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Description of Baritastic - Bariatric Tracker

Baritastic is the # 1 app for bariatric surgery!

Baritatric surgery patients have specific goals, requirements and guidelines before and after surgery.

And now there is a free app specifically built for bariatric surgery.

* Nutrition and Water Tracking

* Reminders - Vitamins, Water, Protein Shakes, Meals, Other

* Bariatric Food, Water, and Bite Timer

* Patient Journal - Log thoughts, take pics, rate your hunger an happiness.

* Newbie Checklist - Stay on task and get to surgery.

* Bariatric Specific Recipes

* Bariatric Specific Resources

* Baritastic Social Support Group

* Connect to YOUR Bariatric Program Through the Baritastic App

* and more!

Whether you are considering weight loss surgery or are already losing weight, this app is for you. Lap Band, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, duodenal switch - it's all here.


We are always improving the app and appreciate your feedback.

You can now connect to your bariatric program via the app. Once connected, you'll have access to your discharge instructions, support group calendar, diet guidelines, key contacts, and much more.

If your bariatric program hasn't given you a code, ask them for one or tell them about Baritastic and we'll get them set-up.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.3.300 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:BariApps

User Reviews


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P Atley 2019-04-15

I rated a three only because there are a lor of features missing, also it is very hard to measure out recipes to one serving because you do not have the option to change the measurements.
Chrystian Shepperd 2020-07-19

Overall this app has been really great- I started using it in the pre-op stage and have continued to do so since having surgery a couple of weeks ago. The one shortcoming I see is that, from what I\'ve been able to find, it does not track vitamin/supplement information. Since it is designed to specifically be for bariatric surgery and vitamins, especially iron and calcium, are a key element of post-surgery nutrition it would be really great if it had that info as well.
Christopher O\'Toole 2019-05-18

A very good App, the only downside, doesn\'t track Calcium intake. I use it daily, along with 2 other trackers, one for work and one that adds Calcium tracking. The recipes are very good. The information is as well. If you are having bariatric surgery, I recommend it. I started tracking food using this app 3 months before my surgery and lost over 40# just from being aware of what I was eating.
Nathan Harris 2020-07-18

I was looking for an app to help keep track of H2O when I found this jewel. I am on a list to get surgery so a lot of these things will come in handy. I really like that it works with S Health and other trackers so you dont have to update every app. I haven\'t found where to have the alarms actually make a noise, only a popup which is like not having an alarm at all. If I can\'t figure out how to make an alarm sound, I will uninstall. I need a reminder to take pills, protein snacks and water.
jennifer mcwhorter 2019-09-17

This has great applications. Not only can u track your meals, water intake, weight, measurements, etc, but you can also set reminders and alarms for when to eat and even timers to make sure you dont drink before or after meals for specific times. You can also keep a log and track progress with notes and pictures.
Lourdes Cabrera 2019-12-25

This app has been a lifesaver in my weight loss journey. I find that I am more inclined to stay on task if I make myself accountable to myself. Documenting everything like weight, daily food intake, measurements, water intake, exercise, etc, helps me keep track of all my protein, calories, sugar, and everything else that goes along with any weight loss program. This app is great for anyone trying to lose weight, not just those who\'ve had WLS. Great job!
Ben Jones 2020-07-16

I am using this as part of my journey having Gastric Sleeve Bypass and it has been great so far. Its helping me track my calories and fluids during these two weeks of my pre-op diet My favorite feature is being able to scan bar codes and add the nutritional info. I\'m sure I\'ll probably continue to using it during these first several weeks or months after my procedure... though just tracking liquids is going to be depressing 🥴
Tabby Ross 2019-07-31

Amazing! I have been a user of a different app for many years. Once I got involved with the bariatric surgery program, this has become everything I need to keep myself on track. Checklists, reminders, tracking of food and exercise. Literally a one stop shop.
Vicki Baird 2019-03-31

I love using this app. it helps to keep me in check with what I am eating. a reminder set to take my measurements helps to remind me that the scale is not the only way I am losing, inches count too. I only have 2 suggestions, 1st that there be an entry spoke for protein shakes, it\'s not a meal but it\'s not a snack either. and 2nd, a way to change the time frame, I work overnights 7p-7a, so my numbers are a little off on the nights I work because it starts a new day at midnight.
Michael Guest 2019-10-24

By far, the best app for bariatric patients. Created with apparent empathy to the patient, knowing what is needed and making it easy to track. We\'ll lid out and very intuitive. My only \"complaint\" is that choosing a date is via a \"wheel\" selection, which is difficult to get to stop on the right day/date/month. I would recommend changing to drop down fields or a drop down calendar view.