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Description of AziPay

Azizi Bank continues to redefine the way banking is done in Afghanistan. With strong technology driven solutions Bank is continuously bringing the new services which ride on the mantra of convenience and security. Azizi bank is proud to launch the first mobile based wallet solution in the country with brand name AZI-PAY. AZIPAY is AZIZI Bank's mobile wallet on your smartphone. It is a prepaid wallet which can be used to transfer money to other wallet users, load money from bank accounts, make merchant payments, Cash Out from ATMs, make your bank Account Inquiries, make bill payments and request money anytime, anywhere.

Features Available :

Add Money through Debit Card/Branch channel

View Your Bank Account Balance/Statement

ATM Cash Out

Send Money

Scan and Pay – Merchant Payments

Prepaid Mobile Recharge

Pay Your Bills

Requests Money

Open Account Request



You can sign up/register with (Mobile Number (mandatory), email ID (optional) & MPIN). Download and install the AZIPAY wallet on your smart phone.

To sign up, you need to do the following -

a) You will have to enter mobile number (mandatory)

b) You will have to enter OTP sent on Mobile and set MPIN. If OTP is not received by you, then use the 'Resend OTP' link to resend the OTP to your mobile number

c) You have to enter Your Name and Date of Birth and Email ID.

d) Then, you have to select security Question from the dropdown and type your answer as prompted & submit the request.

e) Upon successful registration, you will be registered for AZIPAY Mobile Wallet. A success message will be sent on your mobile.

You can even withdraw cash from ATM using your Azipay wallet. No card required for ATM withdrawal now. You can even send money to the mobile number of the beneficiary and he can withdraw that amount from the ATM.

Azi-Pay bring plethora of services on your Mobile Phone.

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More Information Of AziPay

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:0.0.15 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:AZIZI BANK

User Reviews


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Noori Nnoori 2020-12-04

I had signed up with previous old version, and had added money in my valet, now the new updates can\'t upgrade the old version, it means I should install it separately, thus I am currently out of country and can\'t verify my account by my phone number, besides support for old version is discontinued by Azizibank and there is no option for sign in as well. Can the app support team help me on the issue.
Mahsoom Sediqi 2020-12-17

I did add Money to my wallet but I couldn\'t recharge , I tried several times both in IOS and Android but again it failed as I saw the reviews others also faced this issue , I know lots of people using this app just to recharge their phones ... This update sucks ! Just solve the problem as soon as possible or I\'ll stop using Azipay it doesn\'t look safe anymore to me.
benyamin khidmat 2020-12-26

The app and the whole idea is cool and it is a great service for ur clients but the problem is that there r some issues in the app that ur technicians should try to fix it otherwise nobody gonna trust ur service, 1: u can add only azizi bank Master cards and not ATM cards, 2: ur top up service for mobiles sometimes doesn\'t even work but it cuts the money from account! 3: usage of Dari language in the app (u must hire a someone who can help u to translate english to Dari professionally) ...
Sajid Amiri 2020-10-20

Great! I love the new Azipay now. Updated from previous version now deserves 5 stars. The UI is smooth and beautiful. The transactions also do not fail now.
mustafa ahmadi 2020-10-19

The app has some issue and need to be fixed, in my case, while i was trying to recharge my account, the amount dedicated from my wallet, but my number didn\'t recharge.
Emmo Jan 2020-09-28

Impressive improvement but has some bugs hope to solve them soon 1- Session expires multiple time within a minute 2- Sometime shows your balance zero 3- Where to find our previous transaction record ? Is it possible to add them here? 4- Does it support to make transaction to other local banks or only Azizi Bank? 5- Is there any charges to withdraw through this app? If so please specify? 6- Is it possible to add current/previous reading record in electricity bills? 7- and many more....
Mobeenullah Habibi 2021-01-26

Very very poor app, it gives you a limit entry to check your balance, very slow working, not easy to recharge your phone.
AbdulSami Masih 2020-10-24

Go a head the new version of AZIPAY is most likely with the new features than the old one now I think its comprehensively work for customers I am really want to say thanks for developing of such a useful Application for your customers and also UI is friendly I really like it because I found out all the things that I needed for online banking system at the last part of my thoughts I wanna say again thanks to AZIZI BANK.
Sami Khan 2020-10-13

Woow impressive ! I loved it . The old version was not such smooth and fast but this one has interesting environment and more features have added to this updated version. So thankfully and hope more successes for Azizi Bank and their team . Best REGARDS ! Sami
Namedanam Rafeeq 2020-12-03

Needs improvement... The following issues must be fixed: 1. It\'s so difficult to set date of birth, and there is limited dates ( only from 2000 till 2020... 2. So complicated to use...