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Description of Beat Blade: Dash Dance

Beat Blade is an exciting music runner game that offers stunning neon levels and 2021 hit songs. Simply using one thumb to control the character, you can slash the blocks and dodge the traps, reaching the end of the color road.

Runner + music + rhythm + saber = WOW!🤘🏼

How to play:

SIMPLY choose your favorite song, hold and drag to move your saber character and slash the dot blocks on the beat. Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tap game.

Key features:

1. Amazing color and lighting design for every road

2. Wide range of popular songs including EDM, Hip Hop, KPOP, Dance, and Piano

3. Satisfying block slashing effects

4. Connect with Facebook account and sync the saved progress across multiple devices

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More Information Of Beat Blade: Dash Dance

lable: Music - Games Current Version:2.6.6 Publish Date:2021-11-17 Developer:BattleCry HQ Studio

User Reviews


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Adam Tabor 2021-01-23

Game is fun, but very ad driven. One of my biggest pet peeves is asking me to watch an ad when I fail (to continue where I left off), then forcing me to watch an ad anyways when I\'d rather start over. As usual, normal mobile trash. There could have been a good game in there, if corporate greed wasn\'t the sole purpose for this game to exist. Pass on this one (unless you really love ads).
Sparky The Cat 2020-11-01

I don\'t usually write reviews for games, but this is such a good game, I need to leave a review! I can\'t afford a VR set for beat saber, but this is just as good! The only thing close to bad I can say about this game is the song selection. I went to see if their were songs on their from some artists I like, Mother Mother? Nope! SomethingElseYT? Nope! Owl City? Nope! All I can say is have a wider song selection in the game, of that\'s possible. Other than that, AMAZING game!
mashlea 2020-10-31

Great game, love the song choices, love how it plays, love the style. I feel like there are less ads than there were when I first started playing and it has made an amazing difference. I would gladly watch an ad to unlock a new song or a cool skin and not being forced to watch one every five seconds is just, chef\'s kiss 👌🏻 Great work devs
Ok Boomer 2020-09-24

Beat saber on a budget, thats really the thing I have to say but this game could use some improvements that I can rate it to 5 stars such as: downloading your own music, adding music, and character selection instead of looking at a crash test dummy but overall the game really has some potential, I just don\'t get it why they didn\'t add a feature where you could download your own songs.
Clumsy Mochi 2020-12-22

So this game is fun, however the number of adds is a lot. Such as trying to scroll to the next screen where all the songs are, there is usually an add. I get like maybe one or two adds but this happens every single freaking time. Just lower the number of adds. Also I like how you can add suggestions for new songs so thats cool. Being a anime lover myself, there needs to be more anime songs.
Noel Evans 2021-03-01

It\'s a absolutely great game! I love the song selections bewteen rap, pop, kpop and much more. I have just a tiny suggestion though. Can you make it where you can choose the level you want for the song your playing? It might not make sense but lets just say I click on the song \"mood\" it says expert level well it would be cool if we could choose between medium,hard,expert,easy. That would be great. I suggest this game to anyone.
Kelly Kearney 2020-12-17

This game is amazing but there is something I would like to recommend. First, can you please add all the songs that are on the VR, and secondly, we should be able to set our own difficulty on the songs, like if we know a song too easy, we can change it to hard, thirdly, if you can\'t do the first one, let us add our own songs that we want, the AI can make a random map and we just add the song
Blackspider 2000 2020-12-18

I had rated this game a five star before, but lately I\'ve been experiencing a lot of glitching. And it doesn\'t matter if the wifi is connected or not, it still glitches. The music is great, the gameplay and graphics are nice, but the game glitches heavily now so that when you try to move your character, it doesn\'t move and you end up crashing into the spikeballs when you thought you dodged. Unless the developers see this comment and fix that glitch (which I doubt they will), I\'m uninstalling it.
Brian Baxter 2021-01-28

The game is really fun, honestly it is. But when given the choice to revive with an ad or not, you have to watch one anyways. You also have to watch an ad everytime you switch menus. I get that this is a ploy to buy the no ads but jesus. Makes it hard to want to play the game if you end up watching 3+ 30 second long ads for one play through (and thats if you finish the level, some of the expert levels are no joke)
Razvan Nicolescu 2020-11-15

Decently fun, but waaaay too many ads. An ad after EVERY song? That would maybe be excusable if the songs were full length, most of which aren\'t. Songs are expensive too! You have only a few at the beginning and you have to play at least 10-11 songs to unlock a new one. So even from the start, you have to grind for new songs. The difficulties don\'t always match the song, which would be fine if at least hard songs were actually hard.