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Description of Be naughty - dating app

Be naughty - dating app is a user-friendly app connecting women and men with their matches from around the world. Our service helps you to discover new people whether you are interested in just a friendly conversation or a serious relationship. Give yourself a chance to find love and build meaningful connections.

Main Features:

- Private profile;

- Photo gallery;

- Hot or Not game;

- Group social chat rooms;

- Browse all of our member's profiles with just a tap;

- Discover singles based on common interests.

Signing up is quick and easy and you can log in by using your phone number. The match system we've built giving you the best match lists according to your preferences.

Love to meet new people, make friends or find a date to hangout with tonight? Then you have found the perfect app. Chatting and dating has never been so easy!

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More Information Of Be naughty - dating app

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:2.0 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Starnight creative

User Reviews


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Kevin 2020-02-01

All the reviews that say this app is great are fake reviews. Unfortunately, this app is a in-app pay ONLY app. Like another review stayed, you cannot do absolutely anything unless you pay, and the payment methods go by days. In the app it says you get 5 free messages, but I haven\'t been able to get a single one. Also, the app is riddled with obvious spam profiles that will message you constantly, and they\'re only made (mostly likely by the company itself) to get you to pay.
Jacob Norman 2020-08-15

App is filled with fake profiles and people requesting your number with the same wording a hundred times a day. If you attempt to speak you can clearly tell its not a real person. It attempts to take money from you. Not free messaging, not free browsing, extremely slow page load times even with wifi. Better luck with other apps. This is basically a pyramid scheme.
Jim F. Danger 2020-08-08

In less than 5 minutes, the app requested a rating 20 times, so here it is. It\'s incredibly slow, there are no search filters, no attention paid to profile information, evidently you phone number is immediately viewable to every member without being asked or warned and it\'s using deceptive marketing. It\'s called \"Be Naughty\" in the app store but it\'s focus once downloaded is for finding love. Zero stars.
Cameron Smith 2020-09-09

Dont spend your money!!! if you did, cancel your subscription! Complete waste of time.. Horrible experience even if you pay. I want my money refunded. Its nothing but spam and fake profiles. I know they are fake because I\'m on other dating sites and have not seen ONE PERSON on the other sites which isn\'t normal. Initially you get 20 SPAM messages and if they talk, they make no sense and grammar is horrible. THE WHOLE APP IS FAKE AND A RIP OFF. YOU SHOULD BE SUED FOR FALSE ADVERTISING
rob 56bob 2020-03-05

If there were minus number I would give this one a hell of a big one. Some are technical other one human. Problem logging on app & continual freezes. If the woman isn\'t fake & a scammer and real all they want to do is sec chat or collect \"likes\" as if a competition. Sometimes they chat a bit & vanish. And if you suggest a meet you are shot down or they vanish, like lots of sites. Aren\'t these for hookup & meet, or just sex chat. If sex chat they shouldn\'t say hookup or meet in their propaganda.
Michael Kurt 2020-12-26

Almost everything about this app is fake. I received a few hundred messages from bots. The \"5 star\" reviews were done by bots as well. You will see the same review word for word by different \"people\". The cancelation process is fake too. In this online messaging age, you have to talk to someone to cancel. The only thing real is their billing. The app designer should be proud!
Larry Musgrave 2020-02-04

I like the awesome looks of this app. The interface is brilliant: it is beautiful and effective
Jonny Robinson 2020-04-18

App is ok... The site however is filled with spamers and cheap AI profiles. Maybe everyone isn\'t fake... But the vast majority surely is! Paid for three months and even promoted my account a few times for extra charges... All I got was more interested robots lol. Enter at your own risk.... But BeNaughty is bogus!
WORLDS VIDEOS 2020-05-26

This app is filled with so many bots that I literally couldn\'t find even one human. And canceling a subscription is a very difficult process. I would go as far as to call this entire app a scam, do not trust the 4.5 star rating, the developers clearly used bots to falsely boost their rating
Aaron Wishard 2020-02-20

I was brought here from a google search claiming they were the best app for their craft that was also FREE! Too bad the only thing that\'s free about this app is the download. To even look at a message they ask you for money. Not worth it.