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Description of Bangla Keyboard 2022

Easy and fast Bangla typing is the first priority of this Bangla Keyboard. Besides direct Bangla typing pad, it also supports phonetic avro style typing. This keyboard helps you typing Bangla very fast with Bangla suggestion word dictionary. 😍

This keyboard works as default keyboard in android phones/tablets to write Bangla and english together. Very easy to switch from Bangla to english or from english to Bangla. 😍

Now Bangla messaging is much easer using this Bangla Keyboard for android phone and tablets. Share Bangla text as well as Bangla number like cricket score and internet MB. 😍

This keyboard will fulfil your demand of using numeric keys very easily while sending money throw any mobile banking using USSD. And for safety and security, we do not save any keystroke on the phone. So it is 100% safe, reliable and fast Bangla typing solution for you daily need. 😍

😍 Features (ইমোজিসহ বাংলা কীবোর্ড):

- write Bangla directly from ক খ গ ঘ ...

- supports phonetic avro style

- write with your own voice

- 1200 emoji icons 😍😃😍

- both Bangla and English at the same time

- word correction and suggestion

- works completely offline

- use themes according to your choice

- app size only 4 mb

- Write Bangla post in Facebook

- Search Google in bangla directly

- Send SMS/email in bangla

- Easy Bangla messaging with your favorite messaging app.

😍 বৈশিষ্ট্যসমূহ :

- এই বাংলা কিবোর্ড 100% ফ্রি

- সরাসরি ক খ গ দিয়ে বাংলা লেখা যায়

- ফোনেটিক অভ্র স্টাইলে লেখা যায়

- মুখে কথা বলে লেখার সুবিধা

- প্রায় ১২০০ ইমোজি 😍😃😍

- অর্ধেক শব্দ লিখলে সাজেশন দেখায়

- একেই সাথে বাংলা এবং english লিখা যায়

- পছন্দ মতো থিম ব্যবহারের সুবিধা

- app size মাত্র 4 mb

- বাংলায় এসএমএস / মেসেজিং করার সুবিধা

- বাংলায় ইমেইল করার সুবিধা

- সহজে বাংলায় ফেসবুকে পোস্ট করুন

- সরাসরি বাংলায় গুগল সার্চ করুন

- বাংলায় মেসেজিং করুন ইচ্ছেমতো আরো সহজে

- একটি সহজ বাংলা কীবোর্ড সম্পূর্ণ বিনামূল্যে


Note: This Bangla Keyboard is 100% safe because we do not save any keystroke and always prefer your data security

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:4.2.2 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:JetBox

User Reviews


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Santanu Das 2019-06-11

Very very good app. Really loveable. My humble suggestion/request, as an actual user, is to change the font \'ম\' to its original circular-mid-portion type. Also plz include Bangla figures(most essentially required) & some more signs like arrow, etc. Moreover, the voice typing is a very good initiative. Looking forward for immediate inclution of the Bangla figures.
Shahin khan 2020-06-26

Privacy Policy What information we use and how we use it We do not collect, store or send any personal information from you. So you are 100% safe to use this app. Ad serving Technology: In order to deliver ads, we only use Ads by Facebook. For more information please visit Facebook Privacy Policies. Changes to Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy may change from time to time, any and all changes will be reflected here and the data new version are posted will be stated at the top of this priv
Swati Ray Ganguly 2019-12-21

Nice. I like it and use it when needed. All kinds of বাংলা words can be typed including complicated যুক্তাক্ষর ।
Exterminator 2020-08-04

Why can\'t I use the other options available with each Bangla letter? For example, on \'স\' when we long press, we are shown some options but we cannot select any which is so frustrating. Is it because using such features requires a multi-touch screen? Because I do not have multi-touch.Please help me.
Anjan Das 2020-07-07

I\'ve using this app from last year and I\'m very satisfied with it...This app work perfectly on my Samsung A70 Its possible to switch easily to default keyboard to Bangal keyboard as well as vice versa...After update its also add voice typing feature it\'s very helpful...
Pradip Kuila 2019-09-04

Why this app is able to collect all my personal data like credit card numbers?like really? Do u think all android users are fool?i installed it..and when i tried to opent it;it showed me that sms..can the operator of this app give me explanation about this?
Bimal Sarkar 2020-07-09

Sorry to say- I installed it. It was doing well. But a few months later it stopped typing English letter. I had to uninstall it. Again I installed it. But the same happend again. Am I to install it again? I installed it third time on 15/02/20. Today the same happened . It appears ,I am to uninstall it and reinstall it in 6 months !Excepting this, the keyboard is excellent .09/07/20.
Shahjalal Aapan 2019-12-21

Nice one. Although Need some improvement like google indic in phonetic language. In google indic if i type \"download\" then it turns to ডাউনলোড (apps -> অ্যাপস and so on) automatically but it is not working in this keyboard. There are also some problem such as via this keyboard you can\'t type র‍্যাম, র‍্যাব and some word like this. Try to solve this minor issue. Btw, best of luck for you nice work within small space(3MB !!)
FouZiA Sathy 2019-03-16

why need you collect my data??? such as credit cards number and passwords??? rabbis, please avoid it all, it is a part of strong cyber crime.
Shilpi Das 2020-12-25

This is great for my mom super easy to use and you can customize it I\'m definitely going to rated a five because of the good quality and the fact that is free 😍😍😍