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Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic

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Description of Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic

Keep control of your personal finances and enjoy an innovative experience with Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic, the best Digital Banking 2019 app in Central America according to World Finance.

Thanks to our new design you can check balances, transfer money to accounts in other banks, pay for your services and make recharges from your mobile device.


Balance inquiry:

[+] Check the balance of all your bank accounts, credit cards, savings goals, loans, pension funds and investments on one screen.

[+] Quickly access the details of your products.

Bank accounts:

[+] Consult the details and movements of your accounts.

[+] Share your account number with others easily from the "I want" menu.

[+] Use the "I want" menu for quick options.

[+] View recent debit card purchases associated with your bank account.

[+] Check the transactions that have been held.

Credit Cards:


[+] Recent transactions, and the transactions of the month (statement of the last period) on the same screen.

[+] Payment dates.

[+] Minimum payment amount and cash.

[+] Recent purchases.

[+] Available balance for ATM withdrawals.


[+] See your card's loyalty program information, as well as your accumulated points.

[+] Pay your card with your bank accounts.

[+] Check your payments made during the day.


[+] Transfer money between your accounts or to third party BAC accounts.

[+] Make transfers to other banks either through SINPE or ACH. (1)

[+] Make SINPE Mobile transfers (Costa Rica users only).

[+] Save accounts as favorites.

[+] Share the receipt by third party messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp).

[+] Identify with the "?" icon, the destination accounts that do not require the use of double authentication.

Withdrawals without card:

[+] Withdraw money from the ATM only with the application.

[+] See the historical withdrawals and pending withdrawals.

[+] Costa Rican users can create codes to withdraw money at any Rapibac.

Saving Goals:

[+] Open new accounts and create new saving goals (2).

[+] See movement associated with your savings.

[+] Make unscheduled deposits to your BAC Objetivos.


[+] Manage issues related to your accounts, cards, etc., such as: claims, certification letters, points redemption, among others.

[+] See the history of requests made.


[+] Consult the total balance of personal loans, pledges, mortgages and leasing.

[+] Make your loan payments.

Pension and investment funds:

[+] Consult the balance of your pension funds. (3)

[+] Check the balance of mutual funds and certificates of deposit. (4)

Other functionalities:

[+] Activate the login function with Fingerprint.

[+] Make the approvals of your transactions.

[+] Change your Online Banking password.

[+] Check the exchange rate.

[+] Change your credit or debit card PIN.

[+] Contact us via WhatsApp with the "More" menu option.

[+] Change the language between Spanish and English.

(1): Coming soon for El Salvador.

(2): Except for El Salvador.

(3): Only for Costa Rica and Honduras.

(4): Only for Costa Rica.

Requirements for optimal operation:

[+] Banca Móvil version requires Android 6 or higher, in lower versions correct operation is not guaranteed.

[+] Logging into Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic requires a username and password.

If your device has problems due to the Android version, we suggest using the website www.sucursalelectronica.com

We are always innovating and improving. If you want to suggest improvements, write to us at bancamovil@baccredomatic.com

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.15.0 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:BAC Credomatic Network

User Reviews


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John Mcclane 2019-10-13

Almost a month and the app still showing communication error. Under maintenance . I though it was normal at the beginning but not anymore, what is happening? . Really bad
Gheirel Peart 2020-05-03

This aplication present battery issues whenever its not in use, also it have permision not needed 1. This app does not need to access contacts (find account, read contacts,modify contacts) 2. It does not need to access storage (modify or delete, read location from media collection 3. On other capabilities it does need access to: run at startup, it does need to control vibration, any Bluetooth access, connect or disconnect Wi-Fi Devices, it does need to vie Wi-Fi connection
Bl1ndcat 2020-06-15

It was great now only says no internet connection even if I have a 100 mg WiFi...and ofcourse does not work in my mobile network due to the same error...
Jorge Alberto Molina Aguilar 2020-12-30

Good application, easy to use but it needs a very good internet, with my mobile It is usual to receive a connection error, even if I have a wifi or mobile connection active. Sometimes I cannot access because of that error but any other application works with the same connection- Solved Un-installing and installing again.. Update: Problem persist, after some time I have to reinstall this app because of this connection problem.
Josue Pineda 2020-10-24

App keeps crashing. Can\'t even type my credentials when it crashes. Tried reinstalling, making sure running latest update, restarting my phone, nothing seems to solve it.
Priscilla Vargas 2019-04-22

With the new update, the app now sucks it gets stuck frequently now.
Diego Leon 2019-06-22

Animations suck! Too slooooowww, it used to be a great app, but the start up animations for this the token app take way way too long, and I have the fastest phone around using the latest Android and the latest app version
Mario Montero 2019-07-05

i can not check account status from previous months. terrible experience. the new app is a downgrade for service. who validate this app before putting it live to the public????
Shorna Bowman 2020-06-21

I cant even get in, whenever I open ir,it gives 1 second to be in it, then it closes.
Adriana Mejía 2019-05-02

El nuevo diseño esta muy bonito y mucho más práctico.