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Description of Banca Móvil de Oriental Bank

Obtain the speed and convenience you are looking for with a wide variety of our banking services accessible from your smart phone. You can:

• Check your account balances

• Pay your bills

• Transfer funds

• Deposit checks

• Send money to other people

• Find a nearby branch or ATM

Banca Móvil de Oriental Bank is free and secure.

Member of the FDIC

All features may not be available in the tablet application.

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More Information Of Banca Móvil de Oriental Bank

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.0.0 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:Oriental Bank

User Reviews


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Carlos F. Hilera-Perez 2020-07-12

Unreliable, right now it is just not working. Keeps messaging about an update but will not update.
Zurisadai Acevedo 2020-10-17

Fix it! Se queda en blanco. La página no sube. Le di re-start al teléfono, limpié cookies, etc, etc. No sube!!! It\'s definitely NOT working!
Hector Bas 2018-11-12

Creo q deberian poner la ATH Mobile...GRACIAS
Nilsa Garcia-Morales 2020-05-12

I had this app for years with absolutly no problems!!! But I think it\'s been close to one year now, that it stopped working. It kept telling me they could not verify my credentials, to call the institucion! I am very frustrated with this situation. I visited one of the offices for help, but they just told me to follow the instruction after downlaoding the app. If someone does not help me soon, I\'m just going to close my over 20 year old acounts and go with another bank!.
Zabath D\'Inferi 2020-02-24

This is the worst Bank/App I\'ve had to deal with in my life. It sucks worse that I can\'t just walk out because this is my employers\' only payment option. There\'s always a problem, specially with logins, security questions are useless since I\'m certain I\'ve answered them differently, it won\'t work with ATH Movil, which is worsened by the fact that their own People Pay just sucks...and almost 5 months in and even though I do get mail statements from them I STILL DON\'T HAVE MY DEBIT CARD!!!
Adela DelToro 2017-07-08

After the last update , it is unusable . I was blocked out of my account When you try to log in, is not possible to see what you are writing. My android keyboard has small spaces for the letters and my fingers are large. It is necessary to be able to see what you are writing even for a fraction of a second as it was before Now, without access to my account, I feel that I don\'t have control over it. Shame on you, Oriental Bank
Carlos Cruz 2016-07-04

Problemas de coneccion y otras Para conectarme si no la uso todos los dias y cuando es fin de semana es un molestia bien seria tener que transferir algun dinero a otra tarjeta de alguien en una emergencia fuera de la red de oriental y se tarda de tres a cuatro dias para su transferencia. Si no te bloquea frecuentemente el logging y para los que viajamos fuera del pais se nos hace un poco dificil la ayuda al cliente.
Nancy Melendez 2016-05-04

HARTA DE INTENTAR CONECTARME Antes no tenía problemas para conectarme. La he instalado en 3 ocasiones y siempre da error. Me conecto por computadora sin problemas
Cynthia Rodriguez 2020-11-03

It\'s not working. I re installed several times and it keeps indicating an error becuase the \"new updates\" never download.
Joseph Mac 2020-07-13

The app doesn\'t work half of the time if it doesn\'t start working I\'m going to use a different bank probably banco popular