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Description of Baby Touch Sound

Baby Touch Sounds is an educational game for kids to learn to identify different animal sounds, musical instruments and means of transport in a fun way and develop listening and attention skills.


The app consists of different game modes for babies and children to enhance their curiosity and auditory learning.

Animals: Join each onomatopoeia with its corresponding animal. Owl, cow, rabbit, chicken, whale, elephant, cat ... dozens of sounds to learn the different types of animals.

Musical Instruments: Children will be able to identify sounds from wind, string and percussion musical instruments like guitar, piano, drums or flute, among others. They will be able to identify all existing instruments in an orchestra and learn their melodies.

Means of transport: Helps babies and toddlers to recognize common sounds that can be found in everyday life like sirens, trains, cars, or planes.

Sound Puzzles: Different images with a corresponding sound, turned into puzzles to solve.

Guess the right picture: The game shows a sound and multiple animals, instruments and means of transport. The child must select the image that corresponds to the sound that was played.

Baby Touch Sounds is an educational game that helps kids to develop verbal skills and to stimulate their hearing abilities in a fun and safe way. Hearing different sounds allows children and babies to establish connections with objects and enhance their memory.

It is a simple and easy to handle game. Babies do not need help from an adult to play !

Nice graphics and designs for kids.

Thank you very much for learning with US. We love creating educational and fun games for you. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send us feedback or leave a comment.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Kids Learning Applications

User Reviews


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Mahnoor Nadeem 2020-06-19

Amazing and easy to use app . Also very interesting for babies.👍👍
Mahnoor Imran 2020-06-20

Very informative for my kids ..they just love it and your app is user friendly ❤
Kitchen Cuisine 2020-06-19

Highly recommended for childs to push and increase their learning capabilities
saima rasheed 2020-06-20

My daughter really like playing this app. It\'s really good how children learn using these kind of apps.💓💓
Muneeba Shamas 2020-06-19

A very helpful app for children to learn sounds 👌🏻
maham sohail 2020-06-19

Its a wonderful sound learning app for kids. Looks more attractive on my tab. You should also add sound that pronounce the name other than a toast. So that kids may learn the name of the respective animal or other things along with their sounds. I really like it already.
Itrat Hameem 2020-06-19

Very nice app. Ayiman loves it
mughees ahmed 2020-06-19

Great application. 👍🏻
naila suleman 2020-06-19

Rimsha Khan 2020-06-19

Wow loved this app. Found it really interesting.. Gonna suggest it to all my nephews and nieces