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Description of Barometer Plus - Altimeter

Barometer Plus app measures air pressure and altitude using the built-in barometric pressure sensor on your device.

Barometer Plus can be used for virtually all of your outdoor and indoor activities, such as climbing, trekking, hiking and even stair climbing.

Because air pressure changes normally indicate change in the weather, so you can use this app to monitor and predict short term weather changes.

App also can be used by fishermen to monitor the barometric pressure for fishing, or use for people affected by barometric pressure headaches and migraine.


• Contains barometer, altimeter.

• Unit support for pressure (mb, inHg, kPa, atm, Torr, psi, hPa, mmHg), altitude (meter, feet)

• Personalization graphic in analog classic style.

• Calibrate values output by sensors.

• Calibrate the app by GPS altitude, GPS location and nearest airport information/METAR, manuals enter QNH

• Pressure tracking and history graph.

• Notification about pressure change. Useful when you are in weather sensitive zone like desert, mountain, sea.

• Export history to CSV format and customize notification change value (Pro feature)

You can also customize your barometer/altimeter with:

- 7 different barometer housing colors,

- Black, white or blue barometer disk background,

- 4 different app backgrounds,

- 3 different types of needle.


- Transparent themes

- Interval update in setting

- When you have customized your widgets, press the back button to enable it

***Weather icon: It only show the trend from air pressure, and it is not weather forecast function.

***Note: You should take the phone far from computer, cables and other magnet source in order to get accurate result

***If you like this app and want to support us, You can remove ads and purchase pro features from Menu

***Altimeter always show approximately result. Because it count from air pressure (barometer) with some equation. Even Altimeter on any airplane, so in the plane they use many method to get altitude like GPS, radar, know altitude from the Maps, etc.

***During the time you use our app, we collect anonymous data and error reports in order to improve application (Google Analytics).

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lable: Weather - Apps Current Version:4.1.3 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:PVDApps

User Reviews


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Mitzi Anderson 2020-04-10

I\'m still not sure about all I can do with this app, but so far it\'s been pretty on spot! It\'s prewarned me about changes in the weather and my pain levels have matched with the app. It helps me to get a jump on medication, hot water therapy, massage, instead of just getting hit out of the blue, or having to constantly watch the radar.
Raymond Steadman Sr 2020-06-23

Very good. Had to make the adjustment to the local pressure. It\'s good for people who get seizures, joint pain, migraines and sinus headaches. It monitors the air pressure for what time you set it for ( 5 minutes to days ) so when the air pressure drops quickly it will send you an alert. Changes the PSI to milliebars for more precise reading. The temperature and humidity is pickup from my phone which is not correct because of my phone case.
Fred Rasmason 2019-03-24

Great App. Easy to use, I find that the graph is great. I suffer from severe chronic pain and I can follow this app closely to the rise and fall of the barometer.
E. Iris DiAnna 2020-08-15

I like this a lot because I have osteoarthritis and I love the warning about the fast pressure drops. One problem I run into is that if you look at the hourly graph and then hit the back arrow button within the app, it completely exits the app - it won\'t take you back to the barometer screen. Also I\'ve emailed the developers three times to ask what the yellow \"marker needle\" is for and have yet to hear back.
Alex Worthen 2021-01-08

for those who are affected by barometric pressure shifts, this app is a great way to track and know when it is changing. UPDATE: App no longer works. Constantly crashes, does not have history data to see trends. Disappointing update. UPDATE: app back to working with needed information but is buzzing far more than i set it to do.
Aaron Brandenburg 2018-11-04

It\'s actually was looking for a barometer app I\'ve not been able to find any others that do barometer trinds and notifications. it\'s great for migraine sufferers as well. and also to keeping track on weather changes. when you don\'t have internet. Overall I Give It 2 Thumbs Up 10:10
Douglas Cole 2020-09-14

Bargraph for tracking pressure changes. Pros: People who suffer from headaches or other body aches and pains might find this app useful in understanding how atmospheric pressure can affect your body, and the effect that can have on your day to day activities. Cons: Need work on the Altimeter.I am at roughly 26 feet not sure if they are using the Barometer to guess the altitude or to say this is what it feels like. Close to shore. Ok for free More options if paid on bargraph timings & no adds.
Douglas Bernstein 2018-10-10

Widget gives bad readings depending on whether mean sea level pressure and gps are enabled, altitude readings are off by 50+ meters, without mean sea level pressure and gps altitude pressure readings are consistently too low. Degree of customization is nice, as is the tracking graph, but the widget bug kills it for me.
A Google user 2018-04-30

I need this for barometric changes in weather so I can ready myself either for a migraine or a fibromyalgia flares. For me this is my go-to app to how well I will feel.
John Mellon 2018-05-14

Agent Orange got me in Vietnam and one of the it\'s gifts was a bad case of neuropathy. Like a previous rater, when my pain level goes up I check this app and can tell how bad the pain is going to get.