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Description of Barclays US Credit Cards

Manage your Barclays US credit card account easily and securely from anywhere – just use our mobile app. Check account balances, view payment and transaction details, lock your card, set up alert notifications, and more.

Plus, you can launch the app with your biometric method or your SecurePass Code. You’ve got options.

Here’s a few examples of what you can do with the Barclays US app:

• Monitor your transactions and make payments: Link an external bank account and pay your credit card with a one-time payment, or schedule future payments with AutoPay.

• Keep track of points/miles: View your earnings and redeem rewards in a flash.

• Keep a firm grip on your finances: Estimate monthly payments with the Purchase Planner, and monitor your FICO® Credit Score at no charge.

• Stay safe and secure: If you misplace your card, quickly lock your account to block transactions. You can even let us know about your future travel plans.

• Stay informed with account alerts: Track daily spending, see possible fraudulent activity, view weekly spending snapshots.

• Make purchases, touch-free: Just add your card to your mobile wallet, or use our contactless card feature.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:8.0.0 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:Barclays US Bank

User Reviews


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Augres Mich 2021-03-04

AGAIN, ANOTHER UPDATE still NO REMAINING due balance!!!!! *** Need current statement balance remaining in sign on & on payment choice *** Telling you no payment needed when you still have remaining balance is inappropriate!!! *** Should have on pay screen have filled in option for REMAINING statement balance. Example: Statement balance due $500, paid $100, remaining statement due $400!! **Very telling that you don\'t see developer responses!!! They don\'t care.**?? how app gets high review scores?
Brett Cavanaugh 2019-11-24

The app was updated five days ago and will not allow me access, instead redirecting to another update which has been \"Waiting for download\" for nearly 12 hours, thus making the app inaccessible and therefore useless. Very frustrating.
Dillon Gaul 2019-07-29

The app doesn\'t let me sign in on my galaxy s10. It gets stuck loading my profile after I enter the username and password. I try clearing the cache, restarting and trying to login with my credentials, but I get the same loading screen with no prevail. Only if I delete the app, restart, and redownload the app can I get logged into the app.
Dan Lareau 2020-11-21

When the app works it works well. However they keep doing updates and I have to reload it or re-enter my username and password. Even my fingerprint won\'t work until I re-enter all of my credentials. This is the only credit card app I keep having this problem with
Edwn Magdch 2020-05-16

This app is missing the most basic functionality for a banking app. For android it has no biometric login. Also if you forget your password instead of using the app to assist in fixing it the forgot password link yes pops up a message stating that you should use the same password as when logging into their website. I NEVER use their websites so that is 100% not helpful. Then when you do go to their website to change your forgotten password it is completely antiquated!
Ruel Hewitt Jr 2020-12-05

Ever since the recent update I have been unable to log into the app to pay my bill or do anything. It keeps force closing. It hasn\'t even taken me past the log in stage.
Tricia Williams 2019-11-21

I love this application due to the many features it offers and other credit card companies do not. I can add easily to my pay without any worries, check my statements, my FICO SCORE, and more. They continue to improve the features for customers like us to make shopping, payments, and travel simplifying to our everyday experiences. Use the application, I personally recommend it.
JadeAndGregg Courtney 2020-11-16

It NEVER WORKS. EVER!! I give up. I went ahead and added the website to my home screen so i can click it the same way i would an app. I have reward points! Good luck using them. Online nor CustServ can tell you how to use them. Or link your rewards at the hotel counter. Stayed at hotels last month and this month! Uninstalling for good this time.
Tarek Sheha 2019-11-01

This is a piece of junk. I can\'t even login. It always tells me incorrect user name and/or password. They are the same ones I use when I access my online banking through my laptop. Fix that!
Giuliana Facho 2020-07-21

The worst! App hasn\'t been working for about 2 months and they don\'t answer the phone! Other companies and banks\' costumer service is still good and effective even during this time.