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Description of Baby Phone Game - Cute Animals

A classic baby phone game for kids, with colorful graphics and cute animals! One of the best free apps for babies or toddlers who love to play with their parents' mobile phones.

No advertisements are shown while playing! :)

Does your child want to play with your cellphone all the time? Then you use this app to turn your phone or tablet into a colorful baby phone, with cute graphics, high-quality music and lots of great animal sounds.

This game features both a classic keypad with numbers and an animal keypad with hilarious animal sounds. When your child dials a number, an animal chosen at random will answer the phone. Your child can touch the animal to hear the sounds and watch it move around.

Your kid can also change the design of the mobile phone to pick their favorite 'skin'! Keeps children visually stimulated and engaged.

Want to call a particular animal to hear their particular sounds? Just press a single number and use the speed-dial!

Fun features in the game:

- 2 keypads

- 6 colorful phone designs

- 2 high-quality nursery rhymes as background music

- 12 cute animated animals to dial and interact with

- Lots of great sound effects

- Learn the numbers 0-9

Does your kid love it? Or do they hate it? Please write a short comment about our babyphone game and let us know!

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This app:

- Does not contain third-party ads

- Does contain a link to our Facebook page

- Does contain promotion for our other apps

- Does use anonymous data collection tools

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lable: Educational - Games Current Version:28.0 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:App Family Kids - Games for boys and girls

User Reviews


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Marina Martinez 2020-01-25

I like this app my daughter is 8 months and is always wanting my phone and getting into stuff I don\'t want her to get into and when I put the app on for her she loves it!!! The sounds and how it rings it\'s awesome
Amanda Cope 2016-01-06

Great diversion tool! My 2 year old thinks that he should use the phone just because his dad and I do, but always managed to call some crazy number or send off the wall texts when he got ahold of my phone, resulting in having to discipline him, ultimately ending up with him in a temper tantrum. I installed this, and with the double back button to exit feature, I don\'t have to worry about who he\'s calling because he can\'t (or has yet to, rather) exit the app on his own! GREAT DIVERSION!
Carrie Richards-Watkins 2020-03-24

Temporary review as just want to ask a question. Downloaded this for my toddler, but aside from pressing buttons, ringing and showing animals, what does it do? Only asking as can see different language options but failing to see what you would need languages for? Can somebody let me know please?Thanks
Lisa Oughton 2020-05-31

Fab! My daughter is 19 months old and finds a lot of apps hard to use. This is something she knows will respond if she touches the buttons, and she\'s learnt animal names, too.
Mel J 2017-01-10

Wish there were no ads 18 month old loves it. I haven\'t upgraded it because the new upgrade had ads. No baby games souls have ads that they can accidentally hit!
Mrs. Bowman 2016-09-22

19 month old loves it. She likes the colours, and pressing the buttons to hear the noises. I tell her what the numbers are. She knows most of the animals anyway. Good to entertain her for a while if nothing else. Thank you 😊
Deidre Lopez 2016-01-09

My 18 month old loves it. It keeps him busy and he is always imitating the sounds that the different animals make!
S H 2017-06-23

Easy to use, pretty repetitive given the simplicity, but my infant and even my toddler seem to enjoy it. Anyway to get a few minutes peace 😁.
Jennifer Larkin 2020-02-10

Minimal ads, very simple do you understand. Two-year-old loves it
Cheryl Poole 2016-09-08

1 1/2 year old loves it! No ads, lock screen=Great for Mom. Learning animals, sounds, numbers, motor skills=great for the babes.