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Description of BaBe+ - Berita Indonesia

BaBe+ (Baca Berita)

BaBe+, The Free Personalized News App with your chosen favorite news at “Untukmu” Channel, equipped with Push Notification so you don’t miss any news.

News also available in Video Format with many kind of in-app interaction (likes, comment, share, survey & opinion). User could customize the channel order based on their preference from many kind of news.

BaBe+ is the news app with Hoax Filter technology, make every news appeared is always trusted. BaBe+ was installed in more than 30 million users in all across Indonesia.


BaBe+’s Top Features

“Untukmu” – at BaBe+, news article can be selected and appeared according to what you like and suits your need, thanks to BaBe+’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Give comments and discuss the news with millions of BaBe+ users.

Choose easily news categories you prefer in Category Tab

There are many categories in BaBe+: National & Politics, Entertainment, Sport, Lifestyle, and more than 30 other categories.

Website: www.babe.co.id

E-mail: feedback@babe.co.id

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More Information Of BaBe+ - Berita Indonesia

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:BaBe

User Reviews


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Oma Suparyanto 2018-12-26

I love reading and find Babe news of interest to me. I also like its variety of news as long as it is no hoax news.
iwan zet 2020-03-30

The news is okay, but the application it self need to enhanced, its keep tell me to re installing...🙃
J 2020-05-18

The news were OK and updated. The app crash and got hang very very often!
Samuel Auditama 2019-07-11

good for breaking/hot news, but other than that, its full of click bait nonsense
Ferdinandus Untoro Ardi 2018-01-18

Iklan Anda muncul di banyak aplikasi, termasuk aplikasi untuk segala usia termasuk anak. Persoalannya, teks yang Anda pakai untuk menarik minat pembaca via iklan2 itu sering tidak pantas dan seronok. Kesan pertama saya via iklan2 Anda adalah aplikasi Anda tidak mendidik dan sekelas koran lampu merah. Saya install hanya untuk tulis review ini, lalu uninstall. Thanks.
Muhd Barzani 2019-07-28

good, the news always updated.
Abdul Muthalib 2019-06-13

good for your information
Juwita Tadjudin 2018-11-14

Very entertaining. This app made my finger can\'t stop press one and another news, so on and so on :D
Upik Leawaty 2019-02-25

jadi press kok beritanya ga proporsional, terlalu condong ke penguasa.. unistall aja..
A Google user 2019-03-21

I love the news! Fast update and lots of interesting.