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BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera



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Description of BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera

With BabyCam you can watch your baby using two phones or tablets : one will be used to record the baby and the other one will be used by the parents to see the baby.

For BabyCam to work, it is necessary that the devices are connected on the same WiFi network or via WiFi Direct. The parent's device will connect to the baby's device easily and automatically.

With BabyCam it will not be necessary to register, introduce codes to match the devices or similar, as it happens in other similar applications. Just by pressing a button on each device, they will connect.

BabyCam is totally free. Includes a Premium version to eliminate advertising forever ($ 1.99)

With BabyCam you can also:

- Use BabyCam without an Internet connection through WiFi Direct 😃

- Watch your baby from your TV through Chromecast 📺

- Watch your baby from the web browser of your PC, iPhone or iPad 🌐

- Listen to your baby 👫🔊👶

- Talk to your baby 👫🎤👶

- Play lullabies 🎶💤

- Activate or deactivate the camera flash, to see your baby with low light 💡⚡

- Switch between the front and back camera 🔄📷

- Zoom 🔍

- Adjust the volume of the microphones 🎤

- Activate the night mode to not hurt your eyes 🌙👀

- Parents can see the battery level of the baby device 🔋

- Take pictures and videos of the baby 👶📷🎥

- Connect more than one device simultaneously to the baby's camera. Mom and Dad will be able to see their baby at the same time on their devices 👩 + 👨 ➡️ 👶

And all this for FREE!

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More Information Of BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera

lable: Parenting - Apps Current Version:2.09 Publish Date:2021-08-27 Developer:Arjona Software

User Reviews


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Tuomas Westerlund 2020-11-21

Useful, but giving it 1 stars due to sketchy security. On default setting, it uploads the stream online without a password. anyone with a little knowhow can get access to what goes around in your house. In your bedroom. With live feed + sound. Type the IP address shown on the baby cam to an internet browser to see for yourself. Not cool, when this could be done as a secure connection with two paired devices, without the internet in between
Andi Kemberling 2015-08-21

Love it, if alerts worked The concept is great, love the simplicity, and I can use it perfectly if I leave the sound on, but the alerts do not work for me. It only alerts me to crying if I turn the baby camera off. This makes no sense to me. I will be trying something else!
Ridge Kids 2016-09-12

Keeps Crashing It seemed to work fine when I use it for an hour or so, but 2 nights in a row it crashed in the middle of the night and I couldn\'t hear my baby cry. I even tried turning off the setting where my phone turns off after inactivity but it didn\'t help. Apps OK if you use it for nap time only or only for a small amount of time.
James G. 2016-09-15

Fix it now This is the only baby monitor app that works for my phone it was working for the longest and it worked yesterday wake up today and it dont work uninstalling till this is fixed
Jason Strudwick 2015-04-15

Brilliant Thank you so much for making this app and for free too. It\'s been really helpful looking after our baby. Easy to set up and use and with no bugs or faults so far. I understand the need for ads as it\'s a good source of revenue so no problems from me there. We appreciate it. Thank you.
Louie Manangan 2017-05-17

Great app! Works for me. No time limit. However, maybe there\'s something wrong with it because the video seems laggy and the sound is choppy. I have 1mbps internet and my phones are connected to via router. So perhaps you should update the app to fix lag issues. Still, great app!
Meghan Mason 2020-07-07

Works great for my use. Pros: uses wifi so reaches further than some other camera options, sound and video are clear, free, very few ads. Cons: interface is a little clunky (but ok once you get the hang of it), night vision is nil, there is a 3 second delay on audio, video is a bit choppy. Sometimes loses connection for no apparent reason, so I always have to listen for the white noise machine make sure it\'s still on. For the price (free), this is the best option I\'ve found so far.
Christina W 2019-08-06

Bought premium,still breaks. The screen goes black for no reason. I\'m about to find another app.I had it updated,thought the update is what was messing with it,nope. Screen freezes,son fell out of his crib while using this. It randomly turns off when running in background even with the app approved to run in the background. Audio seems to turn off randomly.
Timberland 2019-06-11

By far the best baby monitor app I could find. So many features. The picture and sound is crystal clear. To people who complain about ads, just pay to remove them. I paid to remove the ads on all my devices because this app is by far better than other monitor apps I\'ve paid over $8 for and deleted because they were rubbish. Huge thank you to the developer!. *Removed my comment about recording not working. I found the recordings on my other phone (the phone used as camera), 5stars!!!
William Albright 2020-11-20

This app works awesome! Great for security surveillance. Great features like being able to zoom in/out, turn flash on/off, record and take pictures and audio. This is one of the only apps that allows wifi direct without internet or going through a router. No annoying advertising either. Great job!!!