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Description of Barometer & Altimeter

Barometer and Altimeter is a simple application for measuring atmospheric pressure and altitude.

The application uses:

- built-in GPS,

- built-in pressure sensor / barometer (if the device does not have a barometric sensor, application retrieves atmospheric pressure data via the Internet from the nearest meteorological station),

- automatic altitude and atmospheric pressure calibration algorithm, based on data from local meteorological stations.

Barometer and Altimeter features:

- accurate height measurement above sea level (from GPS and other sensors),

- accurate measurement of barometric pressure (if the device is equipped in pressure sensor and check data available online)

- GPS coordinates, name of location, country

- information and current weather data from your local weather station (if available).

- outside temperature,

- wind speed,

- visibility,

- humidity, hygrometer (if device is equipped with appropriate sensors).

Exemplary uses of a barometer or altimeter tracker:

- health and medical - by monitoring the atmosteric pressure, you can be prepared for pressure jumps, headaches, migraine and malaise,

- for fishermen and anglers who fishing and sailing - monitoring the atmospheric pressure and weather you can increase the chances for good fishing,

- sportsmen and tourists,

- for determining, predicting and checking weather, air temperature, wind speed,

- to check the location,

- for pilots for check pressure and altitude,

- sailors, seamans and surfers can check the wind.

Using this barometeter tracker is simpler than using an aneroid or mercury barometer. Our Barometer and Altimeter tracker are free, easy to use, simple and handy.

Warning! Some portable devices (tablets, phones, smartphones) do not have a built-in pressure sensor. On these devices, the measurements may be less accurate as they will be based on data from the local meteorological stations.

We are constantly developing this app, if you see something that can be improved send us on exatools@gmail.com. If you like this app, rate it for 5 stars.

Enjoy and have a good time with this app!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.7.05 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:EXA Tools

User Reviews


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Debbie J. 2019-02-25

Useful Tool! I appreciate the simplicity of this app. Television/radio weather reports don\'t always include daily barometric pressures so this app has helped me track pressures that seem to correlate with migraine triggers for me. So far, I\'ve found it\'s pretty consistent with readings.
Dano 2019-03-17

as soon as I open the app it was begging for a rating, this was prior to even using the app, no instructions, no using the app at all, but yet they wanted their rating of five stars or didn\'t like it. these people are pathetic. if your ass was water and my ass was on fire I wouldn\'t use it to put it out.
sherbie hudgins 2020-04-22

After I had brain surgery I suspected the change in barometric pressure triggered severe migraines. It took a while to relate it to weather changes, and several times I was out shopping when I got a migraine and had to call for help. This app helps me track barometric pressure as it rises so I can protect myself. After a bit of record keeping, it was proof that barometric pressure directly affected my head. This app is a necessity for me. Thank you!
Rainy Day 2020-11-02

I love this app!! I suffer from severe migraines that are exacerbated by changes in the barometric pressure & I use it to track the changes to try to \"predict\" an intensity increase in my pain so I can take necessary preemptive actions. Also, I love the sheer simplicity of this app. It\'s not fancy & filled with bright graphics, nor is it over-complicated to use. The only suggestion I have is it would be nice if you could add a dark screen feature as the white bg is often painful to look at.
A Google user 2018-04-23

Like the concept, unhappy with wx accuracy. I am a pilot and have access to airport wx data (timely & accurate). This app\'s wx data is always off, e.g. PEN AIRPORT: 34c, 50% humidity, wind 6mph, vis min 6mi. APP: 28c, 73% humidity, wind 7mph, vis 16.1mi These are some large differences! Lastly; would like to see KNOTS added to speed units and a polling interval for GPS use to minimize battery drain.
Steve Mo 2020-01-07

SPAMS YOU WITH POPUP ADS when you try to exit. STAY AWAY!! Each time you press the Back button, they\'ll put up a popup ad. This is not only obnoxious, but actually prevents you from quitting the app.
myredfast 2019-02-13

app needs internet to work. this means it doesnt actually use sensor data
A Google user 2018-09-02

To Mpls Erin. Thank you for the best joke of this morning. I will enlighten your simple way of thiking. You realy don\'t know, what are you talking about. Why barometric altimeter needs manual adjustment? Because pressure is allways changing. We call it weather. And no automatic calibration can do it for you. Let\'s say we are at the sea level. Pressure by MSA should be 1013,25 hPa. But due to the weather it is not. That\'s why all altimeters in airplanes have knob for this adjustment. This app is using setting from METAR of the nearest airport which is accurate, but only if you are at that airport. Furthermore the app does not use pressure recalculated to the sea level which is QNH that every pilot use. It uses actual pressure which is QFE. Not used today by powered aircraft pilots. And about cabin psessure, you are partialy right. There is some difference berween pressure in the cockpit and static pressure measured by probe tht\'s why all barometric instruments in every single airplane use source of static pressure. But trust me, if pilot is flying pressurized aircraft, he knows that he can\'t measure altitude using pressure in the cabin.
A Google user 2018-07-15

Seems OK as a rough estimate. It really needs a way to deal with higher altitude and the effect on barometric pressure. It does have a way to alter the reading much like the adjusted sea level readings so prevalent. But I want to get and observe the actual pressure so I would like a way to change the range of the dial. My normal pressure here at 5,000 feet is around 25 inches of Hg. That\'s always off the bottom of the default indicator dial. If that was availabe I\'d pay to remove ads.
Amy Huckins 2020-12-19

So far so good. I have a rescue horse that colics during barometric changes (mostly spring /fall) and I try to stay ahead of extreme changes with extra measures. So far this app matches my other devices which is wonderful bc the weather/temperature apps and even tv forecasts are never correct for my area.