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Description of Bark for Professionals

Bark finds you new customers so you can grow your business. Customers tell us what they need and we put them in touch with great companies like yours to get the job done.

We’ll send you information about people looking for your services for free, so you can pick and choose the jobs that are right for you. We don’t take commission, there are no monthly fees and everything you make is yours to keep.

Use this app to receive customer requests wherever you are. When you see a job you’d like to pitch for, introduce yourself with a tailored message and call them directly – straight from your phone.

Here’s what just a few of our professionals say about our service:

“In the six months I have been listed with Bark I have already secured £7,000 worth of business.” – Jan, Janet Gow Photography

“Forget all the failed methods you’ve tried in the past and give Bark a try, because this one actually does work and you won’t regret it.” – Brian Wilcock, Imagination Creative

“We’ve made some great contacts and several loyal customers, and generated approximately £10,000 in business.” – Dom Murphy, Very Clever Marketing

With over 1,000 professional services to choose from, you too can join the tens of thousands of companies already thriving on our platform. Download the Bark Pro app and start growing your business with Bark today.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:7.11.0 Publish Date:2021-07-21 Developer:Bark.com

User Reviews


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Emily Fox 2020-05-19

I have used this app since it first started. It was excellent staff really helpful the cost of credit packs affordable and worth the money. As the company has grown the credit packs have got more and more expensive and the staff less and less helpful. It\'s a small fortune to buy enough credits to respond to adverts and most of the adverts are either by false profiles or people who arent even interested, it has now got to the point where it is not affordable to use as the clients are not vetted!
Rach M 2018-10-12

Would be useful except the app is way behind the desktop site. I complained that I was getting a lot of wasted credits because the people I was contacting had already found a designer. Turns out that when it was telling me on the app they has requested 30 minutes ago they had actually requested 3 days ago - no wonder I wasn\'t getting any leads. Complete waste of money if using the app for leads.
Andi Spo 2020-05-12

So Bark team gave me 1 month free of Elite Pro feature, which was great, customers were requesting for me to contact them. However, i spent another £350 on credits and customers that requested to contact them don\'t even answer their phone, plus they don\'t call back at all. The ones that do answer, always have the same saying \" in a meeting right now, call me back later\". And later.. suprise... No answer, no matter how many times you call
Mike JoPa Mi 2018-11-28

It could be good. Greed, misinformation, and a touchy app that purchases things without confirmations are all evident. This has the potential to be better than Thumbtack, if they took what they do right, and improved I what they do wrong. With this, you have to pay just to bid, Thumbtack you only pay if they respond. This ends up being 6 or 7 times more expensive. On top of that, it appears unlimited pros can send and contact customers... So they get bombarded with calls, emails and messages. Unlike Thumbtack where there is a limit. And there is no description of the job until you pay. I read a review that ended with this, and it\'s dead accurate from what I\'ve seen so far: \"the only one that wins from this model is Bark\"
Sullivan Morais 2019-10-03

Easy to use, spent £60 worth of credits to get no responses, Bark says they guarentee at least one job, poor service really Sent emails already, got no response
Christian Zambrano 2019-06-01

ive tried to give bark a chance but prices for leads are expensive and ive been using this app for months with no confirmed leads. phone numbers are disconnected with no response period from potential clients. take a page from thumbtack and charge vendors when a client responds to a bid. not happy at all
Chris Elliott 2021-01-13

No False Lead Refund. If the Company can\'t get a hold of an individual who posted a false or misleading add, they will not refund your credits. I had an individual BS me for 5 mins while everyone laughed in the background. Don\'t plan on getting any credits returned or having them remove false or misleading job posts. Company doesn\'t care who is stealing money from us. Be careful and if anyone finds a better app to use for finding contracts, please post let us all know.
Antony Nhowe 2021-01-14

Good app to grow your business but it turns out ackward if the customer is a fake since there no refunds for verified customers, this is a great platform with very cheap credits, it\'s helping me sometimes but most times l have always bought customers who are verified but fake, they would tell you instantly after buying them that they are no longer interested in hiring anyone, even if you forward your issue to bark they won\'t help, they need to improve there
Alexander Pinnock 2020-11-01

Bark is stable, well designed and popularity is growing - but it is very expensive for professionals! A new user must pay $160 for credits to respond to job requests (and this is a discounted price). I am happy to pay that fee - but only for genuine requests! I would give 5 stars if Bark implemented the following: If a professional responds (and pays) for a job request, that client must respond within 24 hours. If no response is obtained, the credits are returned.
Dynamic Frame 2020-07-26

Total scam. The leads are not genuine and just features people clicking randomly which then generates a lead you have to pay for. People do not actually get hired through this service. They advertise our services on Google from £449. Even when I was a student I wouldn\'t have charged this so the marketing is also useless and attracts the wrong crowd. Avoid and spend your marketing money elsewhere.