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Description of Backblaze

Backblaze Mobile for Android is a free app to view, download, and share any files that you have backed up to your Backblaze Online Backup account. Access files from all your backed up computers even if they are offline or turned off.


Access all files backed up to Backblaze

Search for specific files and download them to your Android device

Share files via text, email, etc.

Backblaze Mobile is a companion app for Backblaze Online Backup, an award-winning automatic online backup service that backs up unlimited data. Try Backblaze Online Backup free on your Mac or PC by visiting www.Backblaze.com

Backblaze Online Backup:

* Over 100,000,000 GB of data backed

* Customers in 175 countries

* #1 online backup service by About.com

* Best Cloud Storage & Back Up Solution by SIIA

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:5.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Backblaze, Inc

User Reviews


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Weston Clark 2014-11-19

Glad they have the app - which it was more helpful I think the number 1 thing people use back up cloud stuff for is photos. I bet the number 1 reason to have an app is so you can access those backed up photos anywhere. I bet the number 1 reason no one can use this app for photos is because how could you possible find a photo that has no thumbnail - just a name. DSC10042.jpg doesn\'t help me. I need some better indicator as to what the file is. Thumbnails would be great!
Angeline JoVan 2015-04-17

Only works on desktop computers BIG WISH #1 - Wish I could backup my phone and ipad pictures as I pay for a lot of storage, but can\'t utilize it all. However it works great to backup my iMac. BIG WISH #2 - thumbnails so you can see what images you are downloading! Unless you individually name each photo, there is no way to find it... guessing is not pretty
Richard Dale 2019-05-29

i love Backblaze and often recommend it but this companion App is poor. I found it to be very slow to display my files and even slower to download which you have to do in order to view any file. Even tiny text files were taking ages. Would be totally unusable for some of my larger files. Would be quicker to just go home and use my PC. Even if i was overseas i think it woukd still be quicker to go home than use this App. this app doesnt work on the OnePlus 7 Pro with all latest updates.
Jeffrey Dubinsky 2019-05-06

How can a company make such a wonderful product like backblaze and have a non-functioning app? 2fa works, sign in works but that\'s all. No buckets, not file lists, nothing except a screen that says \"no results\". I\'m truly disturbed, astonished and actually a little concerned. If they put this kind of effort into the android app, it makes me question whether my data is really \'safe\'.
Jesse Charles 2014-10-23

Great app, allows access to backed up pc files This app works well as a mobile counterpart with the purpose of monitoring the backblaze pc app. It lets me monitor my backup progress and allows me to access the files in the cloud from my phone, which is huge...like having a near realtime shadow copy of my home files. This app is not designed to back up your phone, so it is not fair to pick on the upload limit. I do second the request for thumbnail images when navigating my files, but I am satisfied with this app with the low price of backblaze.
Idan Sasson 2020-04-18

All in all, I\'m disappointed with Backblaze. Granted, sadly there are no other providers that offer unlimited backup at a reasonable price. But the user interface is awkward and unprofessional (web, desktop or mobile), as if it was made in the 90\'s at best. The mobile app simply doesn\'t work - crashes when trying to access any file and slow as hell when browsing. The customer support is fine though not great and usually gives unsatisfying responses. Anxiously waiting for a better alternative.
jabax jabax 2015-11-23

Please allow for larger downloads... 30mb restriction is absurd. Also please add thumbnail view for easier browsing. When I asked for a restore for a single file over 30 mb, I got a notice I will receive a mail when it\'s ready to download, got it over 24h later. And support told me this week they have no ETA for any updates.not worth the money. I\'m changing services.
Aamir Bilal 2019-01-19

It just got better with fingerprint login and the ability to download larger files. Good companion.
Peter van Eerde 2019-11-16

The concept is great and other companies have implemented it well but it is ungodly slow here, even navigating the file structure of your backup up files takes many minutes to load each level. It\'s actually pretty embarrassing how poorly this app is put together the concept is incredibly simple
Taxi & Takeoff 2020-05-06

Wholly disappointed with this app. 2 stars because it works. Not much more info than the buckets and files contained. Was hoping for at least some of the info that you can get from the website. Cmon backblaze, please update this app!