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Description of Backgammon Short Arena

Grab the dice and play legend Backgammon Short from Minigames Mail.Ru on mobile with 4 000 000 other players! Start the game right now!

Backgammon Short Arena is a PvP mobile game.

Backgammon short is an old board game recognized all over the world. In other languages it’s also called tavla (arabic, greek, turkish), tric trac (french), narde (russian), shesh besh (hebrew), puff (german), takteh (iranian) and gamago (brazil).

Key features:

● Best free online backgammon

● Thousands of players online all the time!

● Lots of bonuses: you get free chips and gold coins playing every day

● 100% honest and absolutely random dice roll

● Common player space with Backgammon Short on Minigames Mail.Ru, OK.Ru and My World. More than 4 000 000 players!

● Millions of chips are in store for you in the built-in game Hi-Lo daily!

● PvP (Person vs Person) game - play with the real people!

● Game chat with emoji! Chat with your opponent during the game!

● Amusing stickers - send them and get from others!

● Log in with a social network account (VKontakte, OK) or email (Mail.Ru)

● Achievements with awards!

● Game stats (number of games, % of wins etc.)

● Game Top - players rating + Game Leagues!

● Support - simple form for feedback or help requests

● Regular upgrades and improvements!

Full Backgammon Short rules are available on your mobile device inside the game: install and open it, than go to ‘Settings’ - ‘Help’ - ‘Rules’. Or you can read them on Minigames Mail.Ru website: hhttps://minigames.mail.ru/info/nardy_korotkie_pravila

Here you can download free official version of Backgammon Short Arena for Android devices - tablets and smartphones.

If you want to play Backgammon Short on your notebook or desktop computer, here is the link to our web version of short backgammon: https://minigames.mail.ru/nardy_korotkie

In the desktop version an interactive tutorial is also available.

Join us in social networks!

Minigames on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/minigames.info

Minigames on VKontakte https://vk.com/public23685712

Minigames on My World https://my.mail.ru/community/minigames.mail.ru

Minigames on OK.Ru http://ok.ru/minigames

If you like the game, please leave a review!

We respect our gamers opinion and improve the game сonstantly.

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More Information Of Backgammon Short Arena

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.3.665 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:Mail.Ru Group

User Reviews


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Alexey Balushkin 2018-07-23

Управление заставляет злиться и страдать с первых секунд игры... Отмена хода появляется и исчезает в самые \"подходящие\" моменты. Во время дублей вообще начинается вакханалия какая-то...
Андрей Комаров 2017-01-13

Класс! Давно играю в нарды на мейле, нравятся очень. Пробовал разные варианты, и длинные нарды, и короткие нарды, у всех есть свои недостатки. То правила не соблюдается, то вылеттает постоянно . А эти нарды идеальные, качайте
Melissa Roberson 2019-05-14

best I\'ve found for playing online... well at least the first ten games left me hopeful and then my opponents started getting doubles 3-4 and even 5 times in a row while I rolled ace deuce 5 + times in a row. wow. already uninstalled. anybody find a fair dice backgammon game?
Nikita Kornukov 2017-01-16

Отлично Хорошее приложение, раньше играл в метро только в длинные нарды, теперь в короткие тоже, привычный интерфейс и приятная музыка.
Дмитрий Кротов 2017-01-12

Отличные нарды Твердая пятерка! Качественно сделанные нарды. Вспомнил детство и армию))
A Google user 2017-01-22

A Google user 2018-07-18

Patrick O\'Brien 2020-04-19

Horrible app.
Andrey Lappo 2017-12-09

ads, in-app purchases, местоположение и другие подозрительные разрешения - бизнес по-русски?