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Description of Batting Hero

Hit hard or go home! Prepare for some endless baseball fun!

Swing and miss or swing and hit a homerun and defeat alien invaders!

Baseball arcade game with a fresh new twist, compete, upgrade, unlock bats and increase stats.

> Tap to swing the bat and hit the ball!

> Damage increases as combos increase!

> Defeat powerful & challenging bosses!

> Unlock upgrades & defeat tougher and tougher opponents!

> Strengthen your hero in the gym, gain crystals that increase every 5 seconds!

>Compete in Revenge Mode, use all bats, reach 1st place!

Simple and perfect for killing time!

Proven fun for baseball enthusiasts and non-baseball enthusiasts.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.09 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Maroru Games

User Reviews


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Keith Olsen 2020-03-23

Fun little game.. I\'d like to give it a higher rating, but it has a play limiting energy system.. we as gamers can\'t continue to reward energy gated games with high ratings and buying IAP if we want that garbage to go away.. a game that tells you when and how long you\'re allowed to play.. it\'s really quite absurd and ridiculous if you actually think about it.. decent game aside from that, would benefit from more content.. skill and talent trees, more equipment to upgrade, etc.. 👍✌
Mitchell Williams 2020-07-09

Changing my review because I just finished the game. And I finished...without paying a cent. Seriously. Bravo to the devs for making a great game that you can beat without a paywall, or feeling unfair. There are options to pay for things in the game, but you do not need them. Practice the levels, watch the ads to multiply your gold, and you can make it to the very end!
theyouseman 2020-07-25

Great, but simple game. Can be challenging, but fare, mostly. There are a few enemies that feel unfare, space lady. I can appreciate how generous the game is with rewarding you for playing, it\'s not predetory, but there are plenty of optional ads to watch if you want to earn more, and it\'s a good amount more. Trying to watch an ad for the revenge level gives me a black screen for a while before the ad. My biggest problem is content, they need to add more soon, because I beat all the levels.
Genuine Argyle 2020-07-13

Although I could certainly do without the game\'s energy system, I enjoy this game very much. Simple gameplay that keeps you focused yet relaxed. Gameplay is similar to the July/4th interactive Google Doodle! & because it is enjoyable, I don\'t mind the grinding for upgrading. In my opinion (the only 1 that matters. Ha!) is to ignore others\' criticism & just try it out for yourself! I\'m certain you\'ll agree with ME! ;)
Guy ManDude 2020-04-26

Solid game, but hard to level up. Also, please allow users to choose the number of bats they will use in \"Revenge Mode\". Using all of the available bats is too time-consuming. Also, would you consider making a Home Run Derby, or a baseball mode, or a batting cage mode, or anything else you think would be cool? 🙂
RiskOfBaer 2020-09-07

The game\'s progression is balanced around you watching ads after every single stage. Which take like 2 minutes to play. If you don\'t watch ads, then you will be earning money 3 times as slow. Which means you will be replaying the same stages multiple times... in a game that is already pretty repetitive... Devs, if I spend 25% of my playtime watching ads, just so I can progress through the game without tedious framing, then you have failed at making a good game.
Sean Fuller 2020-04-21

You can tell a lot of love went into this game to make fun and nostalgic of older games and other media, along with the culture of the 90\'s. The art is fantastic between the sprite style work to the colors chosen for each stage being representative of a specific genre/media. The soundtrack really \"hits it out of the park\" if i can make that pun once. The over sound is fantastic and it changes between each stage, which isnt something you would expect from a mobile game.
E.J. Parise 2020-05-23

This is a fun, fast phone game with great retro asthenics and a nice bit of challenge to it. Not terribly long, I just completed all the game\'s goals and levels within a few days, but I\'ll leave this on my phone, play it when I\'ve got time to kill, check back for additional content. Definitely recommend!
Kevin Mccdonell 2020-10-02

I really like this game alot ! Yes its a very simple game but its still fun and addictive . It doesn\'t have a lot of ads popping up all the time and as far trying to sell you stuff in app purchases well there\'s only 4 items for sale in the store ! One item costs $ 2.50 the other item costs $ 1.99 and the last 2 items cost 99 cents . So this is not a p2p game or a p2w game at all . This is just a simple easy little game to pass away some time without getting ripped off !
La4s 2020-03-18

Great little game that is easy to pick up and play. You can complete everything in the game without having to buy anything from the shop. The optional ads for extra energy is a lot nicer than forced ads. Can\'t wait for more levels to be added.