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Description of BCBSM

With convenient access to your health plan details, you’re more informed when you need care. If you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan member, you can:

-- View your deductible and other plan balances

-- See what services your plan covers

-- Check claims and EOBs

-- Check your HSA and FSA account for users that use our Health Equity partner

-- Pay your plan bill for users with non-employer coverage

-- Find doctors and hospitals in your network

-- Select and view your Primary Care Physician

-- Get access to care including our 24-hour nurse line and telehealth

-- Have your virtual ID card handy

-- Compare quality ratings for doctors and procedure costs

-- Research drug prices and coverage requirements

-- Contact customer support

-- Take your health assessment and other wellness services

-- Use our Virtual Assistant to answer questions 24/7

-- Keep your secure account info updated.

-- Use biometric login for faster login

The app supports most of our plans, but not all.

If you’re one of these members, the app won’t work for you:

-- FEP members with a PPO plan

-- MESSA members

-- Blue Cross Complete (Medicaid) members

Here’s an overview of the permissions associated with our app and why they are needed:


Google Play™ services needs this in order to send you push notifications. BCBSM won’t use anything related to your identity that isn’t associated with your account with us.

Wi-Fi connection

This access allows the BCBSM app to check for an active internet connection, which allows the app to function correctly.

Photos and other media

We use this access to deliver PDFs to you and to display your virtual ID card. BCBSM will not access or use your pictures or saved files for any other reason.

Questions about the app? Please visit bcbsm.com/appsupport.

© 1996-2020 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. We provide health insurance in Michigan.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:5.9.0 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan

User Reviews


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Lawrence Lamp 2020-09-30

I found a workaround for \"unable to login\". If the display size on your phone is set to \"Large\", the app will not allow you to log in. If the display size is reset to \"Default\" the app works normally. You may then reset the display size back to \"Large\". On my phone display size is set by going to: Settings - Display - Advanced - Display size. This will vary depending on which version of the Android operating system you are using. I\'ve notified BCBSM tech support about this problem.
Nancy Quinn 2019-11-12

I don\'t know how they could have screwed up an app more than they have the phone situation. Seriously I can never get logged in. I just went ahead and tried to do the autofill and with the little eyeball I found out that the autofill was incorrect! I know what this password is and i put it in correctly. I got a letter 2 weeks ago with the information about 2020 costs and then I got an email saying you sent me the wrong info. What gives
Stephen Gregory 2019-06-04

I really cant stress enough how nonfunctional this app is. it\'s been over a month and I cant pick a primary care doctor through it. my only options are to call someone and if I wanted to do that I wouldn\'t have an app. someone should lose a job for this disgrace.
Brianna O\'Neill 2020-12-28

Truly needs work. Terribly ineffective most times. I\'ve been locked out, doesn\'t show any of my information, won\'t let me pay my premium, won\'t even let me see my premium. Seriously, someone should work on this.
Kathy Glover 2019-05-28

I love this app. It gives me all the information I need on my account, I can pay my bill online. It lists each item or classification separately so you know what your looking for and can easily find it. Great app!
Anthony Billingsley 2020-02-27

Possibly the worst app I have ever had he misfortune of being told to download. Lost track of the number of times I was forced to put in the exact same information 3 times in a row. Map functions do not work with the app constantly telling me I have no internet while I\'m sitting at home with high speed wifi. DISABLES THE BACK BUTTON for some God-forsaken reason. All in all 100% unusable and I would rather sit on hold for 20 minutes every time I have to call BCBS than use this trash.
Don Andrus 2020-09-01

App is horrible. Can\'t log in. Can\'t recover password. Just spins. Its 2020 and this is the best you can develop? Come on now get it fixed. With the pandemic going on people are using apps more and more for medical purposes.
Jason M 2020-06-08

Was great before the update. Now everywhere I try to go I get, \"We\'ve encountered a technical error. Sorry about that. Try again, but if this occurs another time, try back a bit later.\" I try it again a bit later but same thing every time.
Camille Sowle 2021-01-13

This would be horrible to rely on in emergency. I get an \"unexpected error\" at every stage in the app. I can\'t look up what doctors are in my network or even pay my bill. Why must they make it so hard for me to give them my money. I\'ve never had insurance that website and app crashed this much!
Gopala Molakaluri 2017-01-05

Very useful features Great App!!! design is clean with very useful features such as ID card, Bill pay,Support inquiry, Wellness, Discounts. I find it user friendly and easy to use.