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Description of Ayoba

Ayoba is an all-in-one app that offers free instant messaging, voice and video calling, games, music, news, entertainment news, and other content. What’s different about ayoba? You can chat or call anyone regardless of whether they have the ayoba app or not - they will get the message by SMS.

Our instant messaging platform is free to use - allowing you to securely send and receive text messages, voice messages, videos, images, audio, and other files with any of your contacts using your mobile internet connection (data).

Made in Africa for the world, ayoba celebrates the diversity of Africa by providing a world-class application available in more than 22 local languages!

Always keeping you in the know - ayoba allows you to subscribe for free to channels where you can read articles about everything from fashion, sports, music, education to current affairs. You can guarantee to keep yourself entertained with our fresh music playlists and our interactive games. In certain territories you can also use MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) to send and receive money in a safe and secure way - all while never leaving the ayoba app!

The success of ayoba has been recognised across the continent as ayoba is proud to be named Mobile App of the year 2020 in the Africa Digital Festival 2020. As an app that prides itself on digital innovation - it is an honour to be recognised as the mobile instant messaging app of choice for Africans. For more - you can read about the Africa Digital Awards here: https://africadigitalawards.com/

Instant free messaging: ayoba is free to use, but you will need data to use it.

Free data for MTN customers: Limited free data is offered every day in certain territories.

Text and voice messaging: Instant and free to all your contacts

Voice and video calling: chat to your contacts via voice or video all in the app.

Secure Messaging: End-to-end encryption means that messages in a conversation cannot be read by anyone else.

22 languages: Experience ayoba in English, isiXhosa, isiZulu, French, Arabic, Dari, Pashto, Hausa, Afrikaans, Igbo, Jula, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, Pidin [Cameroon], Pidgin [Nigeria], Portguese, Sesotho, Setswana, Swahili, Twi, and Yoruba.

Chat with everyone: Send messages with anyone in your contact list, whether they've installed ayoba or not. If they don’t have the ayoba app installed - they will receive the message via SMS.

Group Chat: The more the merrier! Set up group chats to easily communicate with friends and family in a single chat.

Sharing is Caring: Share videos, images, audio, and other files with your contacts.

Listen to Music: 200 trending songs per week in our playlists including afrobeat, gqom, amapiano, hiplife and other unique African music genres.

Play Games: 150 free games for your gaming pleasure such as AirBattle, Spore Hunter, Stupid Zombies and more for both adults and children.

Read the News: Browse our channels to find articles about all your favourite topics like sport, fashion, music, celebrities, education, current affairs and more.

MTN Momo: Make and receive payments via MTN Mobile Money in certain territories

Features list:

Status: Set your status for all your contacts to view.

Customised avatar and about you section

Text chat between ayoba and non ayoba users

P2P messaging and group texts

SMS continuity for non ayoba app users

Voice notes and multimedia sharing in chat

Video and voice calling

Sharing statuses (like stories on Instagram or WhatsApp)

Block unwanted users

Mute channels and users

Create your own groups

Browse channels listed by categories

Sharing inside of ayoba and in other apps

Music player for MusicTime playlists

Access to local and international music

Full screen mode

Adult and kids games

Money transfers on P2P chats only on enabled countries

Full records of transaction history

Report inappropriate content

Virtual assistance Aya(Onboarding helper)

Download ayoba and start chatting now

Help: support@ayoba.me

FB: Ayoba Instant Messaging

TW: ayoba_me

IN: ayoba_messaging

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More Information Of Ayoba

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:0.42.2 Publish Date:2021-12-02 Developer:Ayoba

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Theophilus Osei Aboagye 2020-10-30

I enjoy using this app, however I have one issue which if addressed would enhance my overall experience. This app fails to give me prompt notifications as well as a count badge where the number of messages I get will be displayed. This issue isn\'t limited to my mobile phone only as I tried the app on different devices and I kept getting the same experience. Kindky help reslove this issue...
Sbahle Vezi 2020-12-21

This app is really cool.Since it does more than send messages makes it more exceptionally impressive...it\'s a deal breaker that only networks like MTN get to send messages for free but over and all is really exceptional. I\'m not sure if it\'s because I\'m New so I may not Understand But I am South African and I love Nigerian music...it\'s like it only searches music from my country. But maybe it\'s because I\'m New I\'ll get used to it.
Ntando Maqanda 2021-01-07

This is the best App ever, I\'m seriously in love with it, and you don\'t just send messages with it, it also have some exciting features such as games and music, I just can\'t stop telling people about it, and the most fascinating thing about it, is that it is for free😍😍😍
Ansah Boakye Owusu 2020-10-26

It is a good app for a starter. But I think it does too much. I know the devs aim is for the app to be the one stop app for all your needs but it doesn\'t need to be one yet. Just try marketing it as a WhatsApp alternative with free data usage and try rolling out the others via beta updates. PS. If the gaming section can run multiplayer scores or something. It will create the edge the app needs
Landi Mabe 2021-02-09

I love this app has great potential however the very first thing the team needs to think about is the aesthetic appeal. It is not pleasing, maybe make it vibrant color like bright Yello or pink with a mix of vibrant colors, the logo man is also dull it doesn\'t do the app justice. This is a great app but design is very ugly man
Yasati Sunday 2020-12-10

This app is so nice i Really love it even when i don\'t have Data or airtime i use to send messages to my friends to tell them what I want to tell them and it deliver nicely, but the most annoy pat is if I don\'t have data when I add new contact before the contact will Appear in the App it use to take much time
david ssekimpi 2021-02-15

I have uninstalled the app and reintalled from google play store but still mrssages cant go and its more than a week,What is the issue? The data is on and OTT.
Xolani Mampofu 2021-01-28

I like the emojis. And everything else. Top tier. Only one thing. I can\'t download from the app and fullscreen doesn\'t work, I notified you guys once and you guys told me to talk to YouTube about it of which I didn\'t pick any sense to that cause when I\'m on every other app fullscreen works. But otherwise I still enjoy the app but please fix this problem. I want to enjoy my streaming with you guys. Please, I gave you guys five star regardless of my problem so please.
syologic ugcode 2021-01-24

I am so happy for the innovative ideas being put together to come up with the great ayoba app. At first it seemed unbeatable by any other app in anearby future but to my surprise, the ayoba app which was completely free and accessible without data connection stopped working if the data is off. What changes were made on this app ? It\'s a cool app but just like any other vital thing in life, intensive care is a key to it\'s success. More needs to be done on this app. Thank you 😊❤️
Xinane Zac Motsepe/Moikanyane 2020-12-25

So far so good. It lets me send super long text messages for free. I get 1GB every time I recharge. This is by far the best app ever. Only wish it was possible to send free messages to international numbers.