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Description of BankMuscat Mobile banking

BankMuscat Mobile banking allows BankMuscat  single account holders (joint accounts and corporate accounts are not eligible) to access their accounts from their mobile device. Customers can check their account balances,  pay bills and transfer funds between their accounts as well as other accounts within Oman and internationally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The mBanking application is compatible with Apple and Android phones and can be downloaded from the apple and play stores.

Application is supported from Android OS 5.0 onward

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More Information Of BankMuscat Mobile banking

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:6.4 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:Bank Muscat

User Reviews


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Z A 2020-03-10

The app as other Android users are saying is not working, as soon as I open it a message appears saying \"Sorry, we are currently unable to process your request. Please try again later\". I am willing to change this review once the app becomes functioning as it used to be. Update: The app is now functioning as it is used to be and better, fast and efficient. Hopefully the next update wont hinder the day to day functions of the app.
Zak Toubi 2019-11-08

Very bad compare with the other version. 2 days and we are not able to login. Only lucky people are able to login. We don\'t need new theme if it make it bad and slow. We are losing time try to login and have to drive to nearest branch to complete any transaction where you will find long queue waiting to use ATM. It seems bank Muscat does not look like care about his customer any more as this issue been reported long time without action to fix.
Bethuel K Sam 2020-04-08

BM App has been showing system under maintenance since many weeks. However, call center confirmed that there is no issue in the app. I found out that it\'s not only mine but other mobile app users as well. Developer must look into the same seriously and solve this immediately as we have no other options for transactions.
Rizvee Amin 2020-12-10

I have been using Bank Muscat app for a long long time. Now its not opening and loading endlessly. All permissions are given to the app. Even the FAQ page is loading endlessly. Please check the issue as there are many similar complaints here or guide us to what we can do. Looking forward to your guidance. Thank you
Shifas pm 2019-03-09

Very helpfull app provided by bank muscat.I had transfered money to India via speed transfer, money received there within half hour.. sometimes 2 hours (found out that we have to sent the money at working hours of Indian banks otherwise it will take more than 4 hours).
Salim Al abri 2019-11-08

Perfect update. Better than the previous versons. I didn\'t find any problem of paying bills. The way of paying the bills became too much easier than before and give the user more details in appropriate way.
Ahammed Kutty 2019-11-06

Hello Bank Muscat What happened? This app was working fine, and now after update, it is not working at all. It stays stuck up, does not go to the login screen. I wanted to do some fund transfer, but I failed miserably. I hope you are following up, and your technical department will rectify the issue very soon. All the reviews show that everyone is facing the same problem. Please do swing into action to solve the problem. Thanks
Niaz AzamKhan 2020-05-24

When it works, its amazing but when it doesn\'t...its beyond frustrating. Sometimes it requires mobile data to log in, sometimes WiFi. Sometimes both!!!! Sometimes nothing works. You could log in 5 minutes before, logout and try again and you\'d get a text message that you have an incorrect attempt and will be logged out in 4 more wrong attempts!! I\'m extremely frustrated as i had to transfer cash urgently to someone and i couldn\'t even log in, even after resetting my password. Kindly fix it!
Al_ J 2020-07-18

This app is officially getting on my nerves, how am i supposed to login to my account if the app doesn\'t let me manually write the OTP?!! You assume that all users would have the app in the same phone linked to their number so as soon as you send a message you can get in the account but no not everyone does that my original phone doesn\'t support this app anymore so i had to download it elsewhere NOW HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LOGIN IF YOU DON\'T LET ME MANUALLY WRITE THE OTP NUMBER!!!!
Muhammad kashif Mehmood 2020-04-30

Dear, whenever I want to form an international beneficiary bank, I face a lot of problems every time. Every time the Bank Muscat app returns, the data you provide is incorrect. However, later the same data is considered valid after two or four days of continuous testing. Beneficiary is OK with success. but after trying again and again for many days for this work then the work is completed Beneficiary of Pakistan Allied Bank limited would have been formed at all I have been trying for almost