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Baby Led Kitchen – Baby Led Weaning Recipes (BLW) APK

Baby Led Kitchen – Baby Led Weaning Recipes (BLW)

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Description of Baby Led Kitchen – Baby Led Weaning Recipes (BLW)

Baby Led Kitchen offers high-quality, 'road-tested' recipes that are safe for babies aged 6 months and up to eat independently. Created by mum of three, foodie and Instagrammer @babyledkitchen, all the recipes are nutritionally balanced, easy for babies to eat by themselves, quick to cook and budget-friendly. No slaving away at a hot stove or hunting round supermarkets for hard to find ingredients! There is no upper age limit to any of our recipes, they can be enjoyed by the whole family. We do not hide premium content behind an in-app purchase - once you've purchased the app, all updates and recipes are free for life. Come and join our community.

• Over 225 high-quality and road-tested recipes (and growing) with beautiful imagery and clear instructions

• Swipe away ingredients and steps as you work through the recipe.

• Every recipe is designated a total time to help you easily pick a suitable recipe while juggling the little ones!

• Search recipes by type: breakfast, bakes, best for baby, family dishes, pudding and dips, spreads and sides; or by terms such as "CMPA", "vegan", "blueberry", etc.

• Dietary requirement and allergen filtering. I.e. show only gluten free or nut and dairy free, etc.

• Tips & Advice section with baby led weaning How-To's and advice for preparation

• 'Favourite' recipes in the app to save them for later

• Add ingredients to a shopping list so you don't forget them

• Beautiful, slick user experience and clear recipe presentation

• All measurements are provided in both metric and imperial, as well as translations of British terms for international markets

Is your baby around 6 months and ready to start weaning? Did you know you can skip purée and feed your baby ‘real food’ from the get-go?

Baby Led Weaning has so many benefits for your baby:

• Helps baby develop healthy attitudes towards food and a good understanding of when they are full.

• Introduces baby to a world of different flavours, helping them to become more accepting of new foods.

• Gives baby new sensory opportunities each mealtime. They get to explore the textures, tastes and smells of their food for themselves.

• Great for baby’s fine motor skills and dexterity.

• Helps baby to develop a sense of independence and autonomy.

• Helps to reduce stress from mealtimes - you eat your food and they eat theirs!

We hope you and your family enjoy our recipes. Happy cooking!

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User Reviews


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Karolina Anna Wilbik 2019-03-23

Very disappointed. Hundreds of recipes ist extreme exaggeration, there\'s 120 recipes and many of them repeating oneself under different categories. I do not believe that other positive comments are genuine. I would not recommend this app and I would definitely not buy it again. Is refund possible? Via Google play refund is not possible, I would like to ask for the refund.
Tay C 2020-06-12

Brilliant app, which I refer to at least once a day when planning meals for my 1 year old. Plus everything is so tasty, not like \"baby food\" so we can all eat the same things. I love the feature to tick off the ingredients list, really helpful when shopping and also when preparing meals on less than an hours sleep when you don\'t remember what you\'ve already put in 🤣. Even better since the update!
Gee 2019-02-13

very useful app for our blw journey! The only annoying thing is that every time i look at a recipe, and click the back button it reloads the page and takes me back to the top of the recipes list. Any chance you could make it so it loads back to the last position I was in before clicking on a recipe? it makes browsing a littlw annoying.
Charlene Mckenney 2018-11-27

Wonderful app! Both my toddler and I love so many recipes! In fact, we just got done demolishing some delicious mini salmon wellingtons. My only suggestion is a feature to make little notes about a recipe, (specifically to note some conversions to cups and tablespoons) so I don\'t need to look them up every time.
Stephanie Standing 2020-11-30

I am a bit of a disaster in the kitchen (hence why I was looking for help from your app), but (almost) every recipe that I have tried has been eaten by my little girl- hooray! I\'ve been introduced to new ingredients (tahini and gram flour). I really like that the recipes are uncomplicated and with minimal ingredients and washing up! I would heartily recommend!
A Google user 2019-02-17

not worth the price, no real tips or guidance on BLW just recipes you could easily noodle. wish I could get a refund
Rosie Lou 2020-12-08

Bargain price for the amount of recipes and ease of having them all in one place. (I was previously googling recipes and had them saved all over the place, but it\'s nice to have everything I need easily accessible and all together). Go on here and try something new whenever I feel in a rut. I tend to do more of the finger food type stuff, and usually end up eating most of it myself! I follow the Instagram account for extra tips or help when I need it, very friendly creator.
Kate Richards 2020-08-18

This is an amazing app! I do NOT cook but I use recipes from this app all the time - they are super easy and a lot of them take almost no time and require only a few ingredients but still taste amazing. Honestly, it has also helped me eat healthier as well since there\'s usually enough to feed me and my 2.5 year old without doubling the recipes. Totally worth it.
Aliye Mpoko 2019-06-11

Great app for ideas to keep my son exposed to healthy easy meals. At 18 months he started to stop eating certain foods and would only eat pasta, beans or anything covered in grated cheese! I was so fed up trying to Google healthy recipes for him so thought I\'d try this app. I only purchased this app for him at 18months but I wish I got it sooner. The snacks are great too especially for travelling. There are so many recipes that have become family favourites. Thank you!
Carla Batty 2020-06-04

I love BLK! I follow them on Instagram and I\'m always following the recipes. Lately I\'ve been struggling with what to cook my 15 month old son. So I\'ve decided to download the app and it\'s superb! Love the simple ideas and most of the foods is what I have in the cupboards and pantry. The app navigation is easy to use and you can save your favourites to get to the recipe quickly. Would recommend!!