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Description of BaBe - Baca Berita

BaBe (Baca Berita)

BaBe, The Free Personalized News App with your chosen favorite news at “Untukmu” Channel, equipped with Push Notification so you don’t miss any news.

News also available in Video Format with many kind of in-app interaction (likes, comment, share, survey & opinion). User could customize the channel order based on their preference from many kind of news.

BaBe is the news app with Hoax Filter technology, make every news appeared is always trusted. BaBe was installed in more than 30 million users in all across Indonesia.


BaBe’s Top Features

“Untukmu” – at BaBe, news article can be selected and appeared according to what you like and suits your need, thanks to BaBe’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Give comments and discuss the news with millions of BaBe users.

Choose easily news categories you prefer in Category Tab

There are many categories in BaBe: National & Politics, Entertainment, Sport, Lifestyle, and more than 30 other categories.

Website: www.babe.co.id

E-mail: feedback@babe.co.id


Required Permissions:

* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (To save image into SD Card)

* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (To read cache from SD Card)

* GET_ACCOUNTS (To get user account for login if user wants to do social interaction)

* ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (To personalize the news feed based on location)

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More Information Of BaBe - Baca Berita

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:BaBe

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Jul Jul 2020-05-19

Bad and not recommended, lots of auto play video ads that can not be turned off, these make your gadget crashed and hank all the time.
seandy handriyanto 2020-08-16

Not recommend, this app can\'t be installed, annoying and resource of the news untrusted. If you have info how to uninstall please reply. I have Google and tried the steps but failure.
Jem Sur 2020-05-18

Babe News is a copy paste news portal. The app itself is annoyingly buggy. Content of news are populated by 90% low quality clickbait news that promotes racism and divisions amongst Indonesians. Not recommended at all. Better stick with the more reputable news source like Detik etc.
Hans Arema 2020-01-09

Annoying, one click crash, must reset the app to read another article. Crash too often
Delfian Pinontoan 2019-09-24

A lot of news but no filtering what is real or fake(hoax) news and a lot of ads. The old babe lite was much better considering ads content.
Caleb Reutener 2019-05-24

this app was installed after i factory reset my phone and EVERY TIME I UNINSTALL IT, IT REINSTALLS ITSELF when i power cycle the Phone.
Carizta Raisha 2020-10-10

There are lots of hate speech in this app. Verbal and sexual abuse are very common and easily spotted. If anyone knows how to uninstall this app please tell
stevan surya 2020-06-18

Hank everytime,.....make my phone have to restarted again and again,...worst app
Cahaya Baru 2020-12-15

Articles collected from various sources and user-generated texts & comments are not moderated, resulting in highly biased environment, zero neutrality, and very low civility. A lot of right-wing extremist content from their \"Opini\" tab doesn\'t get filtered/moderated. Their so-called \"Hoax Filter\" doesn\'t filter out clickbaits. What\'s even worse is that reported content is only hidden from users that report them, and not properly removed from the platform.
Cemungud S 2020-12-06

I never installed this apps and sadly its not able to uninstall. is it one package with vivo? if yes, so dissapointing vivo. so many news against government and this is not healthy for peace.