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Description of Battlexic - Word Search meets Chess

Battlexic is a game where you fight a word battle using your lexical prowess. This multiplayer game requires the use of both vocabulary knowledge and strategy to win against your opponent. Battlexic is a combination of such board/puzzle games as a word search, territory control, Chess, and Reversi. The game is very addictive and challenging regardless of the simple rules. Combat your opponents by forming advantageous positions by utilizing the letters on the board. Battlexic is a social game since you are playing real people and can interact with them using the built-in chat.


Initially, the board has the top row of letters in red and the bottom row in blue.

The game is played by two players - one starting at the top row (red) and the other at the bottom (blue).

Players make a move by searching for a word that starts on the letter with the player's color.

The words can form in any direction as long as the squares are not used more than once per move.

Once a valid word that has not been played before is found, the squares with the word's letters turn to the color of the player.

The goal of the game is to play a word such that one of its letters is on the opposite side of the board. Whoever does this first, wins!

The strategy to win the game is to form words so that they get closer and closer to the other side of the board. But you also must make sure you don't let your opponent reach your side of the board by capturing the squares with the opponent's color or disconnecting them in which case they turn back to white.


- Built-in dictionary displays definitions of words being played automatically.

- Game statistics.

- Leaderboards

- Player statistics and comparison to other players.

- Built-in chat.

Currently, the game is available in English, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, and Russian languages.

If you like word games like Wordbase, Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordox, Letterpress, you will love Battlexic.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:4.6.6 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Punginsoft

User Reviews


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Peter Parker 2021-01-16

Fun game where you can play against another player to see how well and fast you can identify more words.
William Porto 2020-06-16

A great break from fast paced games. Unlike many word-based games, Battlexic allows for strategic moves, surprises, unexpected turns, and major blunders that can cost you a hundred-turn game. You don\'t need an extensive vocabulary or great spelling skills (though both help) to win. In a similar predicesor game my young son taught himself strategies and the patience to try different letter combinations which allowed him to consistently beat older opponents.
Hua Hou 2020-06-10

Fun game! Love it!
Ashvinder Singh Ghuldu 2020-12-24

Great app. Similar to the wordbase app which was unfortunately closed.
Douglas Passmore 2020-09-23

This is a highly engaging and addictive game that combines elements of chess and words with friends. The developer is also highly responsive and updates the app frequently. I highly recommend this game.
G.Alfieri GRN 2020-08-19

This is easily one of my favorite games. It\'s simplistic, but mentally stimulating. I\'ve played it the past few days with breakfast and I actually felt more awake. This game makes you want to think. And I love that English isn\'t the only dialect in the game. I have no doubt that they\'ll add even more words to play in the future. Will definitely be one of those apps you have on every phone you own for the next decade. Haha I definitely recommend!
Maya Bee 2020-07-21

Engaging and challenging game that grows on you! The game that makes you think, not just silly clicks. I really like it!
Joe Sherwood-Taylor 2020-06-14

Good revival of Wordbase, probably the best and most challenging games on Android for those fed up with endless versions of Scrabble and Boggle. With encouragement I\'m sure the developer will do great things with this game
James Pool 2021-01-03

Not like your typical word games. With Battlexic comes a strategic concept that separates it from the rest and all the possibilities of how words can impact a game to make it interesting. I would like to see a \"rules\" section so those new to the game know for example how many days they have to make a move.
Femi Pots 2021-03-03

Existing game and easy to understand..I play it with my friends.