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Description of Banfield Pet Hospital

The Banfield Pet Hospital app gives you easy access to your pet's profile along with helpful tools and advice right at your fingertips!


Vet Chat 24/7 Support

Pet health concerns? Live chat with a real vet -- anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Appointment Scheduling

In-app scheduling makes planning your pet's next visit a breeze.

Pet Highlights

Add and manage pet photos, access wellness plan details, view your pet's vaccine upcoming due dates, track weight trends over time, review payment information and more.

Pet Timeline

Track your pet’s healthcare history through detailed summaries of past visits and helpful info on upcoming appointments.


At Banfield Pet Hospital, we’re redefining the future of pet care to make A Better World For Pets. Every day, our 3,600 veterinarians and 17,000 associates work to strengthen the bond between pets and their humans. Across our 1,000+ hospitals in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, we treat every pet that walks through our doors as if it’s our own.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.10.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Banfield Pet Hospital

User Reviews


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Lee Piz 2018-12-22

What Happened??? I used to be able to open the app with no problems at all and access my pets information whenever I needed to. Now I can\'t access medical/shot records, it closes app and gives me no information. Medical/shot records was the big draw for signing up for the wellness program for all of my pets. (6 pets and not cheap) With this app problem, I feel there should be a discount for the program if one of the benefits of the program no longer works. Not happy!
Melissa Morton 2020-09-07

Very bad. I am told about the app and I have seriously tried to sign in and create an account on several occasions and each and every time I have tried to log in to the account I have more issues than I can count. Then I have tried just signing in with my Facebook account/page and now it tells me to put in my mobile number and Facebook password, and that\'s not even correct. DAMNIT TO ALL HELL. WTH is up with this foolishness? I love my dog and will always love my dog, but is really insane!!!!!
Kota Trashh 2020-11-17

I like the hospital but when it comes to the app how am I supposed to use it if I can\'t even get past the login screen. Putting in my dogs info was pretty easy but when it came down to the initial login there was always some sort of issue. I\'m having these issues on a galaxy a11 but I\'m sure its not just my phone it seems like everyone is having the same issues.
James Rudd 2020-05-17

The appointment bug has been resolved, but now Facebook login is broken. That is how I set up the account, a poor choice in hindsight. Even with the right facebook-######## username and password, I can\'t login anymore.
Shewolf Three 2020-09-11

I like the fact that the new app now has a centralized place where you can get vaccination information that you can pass on. Before it didn\'t used to do that. Big Improvement. Also I like that you can get your invoices as well as medical information about your pet. it seems to be a bit slow processing, but gives you a lot of historical information that probably needs to be loaded. Depending on your device it is tolerable. I like being able to schedule appts with it!
Daniel 2020-07-24

Totally unusable half the time. Being able to schedule appointments and speak to vets is a good idea for an app, however it frequently gets stuck in a loop when it\'s trying to load a page on the app and I either have to wait several minutes for it to load or altogether close the app and restart in the hopes that it starts to load properly (which it doesn\'t always do)
Catherine Regan 2020-08-07

We love Banfield, but the app is completely unusable. It rarely loads all the information and is incredibly slow. I wish I could see what services on my optimum wellness plan have been used and which haven\'t, but I would settle for it just reliably loading the vaccine information. I would just use the website, but it is just as bad if not worse.
Markie Caine 2020-06-23

It\'s nice to have my pets things in one olace but I wish I could see more features. I wish I could see my vets prescription on there. I wish there was an easier way to see all my invoices instead of clicking on each individual visit. And then clicking to see the invoice. Overall app is kinda slow but that\'s fine.
Chris Uebbing 2021-02-26

Banfield should be ashamed for releasing defective garbage. Update:App still useless. -Update:Still Horrible. Appt scheduling still broken. The app schedules/confirms appt but the vet clinic says its broken and makes me reschedule manually with them. Waste $ time. -Horrible. Slow/Lag, Poor layout, Pet info that used to be available in past rev is no longer available, sometimes it jumps to internet browser. Appt scheduling is the worst- inaccurate,lets u schedule times that arent available.
Bam CBamGo 2020-01-17

I really like this app. I was able to access info on her past appts which to my surprise were very detailed, I was able to view payment info on her optimum wellness plan and schedule her dental comprehensive appt. I particularly liked the fact that I could type in any info I need them to have for her appt. All in all I was quiet impressed. This app is definately worth downloading and essential if you use Banfield Pet Hospital. Why wouldn\'t you use it.