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Description of Battle Bay

Choose a ship, select your weapons and go to battle against opponents around the world. Use team strategy and firepower to take your fleet to the top - it’s sink or win!

– Choose your ship –

Shooter has a big array of weapons, Speeder is fast and furious, Enforcer is agile and versatile, Defender is a floating tank, and Fixer keeps friendly teammates floating. Level up your ships for more hit points and power!

– Collect weapons –

Collect, upgrade and evolve your weapons to gain more firepower. Choose from a huge selection of destructive, defensive or utility items. Acquire special perks to further enhance the power of your gear. Whatever fits your play style and keeps your team from sinking!

– Host your own battles –

Host a competition with your friends and guild mates in Custom Battles. Create a lobby and invite up to 10 players into 2 teams, plus up to 5 spectators. Play your own 5v5 tournaments or prove your skills in 1v1 duels.

– Join a Guild –

Team up with your friends by joining or creating a guild. Guild leaderboards pit your crew against other bands of blast-happy captains. Who will rise to the top?

– Take on quests and achievements –

Finish quests to earn gold and sugar or go on a guild quest marathon for a chance to earn spectacular loot. Pass achievements to earn pearls and powerful items. Prove your Infamy by competing in ranked two-week tournaments for exclusive rewards!


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More Information Of Battle Bay

lable: Action - Games Current Version:4.9.4 Publish Date:2021-09-12 Developer:Rovio Entertainment Corporation

User Reviews


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Ally Taggart 2019-05-07

great online multiplayer battle game, join guilds to team up n complete missions. Loads of ship n weapon options making it massively customisable. Totally free if you want as upgrading doesn\'t require spending real money. Controls are customisable too but I find my movement joystick a little glitchy (left joystick resets to centre itself causing boat to stall) Updated often so I am sure this will be sorted. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT P.s please add more game modes and make CTF a standard option
Jeff T 2020-09-16

Worst game when it comes to mechanics, tracking system can\'t track as it looses it while your looking right at your opponent. Changing weapons works sometimes Too darn frustrating. Game just disconnects, I reconnect only to be killed. This is one F\'d up game. Why don\'t you fix your product? Now it\'s telling me my provider doesn\'t support high performance networking. What else can this game screw up?
A Google user 2019-03-04

Can you fix this problem please? When I try get in the game I reach to the loading screen and then it just exits the app. I never got to play the game, not even went through the tutorial. I played this on another device and it didn\'t have this problem. My phone is an STK type phone. I was looking forward to this game, Uninstalling.
jamspreadbread 2020-04-04

This game is great, but first of all, i want to talk about the pay-to-win system of this game, i mean, you can save up for money to buy powerful weapons but you can also pay real money to buy resources that will be used to buy those powerful items! Last, but not least, the matchmaking, why do i get paired with bots? Like 90% of my matches have bots, and i always lose because of that!
Noah 2020-10-20

They finally fixed the black screen glitch which is nice, but they haven\'t really done much with it. We need an update! Especially a Halloween update! Just some bug fixes? What a let down.The game is still a bit buggy when match making. For me when it selects a map to battle on it dosent load in so I have to turn of the app and turn it back on and it will load in. Please fix these bugs. Other then that the game is fun, I guess.
OEG Productions 2020-01-07

This game was very good when it started... I rated it 5. Now I\'ve dropped down the review. But to the point... It takes a lot to load once you are on high infamy; long wait to play. Prizes are repetitive, same boring items, no new ones or no good weapons to update your current ones and go higher. VIP is to high to pay for an android game. Overall, this game has fall down from what it used to be and it\'s getting worse everytime.
Malaysian Man 2020-04-09

Great game, some minor issues, such as the auto targetting system is very bad, the one where u lock on and have to click left or right, that is very hard to use, especially when a enemy is very near you and the other enemies are in various distances, the auto lock system becomes extra stupid. Some other minor balancing issues need to be sorted out, such as weapons balances i.e no one ever uses multi missiles. Oh and plz fix the hacking issue !!
Ryan 2020-08-05

This was a game that had huge potential. The developers stopped updating this game about 2 years ago. This game is just a money grab now for new players who don\'t know its history. If you are a new player getting into this game, you must accept the game how it currently is because this is the permanent state of the game. No more new maps, no more new features, and no more bug fixes.
Tony Fawcett 2021-02-04

Trust me, this game is the ONLY game out there to have fun , Trust me. I\'ve been playing since 2018 and not one problem. It\'s the FAIREST GAME PLAY around , Trust me ! There\'s no problem whatsoever of getting help from Rovio if you experience a problem , trust me! Go ahead and download it and let the fun begin. TRUST ME ! (Let\'s see if this works)
Array Hafizi 2020-07-14

When I open this app, it was just straight black screen. And of course, I uninstall it and retried to open the game but sadly it didn\'t work. I never seen kind of this this problem. It was fine and I play this like everyday. But now it ain\'t work anymore? Pls Rovio, I beg you please 🙏😭. This is the only game I liked in mobile. This game has potential! Pls fix it