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Description of Badminton League

The most competitive badminton games ever! Take on your friends in 1 vs 1 mode, or win the Badminton League trophy🏆 in Tournament Mode!

Customizing your character with tons of items. And level up your ability to do stronger smash and jump!🥇

Now grab your racket to smash, hit the shuttlecock, do a crazy smash to your opponent like badminton star!🎉


🏸 Multiple game modes available, play with sports fans in local

🏸 Create your very own character, and level - up

🏸 Easy to control, challenging to win

🏸 Simple and elegant UI design

🏸 Cool stunts and realistic hitting shuttlecock experience

🏸 Numerous gorgeous badminton outfits

Be the top badminton player, smash now!💥

💓Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Badminton-League-203729826806154/

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More Information Of Badminton League

lable: Sports - Games Current Version:5.25.5052.2 Publish Date:2021-12-30 Developer:RedFish Games

User Reviews


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Bharath Viswanath 2020-10-06

Game is really good. But it can be taken to the next level. Some things I would really love in the game are - 1. Multiplayer mode, 2. Net shots can be better. It shows \' Perfect \' and still hits the net, 3. Not able to defend the smash but the AI defends the smash, 4. Endurance sometimes doesn\'t work as it claims. 5. Body language can also be improved in each shot. Apart from these, the game is well made.
Ardhi Utama 2020-10-12

This is probably one of the best Badminton game on the market. BUT, there\'s a huge issues that i need to address... FIRST OF, the \"Frozen Time\" special ability in the game is probably the most annoying part of it. Not only that this ability makes the game much more unrealistic (even though it\'s just a \"mini game\"), but also it makes the game to become imbalance. SECOND OF, when the player beginning to run out of stamina, then suddenly i couldn\'t even smash the ball while midair. FIX THIS PLEASE
Nicel Galdones 2020-12-07

The game is fun and seems realistic like how the real badminton game is. The design and controls is simple and nice. They used colors that us bright to the eyes and the controls is predictable and not hard to control by the users. I think they need to improve on the speed on the player because it is too slow for them to defend the attack of the opponent and especially when you going down after hitting a smash.
Bipin Nair 2020-11-26

Enjoyed playing this game for some time. However after a point its not challenging enough and the increased levels or winning tournaments is not a motivator as the opponents skills are uniform. In addition of late have noticed the game fails to launch with an error message that \'your network is not stable\' while I am able to launch other bigger apps seamlessly. Hence uninstalling it now. At best a game which you can enjoy for a week or two.
Shreyash Chede 2020-12-20

Good game but need to fix few bugs 1. If your ever losing a game or lost one, before clicking the close buttom for the ad that appears just minimise the game and close it. 2. Vision for the shuttle - the shuttle goes out of vision when the CPU player/BOT takes a far shot which makes it hard to smash 3. Game should have online 1v1 and not just for players connected to same wifi or hotspot.
Xavier Veron 2021-01-05

I really love this game so much but i won\'t give it a full stars because of the unplayble offline mode, this game don\'t even match with real people you just keep fighting with computer but with much harder according to your rank levels. I really like the old version despite you can play without internet connection. I hope you guys could do some more improvement and atleast if you want to do with internet connection, you could make us fight with real people and it will be great!
Team Morgz 2020-12-22

Absolutely amazing game, no doubt the best badminton game there is for mobile, there are a lot of bad reviews saying that the game thinks there\'s no internet when really there is no problem, I believe it\'s just the type of phone not supporting the app properly and you CAN defend smashes, my tip is once you see the opponent jump, immediately try and hit the long shot button, it does get easier with practice. But also PLEASE add a multiplayer mode that\'s better than having to be on the same Wi-Fi
Dan Koon 2021-01-06

This game is really fun and it sucks that I have to uninstall it. The loading times are off the charts, sometimes nothing loads at all, it says that I am already linked to an account but I have only had this game once, but the gameplay is really good. However, I have to uninstall because of the terrible load times and sometimes my account or chests not loading at all.
Mãstèr Srî Kávîprìyåñ 2021-02-01

More bugs are present. My (the user) endurance reduces faster than that of the opponent\'s even when I have higher endurance power. But the game is kinda cool becoz of it\'s *Perfect*, *Precision*, *Bad* categorised shots. And why does this game require an internet connection ? Back in the previous versions, the same game was played without any net connection. Thank You.
Sam High 2020-10-19

Guest login gives you a random name, can\'t change the name even though I have google games installed, no achievement or progress there. I don\'t use facebook there is no other option. The difficulty is not there at all, The AI is completely predictable after few levels. I reached ACE in a day, still no challenge. Apart from all this, I enjoy playing this game.