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Description of Bazooka Boy

Blast through levels and destroy everything before you with a bunch of amazing weapons! Collect all and master their different and unique qualities! Send your enemies flying, explode their bases and crush their buildings! Satisfying destruction and unlimited possibilities to shoot your way to victory! Fun ragdoll enemies and crazy explosions with levels upon levels of awesome content and challenges, go and wipe out all the enemies to win!

Flashy exploding effects and awesome physics make each level a unique action puzzle.

Can you solve them all without crushing yourself with a bad shot?

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More Information Of Bazooka Boy

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.8.3 Publish Date:2021-11-11 Developer:Supersonic Studios LTD

User Reviews


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Brandon Wood 2020-10-15

Even after paying, you still require ads to get the full reward. It only removes the banner, which isn\'t even in the way. And removes ads in between levels. Ads in between levels shouldn\'t exist in the first place. But if I\'m going to pay money, I want NO ads. Period. Meaning I shouldn\'t have to watch an ad for a \"double\" reward. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS! It is not worth your money. The money you pay does not remove the need for ads. Would be 4 stars if the money actually removed the need for ads.
Mike Savad 2020-12-19

at first its challenging. then its dumb. then there are a million commercials. but you can avoid them simply by turning off the net. after that there are about 50 levels then they repeat. over and over and over. you can challenge yourself with different weapons but some are impossible to use or pointless. like a bouncy bomb? there are a lot of bugs in this, especially with the bunker bomb, where it can cut through something but leave a thin pixel leaving the structure up. or worse, it fires into the ground and doesn\'t go off, and because there is NO WAY TO EXIT out of the game you have to force it from memory because its now stuck. and those commercials i forgot to mention are 30 ore more seconds long. more than that, using that weapon causes the graphics to go crazy. like once all the hills simply vanished. or went upside down, or covered the holes with the same hill even though its still there. when you kill things, they spray blood and its fun. the blue guy does a dance... but if there is a live grenade, it can hit and kill you. if i was still active and had a bullet left i can shoot it out of the air. but not while its dancing. so i\'m basically stuck watching myself die. i wish the bugs would be fixed, and there was more to the game. i\'m on level 1100, not that it matters because the levels are all the same, and i get like 5 million a level. there are no weapons to buy so i don\'t get the point of money at this point. i don\'t care about the costumes. and i wish the physics were better. like if there is a dot holding up a fort, it should fall. if its undermined it should fall. if they could create computer generated levels this would be more fun. i just play for a while till i get bored, and it does get boring doing the same levels over and over. its like ground hog day. 12-18-20 i\'m updating this, but i still can\'t rate it that high, still has bugs. they have new levels and have been adding them steadily. but to get them you have to go through most of the old levels. so its like 60 old, 10 new. then repeat over and over i like that this is a simple side scroller. but still find many of these overly simple to push commercials.
Chris Thompson 2021-01-17

Update : after a month still can\'t play the game! What a waste of a great game. Really enjoy this game! However the recent update has screwed the game up. It either fails to load or crashes every time. Plus I paid for a gun and it is not in the weapons list. Sad. This was my go to time waster! I had advanced to level 1164 and had over a billion dollars. Now it is unplayable. Hopefully there will be a new update soon. I miss finding new and interesting ways to blow up the enemies and myself!!!
Johnny I. 2020-11-05

The game is fun; but I\'m now on level 1301 with over 3 billion points. There\'s nothing left to upgrade; andthe levels are just the same thing over and over. The ads aren\'t a problem because I just skip them anyway. The game needs an update with newer levels/enemies/map configurations, or something. Overall, a good game. Just needs something else to keep it from being a plateau.
Jerimiah Carmichael 2020-10-31

Its fun, the ads are a bit annoying, but that\'s what airplane mode is for. Also, it has a tendency to glitch pretty often, weapons not working properly, and damage not reacting like it normally does, especially balloons. After a while, it gets boring though. I\'ve literally played it to level 781, and they are just recycled levels, nothing new or slightly different. It IS a fun game, basically Angry Birds with Blood. A great game to pass time. I have over 20 million coins and nothing to buy.
W TF 2021-03-04

Very simple, meaning it needs MUCH more development. Worth $3? No. The only rewards you can get are changes to your character which may require watching 3 ads! The only thing you can buy with $ you win is a new gun which has no description of what it does until you buy it. Then, if you don\'t like the gun, there is no way to get the gun back that you had previously. Settings only allows you to turn on and off the sound and vibrations. Hoping the developers improve this game before I delete it.
Tony Blake 2020-12-03

I like this mostly. Main issue is I\'m stuck on level 130. Not that I can\'t beat it, just stuck. I kill the enemy and my guy does the dance but that\'s it, it doesn\'t count the level beat and I can\'t do anything. Literally can just leave him dancing for minutes, probably longer but why, and nothing. I forced quit the game and tried again. I\'ve beat it multiple times but will not let me advance.
Jason Teele 2020-10-22

I like the game, but it is very glitchy. It has locked up 3 times in the first half hour of playing, also it makes my phone glitchy, I have to restart it. And I understand a free game has ads, but geez you spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game! Also not all of the ads work right and dealing with that and the glitches is a deal breaker for me.
Bobby Love 2021-03-01

10 seconds of play and forced to watch a 30 second ads. The paid version is supposed to be ad free. I would never my credit cards and information to some unknown. Game is freezes and becomes glitchy after level 100. Doesn\'t want to open after level 100. Download only if you want to be forced into watching dozens of ads.
Mark Elfering 2021-03-01

WAY too many ads! Ease it up, there. Obnoxiously aggressive advertisements, at that. If the game itself wasn\'t so satisfying, I\'d have uninstalled it by now. (Tempted to uninstall, all the same. Eventually, the ads will probably win out and motivate me to uninstall.)