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Description of Baby Shark Kids Songs&Stories

Baby Shark is now the No. 1 most-viewed video on YouTube!

Baby Shark Best Kids Songs & Stories is a safe, educational app for all kids who love singing & dancing.

Watch over 1,000 videos featuring Pinkfong, Baby Shark, nursery rhymes, cars, ABCs, numbers, shapes, dinosaurs, princesses, and more, without internet connection.

Choose your favorite song collection & watch them non-stop, up to 100 minutes.


1. Watch over 1,000 songs & stories offline!

- Choose your favorite topic & video collection to show your kids.

- Watch high quality videos non-stop. Also available without wi-fi after downloading.

- Listen to familiar nursery rhyme songs in English, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese!

2. Learn ABCs, Numbers and Words in a fun way!

- Learn English, ABCs, numbers and the timestable with fun, catchy songs.

- The beautiful graphics and adorable characters will easily draw children's attention & boost children's creativity.

3. Safe & easy to use

- Includes kid-friendly interface with screen-lock mode.

- There are no ads.

- Easy to maneuver without parents' help.

Let your children enjoy 'Baby Shark Best Kids Songs & Stories' when you're busy, during car trips, or at home!


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More Information Of Baby Shark Kids Songs&Stories

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:126 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:The Pinkfong Company

User Reviews


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Delaney Richard 2020-08-03

My daughter Absolutely loved this app. It was her favourite so I spent A LOT of money downloading these songs for her. Fast forward 6 months and the app refuses to open as soon as i go to play a song the whole thing shuts down. I even factory reset her tablet and reinstalled the app just bc of this one issue and it still wont work. Plus ive forgotten her login info and can\'t get all the songs back she had. Whatever I would have bought a couple more for her but the stupid app still wont work.
Jennifer Craycraft 2018-11-30

Open with popups to buy more, then when you close those, it goes to the store to buy more. Then you have to navigate to another screen to actually get to your purchased music. Not great for young kids to navigate to play songs. Also anytime we have switched devices we cannot restore purchases and lose all of the money we spent buying songs. Some of the songs are also extremely annoying. Poor app. Poor songs. Easy to lose money on app purchases that won\'t work.
Nicole Clemons 2020-06-27

This is an awesome site. I have watched my child\'s speech develop more and more everyday. Singing songs and learning. I LOVE IT!
Kaylee Wagner 2020-12-25

This app sucks its just another app store that wants to take your money an make you download more apps it sucks an it does play offline but if you want the free apps you have to log in every day if you dnt wanna pay for it im uninstalling
Tresseme Ohlala 2020-11-08

A huge thank you to pingfong! I absolutely love the fact that the package I brought for my daughter months ago was able to be recovered. After I reset my daughter tab, I didn\'t have to repay for the package. I am happy to know that the developers of this app made using it very convenient. She absolutely loves the songs and the songs helps improve her speech.
Alexis Hove 2021-01-07

This app is great for your baby brother or sister
Pia Marie Asuncion 2020-07-28

Very awesome app for kids! More free videos to come! 👍👍👍
Qwame Asendua 2019-11-21

Very good and it helps kids to learn
Amanda Necaise 2020-02-27

The app said it come with games and what not. There are no games. I have to download more. It should also come with more free songs also everything costs money now a days. Its for freaking babies. The damn songs should be free.
Tyler ferring 2019-02-17

you actually have to buy songs and I just think that\'s dumb so they should be for free for the kids to listen to songs by my little sister to play with the songs to listen to the songs so all the other kids can\'t listen to songs I have to go up and ask their parents to buy them like $6 $14 $5 it\'s just dumb that\'s what I think.!