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Baby Shark RUN



- 10000000+ Installs -

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Description of Baby Shark RUN

Over 3.5 billion views combined on Youtube!

Now starring in an exciting new game!

Doo doo doo doo doo doo! Baby Shark is here!

Full of curiosity, Baby Shark loves to explore the ocean. Tap the screen to help him swim clear of obstacles!

How to Play

- Tap on Baby Shark to help him swim around the ocean and gobble up Star Bubbles, but beware of obstacles!


- Simple controls!

- Addictive music!

- Compete against players around the world!


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- This game is free to play.

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*** Produced by Pinkfong, the official creator of global hit Baby Shark behind #BabySharkChallenge

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:32 Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:Smart Study Games

User Reviews


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All time Belair 2019-10-22

OMG so perfect. I play this game with my one year old and she loves it too much. So creative and organized I\'d rate it 10 stars!!!!
Melina Davies 2019-07-15

, my daughter loves baby shark YouTube everything this game rocks and I think you guys did a terrific job on it and I think you guys should continue I think this is every kid\'s game for baby shower and even the song is the actual song a baby sharks and get your kid just enjoying it having lots of fun thank you for giving me the opportunity to give you a review thank you so much
A Google user 2019-01-11

Not going to lie, I play this game more than my nephew (even though I got it for him) and I\'m in my mid twenties. Arcade style fun for ALL ages! 😍
Ace Dracule 2019-04-22

Why is this even a tjing its just another rip of flappy bird and the obseenly annoying kids song that to be perfectly honest has no learning ability within the song itself other then the pure ability to cause head aches this should be removed
MEME SUSHI CAT 2019-04-12

I like this game because it\'s like really fun to do because it\'s like really fun for the baby shark called love the Baby Shark Song so much game I love them so much thank you for who made this game it\'s really good game is for exercise for the baby shark.🦈🦈🦈
Krista Buffalo Calf 2019-03-19

It\'s fun but my son still needs to learn.he is 3 but he will learn because he knows how to operate youtube
Sarah Jo 2019-03-05

much too hard, I as an adult cant even play it. its frustrating. annoys my kids that the song starts playing but you crash miraculously into walls and have to start over. the click to raise the shark is so inconsistent. no choice but to uninstall. so glad I didnt pay for this game.
Shanae Marie 2019-03-26

ok i just woke up to see this installed in my phone. and it was daughter. she is three. i could not uninstall cause i am addicted to it as of today. my best score is 18. i am speaking as an 26 year old mom to an 3 and six year old. lock your phone if you do not want free downloads on your phone. good game pinkfong.
MLP Kawaii World 2019-06-19

I love this game,this is my first time playing its game,but I may need some practice on this game but that okay ill get better at this game I\'m Lerin.B\'s fun time toy friends I love Pinkfong and Hogi\'s dance serise,and I hope The new Pinkfong serise Pinkfong Wonderstar comes on sooner love you Pinkfong,Hogi and Jenni
Jamie Bloomer 2019-12-20

Just a tapping game. You cant get other characters unless you download all other games. And if you uninstalled any of other games you loose those characters! Disappointed!