulated in your account. I accumulated almost $300 in interest during June, but because of a small technicality buried within their terms of agreement, I didn\'t receive any of it.
Katie Cardinal 2019-04-07

Not bad for a bank app. Pretty easy to use and understand. The nightly maintenance is still frustrating.
Stacey Morris 2019-03-11

This app & bank itself has multiple issues. 1st, a 5 day wait period for a check deposit is absurd. NW did NOT have that kind of wait period. 2nd, my direct deposit from the IRS was rejected, even though all the account information was correct. 3rd, I have been trying for 24 hours to make a mobile deposit, but everytime I take a pic of the check, it logs me out & i have to start the whole process over. I\'m expecting a very sizeable direct deposit in 90 days, & frankly I don\'t trust Axos anymore.
Jerry theSeventhchild 2020-06-23

They reeaaallly limit how much you can withdraw from savings. Looks to be about 15% of what i have in the account PER MONTH. If you\'re saving that money, you better hope you dont need it for an emergency because it\'ll either take a year to pull it all out or a bunch of fees to do a wire transfer. If you enjoy unnecessarily restricting your freedom, then Axos bank is for you.
Angela Pigman 2019-02-22

Stability seems better. Would be really great if the account nickname showed when selecting accounts to pay bills.
Ang Li 2019-06-24

Its a reasonable successor to the previous app. it fits my needs and is visually attractive.
Matthew Hamer 2020-10-10

I have to force stop the app every time I use it. Once I\'m logged off for inactivity, login via biometrics hangs at loading until I force stop and relaunch.
T. Watson 2019-06-29

Horrible banking. App is limited and no customers service person to talk with over phone. Not even chat.. You have to send a message about an issue to them and wait for a reply back. Adding money? Nope..What a joke..Missed my Citi CC payment b/c of this bank. Its Axos now and no longer Nationwide..That\'s the reason